AKRacing Octane & Nitro Gaming Chairs - Last Chancesearch

AKRacing Octane & Nitro Gaming Chairs - Last Chance

AKRacing Octane & Nitro Gaming Chairs - Last Chance

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My chair came with a damaged part. The plastic cover on the lever that changes the incline angle is cracked. Is there a way to get it replaced?
You can open up a support ticket in our website.
Why did my drop get cancelled? did anyone elses get cancelled?
I know shipping is starting today how long will I take to get to Louisville KY. Thanks in advance
Super easy to put Nitro together. Arrived in perfect condition , including the box. We were going to watch a movie but I can’t get my son out of his room now !
Hi, Is there any drop for the Arctica in near future? Missed it last time.
Are the pillows detachable?
Yes they are
so is the nitro bigger and wider?
No, ever so slightly but it is based on the same basic frame.
What is the approximate date of arrival if I were to have this delivered to Georgia?
It ships from California, we generally ship about four business days after the drop is over and Georgia is about five business days delivery time.
My chair arrived but had some damage to the right side (platic cover where the lever to recline is). The outside box had some holes in it so it was probably due to shipping. How do I get a replacement part - rest of the chair is in great condition and works fantastic expect this problem. Thanks in advance.
I am sorry to hear of this, if you haven't already reach out to Service@AKRacing.com and we will get a replacement sent to you.
Contact AK Racing. I had the exact same issue as well as lite scratches on the base. They sent be brand new pieces fro both. If anyone needs a brand new in box base let me know. You can have it for the shipping cost.
My chair was delivered yesterday and everything is great. It took me around 30 minutes to put it together. It would have been half the time however I was having issues getting the back attached to the bottom cushion. I had a cheap office chair that was creaking way too often and the Octane is much better in quality and comfort.

I'm 5'10" and 190 lbs and the fit is good.
Did anyone else get the wrong color?

They sent me a blue chair, I ordered a black chair. Not a good first impression for Massdrop.

I understand that on the box it says "BL" for blue and "BK" for black, and that is probably confusing, but now I have to wait for another week or two for this to resolve, or take a chair with colors that aren't my preference.
I am very sorry to hear of this if you haven't already, please open a ticket with Service@AKRacing.com.
Hey guys and gals, anyone around the 5'7" 130lb mark? If so, how does this chair fit you? Thanks
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Yes, these chairs are optimal for someone around that size.
Thank you!