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AKRacing Octane & Nitro Gaming Chairs - Last Chance

AKRacing Octane & Nitro Gaming Chairs - Last Chance

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

The wheel base for my Nitro was damaged while moving. Can I purchase a replacement wheel base? Will I need to buy new wheels?
My chair came with a damaged part. The plastic cover on the lever that changes the incline angle is cracked. Is there a way to get it replaced?
You can open up a support ticket in our website.
Why did my drop get cancelled? did anyone elses get cancelled?
I know shipping is starting today how long will I take to get to Louisville KY. Thanks in advance
Super easy to put Nitro together. Arrived in perfect condition , including the box. We were going to watch a movie but I can’t get my son out of his room now !
Hi, Is there any drop for the Arctica in near future? Missed it last time.
Are the pillows detachable?
Yes they are
so is the nitro bigger and wider?
No, ever so slightly but it is based on the same basic frame.
What is the approximate date of arrival if I were to have this delivered to Georgia?
It ships from California, we generally ship about four business days after the drop is over and Georgia is about five business days delivery time.
My chair arrived but had some damage to the right side (platic cover where the lever to recline is). The outside box had some holes in it so it was probably due to shipping. How do I get a replacement part - rest of the chair is in great condition and works fantastic expect this problem. Thanks in advance.
I am sorry to hear of this, if you haven't already reach out to Service@AKRacing.com and we will get a replacement sent to you.
Contact AK Racing. I had the exact same issue as well as lite scratches on the base. They sent be brand new pieces fro both. If anyone needs a brand new in box base let me know. You can have it for the shipping cost.
My chair was delivered yesterday and everything is great. It took me around 30 minutes to put it together. It would have been half the time however I was having issues getting the back attached to the bottom cushion. I had a cheap office chair that was creaking way too often and the Octane is much better in quality and comfort.
I'm 5'10" and 190 lbs and the fit is good.
Did anyone else get the wrong color?
They sent me a blue chair, I ordered a black chair. Not a good first impression for Massdrop.
I understand that on the box it says "BL" for blue and "BK" for black, and that is probably confusing, but now I have to wait for another week or two for this to resolve, or take a chair with colors that aren't my preference.
I am very sorry to hear of this if you haven't already, please open a ticket with Service@AKRacing.com.
Hey guys and gals, anyone around the 5'7" 130lb mark? If so, how does this chair fit you? Thanks
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Yes, these chairs are optimal for someone around that size.
Thank you!
I got the akracing octane and the plastic cover on the right side in the chair came with a big crack. Can I [lease get a replacement for it.
I am sorry to hear this, reach out to Service@AKRacing.com and we will get a replacement sent to you.
they didn't give me the replacement.
Howdy Everyone,
We have extended this drop through the weekend. This will not effect the expected shipping times.
WHat is the difference between the nitro and the octane?
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You know, it's interesting. In person the colors sell better. Online where you don't actually see the true color and how it looks in context the black does better. Not just for these models but in general.
I'm sure the colors look great, but I simply don't want colors. It's not about what they look like I just prefer a black or dark chair so the colors are an instant no, even if they're pretty.
Hey! Under specs the seat size is listed as "14.6 x 22 in (37 x 56 cm)" which at only 14.6in wide seems very small. Is that standard for these types of chairs or do I just have a poor sense of how small my butt really is? :D I'm 5'11 and 160lbs.
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Thanks. So are the specs under "Specs for both Octane and Nitro Series Chairs" supposed to be different than the specs that are listed on the detailed measurement picture? One shows that the seat is 14.6in wide and the other shows 15.3in.
The specs should've been the same, the correct measurements are on the graphic with the alphabetical key; both chairs are 15.3" wide minus the bolster/wing cushions.
What is the return policy
One of the ways Massdrop keeps prices so low is by not allowing returns. They are expensive to handle and process. If you have some doubt as to whether or not this chair will be suitable for you, I would suggest buying from another site that allows returns, like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Newegg, etc. There are lots of choices. Yes, you'll pay more but it's sort of like an insurance policy that you will be satisfied with your purchase.
Im 6’ and 220 would this be the chair for me?
I think you would be good in this chair unless your legs are on the larger side you might want to go with a larger chair like the PRO-X.
Dumb question: Can the Octane/Nitro be assembled without the arms? I'm thinking about buying one for my recording studio, but I don't want chair arms because they get in the way of a guitar...
Yep, they bolt in to the underside of the seat. You can leave them off.
Thanks, much appreciated!
Hi, I'm 5'7, 250 lbs, and am somewhat worried about this fitting me. Was really interested in buying a good quality chair (the one I have now is a $60 amazon basics mesh chair), and not sure if this'll fit. On the AmazonBasics mesh chair page they don't seem to list dimensions so I am not sure.
This is what I have right now: https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-HL-002565-Mid-Back-Mesh-Chair/dp/B00IIFW2L4
I fit about the whole chair, and I can't tell the dimensions based on just pictures. Any ideas?
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Thanks for the fast reply! I can wait until January, this chair I have right now is really bad for my back. Good to hear that it's around the same price. Look forward to the drop.
I'm replacing the exact same Amazon chair, it's horrid I can't sit on that thing for more than 2 hours without some sort of pain.
What's the difference between the K7/Prime and the Octane/Nitro series? Which is comfier?
Answered over at the K7 drop
Just got my AKracing Octane chair two days ago, I have been using it for a small amount of time but it's a lot better than my old office chair. It's really comfortable for long hours of gaming or just office use. When I received the package there was a hole in the side of the box so I was concerned the chair was damaged. After opening it, it was just a small plastic piece near the lever which was a little scratched, so no big deal there. I'm about 5'11 and 145 pounds and this chair felt like the best option for me, it was definitely worth the buy especially at just $230 on Massdrop.


If you contact AKRacing here https://www.akracing.com/contact-us/ and upload that photo they will send you out a new part free of charge. Chair looks great!
So worth it
I've been hesitating on buying these chairs for a year now. Like I'm so confused on which one seems the most comfortable. I've looked at the player and premium and overture and prox. They all seem the same but I don't know which one I want and I don't want to regret not getting one that is probably right for me. T_T
Are they all the same and can I just choose on the design I like the best?
I'm 5'5.5 (5'6) and about 150 lbs or less (currently losing weight)
You would for sure not want to purchase a PROX series chair as it will be too large for you. Between the Octane, Nitro, Player, and overture there are slight differences in build quality and comfort so between those chairs I would just tell you to pick which one you like the looks of better.
If you are looking for the most comfortable chair AKRacing makes then I would show you the Onyx. It has the most foam built into the chair. Keep in mind the Onyx being their top of the line chair it is priced at around $400. So if you want to stay between $200-$250 then stick with any of the other chairs.
You will not be disappointing in your purchase. For two years now AKRacing has been the community favorite.
Thank you!
speedy shipping! just sat in it, it is very comfy . I'm loving the lean
Hey there folks, just wanted to throw my thoughts into the ring about the chair. I'm migrating from a rather large La-Z boy cushy office chair and this one is quite different. I noticed immediately that I can't have my super lazy slouching nearly as easily with the back pillow in place and the firmness of the padding where you sit is up a couple notches from what I'm used to. None of this is a bad thing mind you, as I can tell already this will be comfortable for near infinite hours of sitting. I didn't know I enjoyed adjustable arm rests until I had them on this one, it will be a consideration in the future now for sure. The arm rests themselves are a mushy material but it's so firm I wouldn't consider it much as padding. Not a problem for me, was expecting this but, your mileage may vary.
The gas piston is very cushy and has that very soft bouncy motion when being lowered slightly. I'm about 5'10 175-180 and feel no real worry about it not being able to handle my weight with ease. As for the wheels, they actually roll surprisingly easily on my carpet, also not used to that at all. The metal star base seems to be good quality as well, not much else to say about that part.
As for the assembly, the book's instructions are not the best but most of the screws were already in the chair where they belong and simply require removal with the included tools and reassembled after fitting the chair together. Chair material seems very good quality, no rips or tears, not a fingerprint to be found and it smells quite nice, too. Everything looks and feels excellent on the material front.
The final verdict: For what we paid here, it's a good deal for sure assuming it holds up. I doubt they'd have such long warranties if they didn't and that's pretty much what got me to go for it. I think the biggest difference people might not like from a normal fancy office chair is the width. While it doesn't bother me, it's about 2 inches slimmer or a little more around the thighs. Thanks for the quick shipping, AK. Here's hoping to dealing with you in the future.
Edit: It leans back, way back. Careful if you set the rocking feature to the lowest resistance like I did.
Great looking gaming rig there!
Hey just wanted to let you guys know the chair just arrived and was shipped alot faster than anticipated. So far thoroughly enjoying the chair but had a few minor complaints.
First I noticed my bigger pillow (lumbar support) seems to be slightly disproportionate with one side being larger and the name "AkRacking" is crooked. Not a big deal at all just thought I would mention it.
Second is the rocking motion is almost non existent. Yes, I made sure that the knob is set to all the way to loose and just to make sure, switched it the other way to test, which definitely made sure there was no rocking. I know it's not designed to be a rocking chair but again just thought I would mention it.
Last note is that the arm rests are like resting my arms on slightly comfortable rocks. I really wish they would have included more padding. If I knew about them beforehand I would have passed on this chair for that reason alone.
Next time I'll be sure to spend a bit more money for more comfort but other than the arm rests the chair feels great. I thought for sure the lumbar pillow was going to be uncomfortable and eventually removed but so far has been awesome.
Thanks for the chair!
Hello akracing! I've been returning and returning on this thread ready to buy but I've just been a bit hesitant. Please reply. I'm 6 foot at 262 pounds. I'm not very wide as I am tall. I'm just very heavy. Will this chair work well with me and last? Thank you.
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I am 6'0" and fluctuate in the 195-205 range. Our standard frame chairs, like Octane, feel nice and comfortable to me. Of course, it depends on how your weight is distributed but I think @B.Hutch has it right that the ProX might be a better match for you. It is a lot more spacious.
How well do you fit in the ex-wide or k7 series? Are these chair models for smaller types?
Hello, I'm new to massdrop and have been looking at buying a new chair. I noticed there are a lot of AKRacing chairs on massdrop usually and was wondering if there was a way for me to know which chair was best for my body type. I'm about 5'11'' and 155lbs. I appreciate any advice in advance!
Hi thanks for your question. I would suggest that you are perfect for the two models here, which are essentially identical except the aesthetics, and also our Premium line which would be just a bit more form fitting because it has more foam on the frame. Unless you like a lot of extra room, I would stay away from our larger frame chairs like MAX or PRO X.
Thanks a lot for the reply!
Ok, one question are the armrests padded and if so how comfortable?