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AKRacing ONYX Office Series Chairs (2018 Models)

AKRacing ONYX Office Series Chairs (2018 Models)

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got the chair over a week early! the deluxe model is very nice, at 5'10" 185# its just a tad oversized but still fits well, the pillow supports are very nice too. my only real complaints would come from the armrests and shipping/packaging. the armrests just arent padded which will take time to get used to. and i wish the swivel arms had a lock, they tend to rotate when i grab and move the chair by the armrests. the chair sufffered a major puncture in shipping and i am currently waiting to hear back from ak support. happy with the purchase

Chair was shipped a week before the estimated ship date. I have no shipping information but it showed up on my doorstep! It's a quality chair at a good price. The assembly went very smoothly and it was super easy. IDK who's having problems with it, maybe the 2017 model was harder?
so the drop says its an extra 70 for the deluxe but in checkout its actually 100
Chair is dope and comfy as hell. I'm 6'2" about 190lbs because people we asking if they are going to fit. I fit without a problem at all. I got the deluxe version with the leather and really can't find any fault. Maybe only one tiny thing - the rests that turn sideways don't have a lock so sometimes when i'm getting out of the chair they get rotated a little, but they snap right back in so it's not a problem.
what AKRacing chairs best fit 69kg, 172.5cm tall (5'8'')??? Prefer a bit more spacious but still fitting perfectly (so can pay for higher end models)
Try looking into a Premium also
So in the drop it says +70 for the deluxe, but in checkout its 100?
Not sure if I'm on the border for size:

I'm 6'3 - 6'4 and about 190 lbs (size 35x32 pant size). The spec says teh seat is 13.4" wise (20.6" with boslters). I'm not sure how comfy that would be.

Too narrow for me? or should be ok?
Try looking into a Pro, Max, and Ex-wide
I’m 6 foot 6 inches and 300lbs. What AKRacing chair would the company recommend for me? Prefer to have lower back support as well. Non Fabric. Thank you.
Due to you being over 6 ft. I would recommend either the Pro or Max models as they were designed with taller users in mind. The full dimensions can be found at https://www.akracing.com/ or reach out to Service@AKRacing.com for any further assistance.
Got my chair assembled. @Click pretty much had everything on the money with his review. The instructions really are the biggest weakness of the chair so far. AKRacing has acknowledged this prior and I believe they said they were working on it.

All in all, the leather really does smell, but I don't mind it, it is already fading some. The variable recline is awesome. Having the chair recline and stay were you want it makes it far more comfortable.

My main gripe is actually the arm rests. I'm about 6'1" and 240lbs and they feel a bit wide for me even. I have adjusted them to be as close together as possible, but they still feel a bit off. Also, the angles they move left to right are a bit loose and change when I don't necessarily mean them to.

Regardless of those complaints, it's a lot easier for me to pick what I don't like out of it because the rest of the chair is incredible and all in all I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase.
My chair came today and boy did FedEx really man handle it. 2 pieces are broken!

Everything else is exactly as described by @Click except I was lucky enough to not have a weird spot in the leather. I also got the lumbar pillow with the straps...

Can you reach out to Service@AKRacing.com in order for us to look into this.
I have and you guys were very quick to respond. I should have my replacement pieces in the next couple days, according to FedEx. Hopefully they don’t break them this time..

Thank you!
I just got this chair today. FedEx didn't ship the big, heavy box with care, so they ripped a huge slit in the box. Thankfully, nothing inside was damaged. Can't fault AKRacing for FedEx's carelessness.

The chair came well-packaged. Instructions were not helpful, because it wasn't even a diagram of the Onyx. It was some completely different chair model. However, assembly was pretty easy and self-explanatory. Armrests were already bolted on, so no need to put it on myself. I only needed to attach the mechanism to the bottom of the chair with 4 screws already on the chair, put the wheels on the base, attach the gas lift, then bolt on the back of the chair to the base of the chair.

The chair itself feels very high quality, sturdy, smooth, and comfortable. Only time will tell whether or not this thing falls apart after a few years like most chairs do. I got the real leather version and it's definitely real leather in the front, PU pleather in the back. The stitching is also well-done and high quality (pics provided). There are no dents in the cushioning / foam of my chair, as some of the 2017 Onyx chairs had this problem from the last drop. The armrests have just the right amount of cushioning and are very firm. They adjust up and down, forward and backwards, left and right. Only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't lock left and right (but does lock up and down), so you can accidentally adjust it if you put enough pressure on it. Not a big deal, but could be bothersome, as I've already adjusted it several times when I didn't want to adjust it.

OK, here comes the complaints. First of all, the chair smells really bad of chemicals. I think it's the foam of the chair and maybe the pleather. It probably needs to be aired out for a few days, but it's stinking up my whole room and even outside my room, as well as giving me a major headache. Hopefully it goes away soon.

Second complaint, and the most important, is that my chair has a defect in the leather. There's a patch on the front left side that's hardened and looks ugly. Look at the pictures to see it. Not sure what the remedy of this could be though...

Finally, I think they sent me the wrong backrest / lumbar support pillow. It has 2 long straps that looks like it should be attached to another chair model that has the seat belt holes. Since the Onyx doesn't have those holes on the chair, I have no clue why it's there. I had to stuff the straps behind the pillow and it's all lumpy now.

Anyway, I'm somewhat satisfied with my chair minus the few complaints I listed above. I wanted to get a real office chair like Herman Miller Aeron, but those are usually double the price of this chair brand new and loaded. Didn't really trust gaming chairs due to their usual bad quality, but decided to give AKRacing a try, since they have good reviews with people saying the quality is high on their chairs. Massdrop and AKRacing got us a very good price on these chairs. Even though they are expensive compared to cheap Office Depot and Staples chairs, the high quality is worth it. Just wish mine didn't have a defect on the leather.

Edit/Update: I sent AK Racing support an e-mail and George and his supervisor was very helpful with my issues. Thank you very much, George.

15 days after I sent the e-mail, AK Racing delivered a new backrest replacement to me, to solve the faulty leather problem I detailed above. This company stands by their products!
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Did you ever hear back from them if this was correct? lol

I was pretty confused how that was supposed to work as well... but it makes more sense than what I had before!
I did. Here's what I got: " The straps are intended to wrap over/around the chair. If you feed the bottom straps of the lumbar pillow through the slit where the backrest and seat join, then take the top straps over the top of the chair and cross them over so they click into the alternate buckle/clip.  See attached image "
BUT CAN IT DO THIS _| → _/ → ___ ヽ(^◇^*)/