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ALO Audio Rx Earphone Amplifier

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What is the difference between these and the ALO Audio Rx MkII or Rx MkIII? Also how do these compare to the JDSLabs C5 or the DACPort Portable?
I'd auditioned this, O2 and the RX MKIII B+ at a store, using my UE900 & Phonak PFE 232. My source was DX90, line out. The RX MKIII was the best sounding, controlled bass and detailed treble, realistic soundstage. The RX sounded more entry level, muffled compared to my DAP headphones out.
That is what i worried when they released the new RX as my focus are more on headphones - Audio Technica's AD900/AD2000X using either my sound blaster core3D for the AD900 and Centrance DACPort LX For the AD2000X instead of IEMs.

I have auditioned the RX MK3 B (not B+, some say they are the same and just battery improvement while some including ALO themselves mentioned sound improvements as well) and i absolutely love the bass/soundstage.
As this does not have bass boost/controls, i am worried that it might not provide sufficient amplification to my AT open cans that are typically low/lacking in bass. (or at least i personally find it lacking)

Really hoping the next drop to go lower on the pricing but at this point i think i might as well continue my hunt for the RX MK3 B+ used :(
I've got an Rx and use it with my DAPs via Line Out to low impedance, high sensitivity IEM when I want a warm, organic yet detailed sound with very precise volume control. The Rx amp section will outperform those of comparably priced DAPs, but you do have to keep in mind the very low output. It can be a godsend when using IEM with ultra low impedance and high sensitivity where the volume steps of smartphones (and some DAPs) can be too large.
I have iBasso DX80. Will this improve on its internal amp?
How is the gold color available here but not on ALO Audio website? Is this a new color?
Thanks! That makes a lot of sense.
Woah, this looks tempting. I'm waiting for their Continental V5 to release, but might consider getting this for IEM use. The gold color looks great too. Hmm... decision...
Interesting concept that it's made for earphones that basically don't need this kind of power. Does anyone know why this isn't advertised for headphones?
The amp has a super low output impedance meaning even on super sensitive IEMs' you won't notice any (or very little) hiss it also means you get much finer control of the volume.
because nobody carries a big headphone out along with all proper amplification tools. oh wait, we have hugo+hd800.
Can it move headphones of 300 ohm and higher ?
This is designed for IEM's/Earphones... look at Cayin and FiiO if you need a cheaper portable amp for high impedance cans
This thing has a negative gain, which means it is designed for getting a high quality low-voltage output rather than an elevated voltage (than the line out voltage) required to get the high impedance phones to the desired volume.
Is it possible to use this with an iphone?
Yes it is an Amp, how ever you will still be bottlenecked by the output of the iPhone amp unless you are using an iPod (eg classic) with line out.