ALO Audio Continental V2 Portable Tube Amplifiersearch

ALO Audio Continental V2 Portable Tube Amplifier

ALO Audio Continental V2 Portable Tube Amplifier


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It makes me sad whenever a drop gets no buyers. :(
V3 is better by all accounts. Good spotting that one. I want one of these particularly badly but can't justify it right now.<br /><br />@kaiby<br />Unsure about the location of the tube in the circuit but it is a Thompson 6111 vacuum tube. It's basically glued into place and cannot be changed. Also, there is only one other make of 6111 tubes (that I'm aware of) and supposedly the Thompson is the better sounding of the two.
Is the tube a preamp or post-amp? And what kind of tube is it?
Yea, I wish this was the V3. From what I understand the V3 has a wider sound-stage and better bass/impact. I'll keep holding out for a portable.
You are correct it does but this version is more musical and has some of the best mids you'll ever heard from an amp. $399 new is a great price but these pop up online used for like $250-$300. So' I'll have to pass on this one. Great amp those for those that do buy it. You are gonna be getting a fantastic amp
Looks very tempting - but the V3 looks even better...
Just took apart our sample unit, cant take it all the way apart because of the sealing thermal paste but you can see the tube pretty well. <br /><br />
Will thanks, you rock
It would be nice to see the internals, i.e. the tube inside
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