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Alpha Industries L-2B Hooded Jacket

Alpha Industries L-2B Hooded Jacket


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Bought this in Replica Blue size XL. Doesn't fit my husband :( can I resell to someone who missed out on the drop? I'd hate to eBay if someone here wants it. Still brand new w tags.
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Might be a small XL - about half way between a large and XL.
Anyone know if this is made in the USA?
Any Canadian here...? I got charged custom a whopping $55 CAD. what's up with that ? never been charged this much custom from Massdrop ever, maybe upto $20/30 I was expecting the most :S....
$45 here, wonder what for.
6'3" and skinny. Medium or large? Or will it still be too short?
Hey there! I don't know if I'd suggest a Medium. I'm only 5'11" and the length hits perfectly for me. Hope this helps.
I'm also 6'3 and I would say go for Large. I currently got a Alpha Industries bomber size L, and that fits me perfectly.
How long do these usually take to ship? I'm honestly not a fan of how slow massdrop is.
They've posted an actual shipping date on the description. It's in the third week of October.
i'm 5"8 small or medium? I'm skinny too.
Hey! I'd probably go small. I'm by no means skinny anymore, but I don't have broad shoulders and the medium fits me well (5'11", 160ish - well that's what my driver's license says)
I'm 5'10 and 165 pounds, prefer a tighter fit. Should I get S or M?
You'd probably want a medium or even a large. Small would be too short for you. I'm 5'5, weigh about the same and a small is tight on me.
Hey! I'm 5'11" and around 165 as well and my medium fits me perfectly. Hope this helps
Okay, so tell me, if you follow the instructions inside the jacket and wash the navy jacket with like colours, that means you're gonna screw the inside of the jacket, which is orange.
Or are you supposed to wash it together with orange clothes, which the navy outer will damage the colours of your orange clothes?
And yes, it says cold machine wash on the instructions, and to not dry clean it.
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you'll be fine. i wash mixed colors all the time no issue.
I know it's not fine because it discoloured in the first wash.