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Alpha Industries MA-1 Echo Flight Jacket

Alpha Industries MA-1 Echo Flight Jacket

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FYI, Alpha industries does not provide any warranty(in case, like me feel and torn my jacket). Besides that, the jacket is amazing.
Received my jacket over the weekend. It's a perfect fit. Love it. Plenty warm for at least - 7 C. Hasn't been cooler yet.

Actually, FWIW, it's the first time I felt the Galaxy S8 get really warm in an inside pocket while outside.
Like everyone else, I'm confused by the size chart. I'm tall and skinny, 6'2" at 170 pounds. The chart is all over the place for me.
If you go to their website, they have a fit-finder that should help you. According to them, I'm between a medium and a small, but because the recommend sizing up, that I should keep the medium. Just go to the MA-1 Echo Flight Jacket on their website and on the right hand side there should be something that says "fit finder".
On the Alpha website this info is in the FAQ: "Because we remain true to our heritage when producing our authentic flight jackets, this unfortunately can create some confusion amongst our shoppers. The size coat they normally purchase does not match up with our general sizing guidelines. As a general rule, we recommend customers to 'size up' when purchasing one of our flight jackets."

I agree it is confusing, as the Alpha Ind. sizing chart tells me I am "L". But reading the FAQ on the Alpha Industries website made me wonder if I should go a size larger to XL. I think from what I can understand, is that you are ok following their sizing chart, which for me was Large, but that would also assume my non Alpha Ind. jacket size would be medium.. which isn't the case, as I am a large there as well.

The Echo may be slimmer fitting? Unsure. I'm hoping for some clarification myself.
This is the opposite for me. I normally wear a size medium or large since I've got a small waist but an athletic build. This sizing chart has me size *down* . I might call them tomorrow and try to figure this out.
How warm is it compared to down fill ? What is meant by sub-freezing temperatures? How cold ? And how does it hold up when wet? Thanks
Size chart is confusing, I typically wear XS-S jackets at Guess and Uniqlo, how does this compare to those?
This size chart is definitely confusing. Would be nice to see how they compared to traditional jacket sizes.
I’m having some difficulty with the sizing chart; it pursues me start anywhere between small and 2XS, but it says standard fit, which for me is normally a mediu. Has anyone had this issue? Should I just ignore the sizing chart?
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