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Altra Olympus 2.5 Trail Running Shoes

Altra Olympus 2.5 Trail Running Shoes

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@Altra @Massdrop Any size 12 Mens?
Men's – Gray/Lime

Hmmm...Looks "Lemon" (Yellow) to me.
I would order a size 14 if they became available.

Order a size up And you'll be glad you did. if theyre a bit small tighten the laces in such a way that your feet don't slide forward.
Sizing is not right. I wear 9.5 in everything and these are way too small, they seemed OK until running then really beat up the front of my toes.
Sizing is not correct. These are small. Normally wear 9.5 in Lone Peaks and have been running them for years. Bought 9.5 in these and they are a size too small.
Hi - My shoes have arrived but they are too small! I have size 11 (women's) in the Lone Peak so I thought 11 would be fine but I guess not. Anyone want to buy them off me??? :(
Sizes in checkout are in UK or in US?
Does this have a rock plate? Hoping...
The amount of cushioning in this shoe is so high that we felt adding a rock plate would just add weight and be negligible in protecting the feet. The rock plate will be in the king, superior, and lone peak but not in our higher cushioned shoes (timp and Olympus)
Any Men’s size 12 available for this drop? If already sold out any chance I could get a pair in M 12. Thanks
So again size 15s are stuff of legend. F.
We do make size 15! (And 16) those sizes are just gobbled up by the time a style gets to clearance. sorry about that!
And at just about every retailer. I luckily bought the last pair at Zappos. Funny they always say only one or two in stock. Every time. If you made more you would sell more. Couldn’t find a pair last year at all.
Need a 14. I know Altra makes them because I'm wearing a pair.
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Oh I will, but I can pay full retail anytime. A discount this good, on a product line this good is rare.
Any women size 8.5 left in any hiking/trail running shoes?
Offer size 14 and we'll talk.
I got these a while ago, great for street running and vibram good on trail, extremely comfy and cushy, good for my back. Size fine for me, roomy toe box is great for wider forefoot. Some might feel too much forefoot sliding on trails but I don't feel I'd roll an ankle, would be my choice for AT trail. Hokas jammed toes. I've even had heel blisters from some runners, not these. No (achilles stretch) problem getting used to no drop but I don't run a lot.
I hate having size 15 feet :(