Alvin Pro Self-Healing Cutting Mats (2-Pack)search

Alvin Pro Self-Healing Cutting Mats (2-Pack)

Alvin Pro Self-Healing Cutting Mats (2-Pack)

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Resilient Mats for Your Desk or Workstation

Great as a cutting mat, desk blotter, or general-purpose work mat, these self-healing mats from Alvin come in a full range of sizes. Each one is made of a durable, 3-millimeter-thick composite vinyl material designed for both rotary blades and straight utility blades. Black on one side and green on the other, both with grid lines, it provides a long-lasting, non-glare surface that can be cut and slashed repeatedly without showing marks or cutting lines. Along with a convenient hanging hole, each mat has zero centering lines for finding the perfect center on any project. 

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of size: 12 x 18 (base price), 18 x 24 (+ $6), 18 x 36 (+ $8), 24 x 36 (+ $16), 30 x 42 (+ $45), 36 x 48 (+ $60), 40 x 60 (+ $140), 40 x 80 (+ $190), or 48 x 96 (+ $245).


  • Alvin
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Self-healing
  • Reversible (black on one side, green on the other)
  • Grid lines on both sides
  • Multiple sizes available


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