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Doe anyone have any idea if a 12BH7 could be dropped in for the 6N4?
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No worries. The 12AX7 can be run off 6V or 12V so I can see what the thought process was.

It should be noted the preamp socket on this amp actually supplies 12V instead of 6V like most other headphone amps. So you can't use 6V-only tubes like 6DJ8 or 6FQ7. You must use their 12V equivalent instead (like 12FQ7) or a dual-voltage tube like the 12AX7 and 12BH7. The good news is 12V-only tubes are often cheaper than their 6V-only equivalents but sound the same.
Thanks, that is very useful to know!
The ad says RCA input and output, the specs show only RCA input and 1/4" jack out?? Which is it, I'd use this primarily as a preamp in stereo setup so I need RCA out.
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Looks like it's using a Lynn Basik cartridge ~ do you have any recommendations as far as tube phono stages?

As I mentioned before I was looking at the PS audio sprout or the Deckard Class-A (Audeze) since I definitely appreciate the source switching and headphone out on the front. Would I need an additional Phono Stage preamp to use them with the Lynn? or would those work without?

Thanks again for the help, trying to wrap my head around what gear is ideal for my needs.
The Sprout claims it has a built in Phono stage so you would not need an additional outboard phono stage with that unit. The Deckard however has no such thing so you would need an outboard phono stage with that unit.
I would suggest looking into Yaqin or Little Bear for budget tube phono stages. If you are not familiar with how tubes work, do look into it before you buy, they are not for everyone. Tube equipment is often accused of "distortion". This is misuse of the word. What they do is introduce harmonics into the sound. Even ordered harmonics, octaves, fifths. These are subtle (and natural) but add a dimension to the sound that is hard to describe. "Magical", airy, three dimensional, are good ones. These results can be obtained with really fine tubes, the ones made during the heyday of tube production, 1940's-1980's before the transistor boom killed the tube. Poorly made tubes or bad tubes will sound awful. They need TLC to function properly and will need to be replaced eventually. Many people can't be bothered and opt for the transistor sound.
Phono stage amps are needed to amplify the extremely small signal coming from a moving stylus in a record groove. The phono stage increases that tiny line signal for further amplification by the Pre-amp stage which then sends that signal to the amp for further amplification and out to the speakers. It's a LOT more "hassle" than digital sourced sound (-; Also, the turntable will have to be set up properly, leveled, skating and tracking pressures properly adjusted, and the stylus kept CLEAN. (-; A good disc washing system for the vinyl is also very desirable. I know that's a lot of stuff one needs to go through but please realize, VINYL was the true and original High-Resolution sound reproduction system, considerably outperforming the 44khz/16bit standard chosen for Compact Discs. Enjoy.
This amp has terrible static. I just looked at massdrop's return policy and found I have no hope of returning it so I am stuck with a piece of junk. If this drop becomes active again stay away. Far away. Massdrops crap return policy has me thinking hard about ever ordering from them again.
You can try buying a $10 ground loop isolator and using it. If this is anything like my Little Dot, it could have ground loop issues and that'll get rid of the static.
audible static or touch static?
Is this a better headphone amp that my Schiit Valhalla II? There aren't any output specs to compare too. I am being funny here.
Charles DeWitt
Valhalla always better :D just my opinion
Well, I guess I am going to answer myself. It appears that there should be a power transformer but it is a tiny switch type on the circuit board.
I have roll a lot of tubes in this amp and this one is best. But before you have to change some capacitors. Check
I wonder whether this can really take the 12AU7 and 12AT7. Apart from differences in gain, there are other differences between these and 12AX7.
I use Genalex Gold Lion 12AU7.
Thanks. How does it sound when compared to 12AX7 or the stock 6N4?
Hi, just a noob question here: I'm keen to start getting into some more quality audio gear, and this seems like it might be a good place to start.
I'm currently using a pair of Kingston HyperX Cloud headphones just plugged directly into the audio out from my computer.
Would this amp give me a better experience do you think, or do I need to fork out for a dedicated DAC or better headphones first?
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Hi, go for the Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition and add a micro to it (ModMic 4.0).
You can still add a o2+odac (dac+amp system) later if you need it.
This comment makes me sick
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