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Armand Nicolet J09 Automatic Watch

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anyone interested in this piece i am selling one still under two year warranty. Worn once, perfect condition, no links removed. Selling the gray face with metal bracelet for less than this drop. Email if interested Thanks, David
$300 higher than the last drop? Guess we know why the last drop got cancelled without any notice. Won't be getting my money. Cancelling the last drop without any explanation was in poor character in my opinion. Only way I'll jump on board at this point if the price is just too good to pass up. At $1200, it isn't.
Hey there, my apologies for the errors and for the lack of explanation. The pricing on the previous drop was for this newer model set for the older J09 model.
I wish the Chronograph version was in this drop! I would be instantly in on this!
I am selling one of these, worn once asking 1000, email me if interested
AN2846-9 isn’t Armand Nicolet own movement. It’s modified ETA 2846! Md please stop lying your customers.
What happened to this drop? It said there was four days left to order? I get back on to place an order and now it shows as inactive. There was only 8 ordered, so it's not like they sold out!
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This is a lie. We had already met the minimum. They cancelled because as boozed said below miscommunication on price. Poor form in my opinion. Either company or massdrop should have eaten cost of mistake for those who had already purchased. Cest la vie
Sadly neither mass drop nor the company would eat the difference in cost (although they should), both would only pass the cost onto the consumer.
Do anyone know if the dial with the ref. A650AAA-AG-MA4650AA is really silver or white?
I don't like silver dials but even more white dials (;-)
It's called "Silvered" on AN's website...but I'd call that white.
Thanks a lot an have a nice day.
I got the watch on previous MD sale and I love it! The only regret is that I paid 1150 USD and now it's below 900.. for this price I would love it even more:)
I've been waiting for this to come back around. It was just on another site for more, so don't feel so bad :)
I want the S05 titanium model!
I'd love to see the Armand Nicolet J09 come back, but the classier A650AAA model line up NOT the 9650A models...
These are high-end mall watches. The kind of brand that specializes in selling their wares in casinos, high-tier airport boutiques, hotels etc. There is nothing wrong with them, but their real value and certainly their resale value among watch owners is low.
If you buy this, buy it knowing no one wants to own it after you, even if you've only worn occasionally.
It says a lot about a brand that people who collect watches, don't actively resell or trade Armand Nicolet. Food for thought.
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You don't know what you are talking about. This watch, like pretty much every watch in this price range, will be worth less if you try to flip it so why are you down on this brand only. Name a brand where you can buy one and turn around and make a profit? Everyone is just going to buy new unless you give a good price. If you want to maintain value or increase value you need to buy much more expensive pieces.
Out of curiosity, how can you tell? Just general research?
Really unfortunate there isn't 28,800 vph movement especially at this price point, as some others said this is a killer for me, otherwise a beautiful looking piece.
Ayyy just like the $16k AP it is a homage to

except there, 21,600vph is acceptable
Would consider if they offered the rose gold bezel model that is on their site. My collection is in need of a rose gold piece.
Nice watch, if I had the budget for it I'd grab one, especially the blue dial.
From the description "Nicolet created his first watch—an automatic rose-gold pocket watch .." I wasn't aware there were such beasts as auto pocket watches? Or is this just editing by Mass Drop?
I can't remember where I originally read it but the first automatic movement was for a pocket watch. I assume this is because of the size constraints, it didn't work very well as a pocket doesn't have the same range of movement as a wrist - hence being so unusual.
Does anyone know how the rist size of the bracelet i have a big wrist 8and a half i want to know is the wath fit me
It probably will because most chains come very large I have small wrists so I usually end up taking out links I wouldn't be worried about it being too small
It won't. Just got mine and with all links on and the micro adjustments fully extended, it barely fits my 7 3/4" wrist. Probably made for the European and Asian markets and smaller wrists there. So buyer beware.
How much did this sell for during the last drop?
1299.99 However that model was a newer version, it did not have J09 in the dial, and the dial on that model is textured. I bought the blue dial/stainless model and really love it. Had I not, I'd join this drop, my opinion is these are high quality, great fit/finish. Good luck either way!

Just received my watch last week. Though I liked the watch I was shocked that the 2 Year international warranty was for a different serial number which meant I cannot use it and the operating manual booklet was already damaged in the box and repaired with scotch tape. The community support response was unsatisfactory to say the least and did not provide any tangible help at all. All in all, a very poor first time experience for me and I hesitate to be a repeat customer.
Hello, are these watch the same as the watch in the picture? below pic has j09 beside 9
No, the one above is the older model. This doesn't have the J09 on the dial and has a textured dial.
@Massdrop I feel the need to point out that in the details you say the case material is stainless steel or rubber. I'm fairly sure you mean the band, not the case
Beautiful watch! Weak Canadian pesos aren't helping much, though...
love blue dial model. If it's still available, I would join the drop without thinking
Unfortunately the blue dial has sold out and may not be around for a few months, but that's not to say there aren't other stunning variations of the watch
Can you tell me the vph (vibrations per hour) of the Calibre AN2846-9 movement? I've seen different answers in different forums, and no information on the Armand Nicolet website. Also, will the blue dial version be offered again? Thanks
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I received my AN this week (Blue dial/stainless). Could not be happier with it, beautiful watch, great fit/finish, will move in to my rotation immediately!
Gotta show this new baby Off !!!
Great looking watch! Too bad it over my budget for now :(
Does the black steel bracelet quite resistant to scratches?
Armand Nicolet watches are manufactured to a very high standard and so all bracelets are designed to resist day to day wear and tear
This is the style of watch I love but it's a bit over my budget, damn...It looks great.
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.
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Lmao [Removed] You can buy a cartier or rolex or even seiko with some gold in it and at least it will retain its value. [Removed]
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I've gotten away from chronographs and now prefer the simple 3 hand watches. The only complications I look for are date, since I can never remember it, and power reserve indicators, if the watch is hand-wind. Of course, I have gotten this far down the rabbit-hole of watches by buying a lot of watches I now don't wear......Best.
I have an L10 with a modified manual wind from the 60's (FHF 72). Watch is a beaut, build quality superb. Purchased months ago and still can't stop staring at the thing.
This is one of those brands that bought an old name, makes watches no one has heard of with ETA movements, claims at HUUUUGE MSRP so that their 'deals' seem like steals. Look on ebay - this is how much they cost. No one in their right mind would spend $3200 on it.
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Instead of an addict maybe you should step back and become a hobbyist.
I'm not very familiar with Ebay but I noticed that there aren't any auctions for the J09-2 so it may be difficult for me to find you something.
Armand Nicolet is also a relatively obscure brand at the lower price range of luxury watches so that can put off some people looking for a cheaper "status symbol". Along with trust issues some may have with eBay sellers, finding a completed transaction on eBay can be daunting. However, the eBay seller "" has many completed transactions using the platform and those transactions are how they make money. If they are being priced at $2400 it means that it is a realistic price consumers will be interested in otherwise they would have lowered it.
All this plus the fact that after one day on MD there have already been five people committed to this drop (more than the Max Bill Chrono at day 2), show that this is indeed a drop that is worth joining. Although the MSRP may not be the stated $3200 it certainly must be much higher than $1350 for it to have this type of demand.
Looks a fair bit like a Patek Philippe inspired watch.