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Just wanted to share an update on my desk, had it for about 4 months now and and even moved into my new house. Desk is great! Only little tip i have for people is if the net seems alittle loose take the end and roll it up. It will tighten it a bit and remove some sag
Can we expect a drop for this soon?
Got a FedEx email saying the shipment is supposed to arrive tomorrow already. Excited!
Planning on picking up a DXRacer Valkyrie chair on my way home tomorrow, too...
Hey guys - I know this drop comes back pretty frequently, would there be any way to get in advance when the next drop is going to take place?
Was the drop open just 18 hours ago? That's when I got them email for it, and I'm pretty frustrated as I would have loved to picked one of these up. Surprised they sent an email so close to the drop ending.
Is it infinitely adjustable between 27.9 and 31.9 inches? Or are the only options 27.9" or 31.9"?
Infinitely. In retrospect we probably should not have literally translated from metric and just rounded up since I don't think anyone will miss that 0.1 inch.
I have rma'd my desk 2 times but both times the desk surface was uneven. I am very disappointed with this desk.
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OK, thanks. did they send you a complete new set? We'll get you taken care of and happy. And just allow me to say that everyone in our office uses an Arena (or two) as their work desk, so we have a lot of real life experience with them. This is not common.
They only sent me new desk boards. If you want, I can take pictures and send them.
What does this provide that an Ikea task table falls short on?
You know Ikea has tables in black right?
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Shipping isn't a concern with Ikea, as most folks live within a reasonable distance of an Ikea if they are in a major metro area. The full surface mousepad is the only one of those points that rings true.
Ikea has several SKUs with cable management.
I'm not a huge fan of Ikea stuff in general. I referenced them as other furniture retailers that come to mind are more regional.
I live 45 miles from the nearest Ikea. Actually shipping does matter to me since on a bad day it could take me nearly two hours to drive there (LA Metro, closest one is Burbank). Not to mention the crowds shopping there, loading it in your vehicle, etc. In my book having the FedEx driver leave at your front door is very valuable. Especially since this is an 105 lb package. I see that the complete Bekant weighs about 63 lbs and is $209 at Ikea, as one example. I also see shipping to my home is $120.

Yes, they have recently added cable management on some models. When we originally introduced ours they did not have that. Sorry I missed that, it was not intentional. You can also see and buy ours at Fry's, Micro Center, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Electronics Express, Abt and other retailers.
Hey I just purchased this today. Can I trust that this desk isnt going to take months to come on the main? I like the desk and have skin it in person I'm just really worried about actually getting it in a reasonable amount of time
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It says its supposed to ship by August 7th
That's what it says on the email Massdrop sent to me as well. I learned about the shipment from FedEx directly because I'm enrolled in FedEx Delivery Manager or whatever it's called, it is a FedEx feature that gives a preview of packages coming my way. And it seems that the package is coming straight from Arozzi, I'm surprised that it didn't go to Massdrop and then get distributed to me.
All black sold out, do you plan to get more in stock? I’d like the all black one.
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Perhaps. I just think it's also the big red A is not as obvious in person. It looks more like an accent. And most people put stuff on the table, so it's even less obvious. We also see this same tendency on chair color, too. People online appear to think the colors are way less subtle than they actually are in person, so black tends much higher online than they do in stores, where the colors overall do better.

Sort of an idea of what I meant how the A becomes much less obvious for a lot of users.
@arozziserviceteam Seriously? New base price at $259, and all other colors are +$30? I am completely giving up on you guys. Going to get a workbench instead.
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You are right about the current info. However, the note section was updated since my post.
I was talking about massdrops messaging to the community in the note section.