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You are paying a lot to get the desk shaped mousepad.. seen this in person and would value it around 150-200... cheaply made and zero functionality.

Websites can custom make you a desk top pad like that in any dimension...
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Love how you included the word "anyone", as you speak for all. Yet, I'm self aggrandizing? Ha...

1) Doesn't understand how conditionals work.

2) Doesn't understand the definition of self-aggrandizing or how to use it.

Good luck with the rest of your 'crafts and modifications'. Remember: "Measure twice, cut once. Reevaluate the education you received".
So 300$ for an average metal desk with a custom sized mousepad ? Viewed one of these in person, can say it’s nothing special
Swedish company... Only ships to the US.
Something not adding up here.
I got my desk yesterday and honestly I love it. It's a bit bigger than I thought but that's a good thing. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. As others have stated the edges of the desk are pretty sharp but the way I'm set up I'll never hit it. Super happy with it, great price and I'm really digging the pure black model. Took me about an hour to build it since I had to build it partially in another room. Super sturdy would highly recommend.
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That desk is seriously legit. Thanks for sharing the pic, we are for sure ordering one for my BF's setup.
you put your computer on the ground...................

Just got my desk today and set it up. Everything came in immaculate condition and fit together perfectly, no deviation in the height of the leafs or any other horror stories from previous drop posts. Feels very solid, took about an hour and a half setting it up alone. Thanks for an amazing desk at an amazing price!
*Edit* I did want to mention that in step 4 of the instructions they did not say which package of screws to use, which can be confusing as all other steps include the recommended screw
*Edit 2* Holy crap are these bottom edges sharp, I've read many times that you guys don't plan on doing anything about this, but you really should consider it as right now I am bleeding slightly from my knee in 2 places. Nothing a role of electrical tape cant fix I guess...
I resorted to electrical tape as well funny enough. Raised the desk a bit to try to mitigate the scrapes...but the edges are just daggers.
So, the estimeated ship date was January 8th. Guess what just showed up at my house... only problem is I didn’t even know it was shipping and I️ had no preparation for it. Oh well, early Christmas present!
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Me too and mine was dropped off this AM. SF, CA.
I'm all the way in Indiana and my desk will arrive tomorrow, well before the Jan 2nd estimated ship date. Very impressed!
Finally have my black on black Arozzi desk is fully assembled and is very sturdy. It is sitting on plush carpet temporarily til I move it to another room, and it does have a slight bit of a wobble on the carpet.

My desk also has poor seams on the top. The right seam is a bit higher than the center section, the left seam is a bit lower than the center section. The mouse pad top does cover it but you can still feel if while mousing over.

Can we talk about sharp edges? Top and bottom edges are equally as sharp. I've gotten a couple pretty good scrapes on my leg while standing up and my hand from those edges. I may look for some kind of edge guard. The mouse pad top does a pretty good job of covering the top edge but be careful about the bottom edge.

The mouse pad top is great. I have a laptop sitting on mine and worried that air circulation through the bottom may be a bit limited. Placed a solid surface place mat and put underneath the lap top and everything seems to be fine.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you Massdrop!
Having never seen the desk or even knew of the Arozzi brand, I was hesitant to join this drop. After reading reviews and researching the brand, I reluctantly joined. To my pleasure, I was able to check out the desk and also the Verona Pro chair at my local Frys yesterday. The desk, while lower than I imagined, was excellent quality. The microfiber cover was very thick and firm, laid perfectly flat and did not slide over the desk surface. Despite being a heavily abused floor model replete with coffee stains, the desk was sturdy and did not wobble and I didn't notice any unevenness when mousing over the seams where the desk pieces meet. I'm putting fresh paint in my office tonight and am anxiously awaiting this desk's delivery.
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hye. i just got arrozi verona. but the the problem is when i assemble of the the part, one of the adjustable arm does not working. can you help me to solve this
Please send us an email to and we would be happy to help you with this! Include your original receipt and a picture of whats damaged.
Finally had the time to get mine assembled. Looks great, very sturdy, no more wobbling than I'd expect. The net underneath serves its purpose - you can't expect to put a lot of weight in there without it sagging down but it's very convenient to stash extra cord length here. The metal is well-treated, and it's generally a pretty good looking desk. Assembly was easy, although a few of the pictures in the assembly guide weren't the clearest but they didn't hamper the assembly much.

Two issues I have are fit/finish related.

First, the edges of the desk are extremely sharp - unreasonably so. For the top of the desk, it's not a huge deal as the mousepad surface covers it. Underneath is a whole different story - I made the mistake of clipping the edge with my hand after scratching my leg, got a pretty nice scrape. If you like your desk low and have a chance of scraping your leg on this, you'll want to do something to round the edges - would be great to have that standard.

Second, the seams between the three desk pieces...I don't want to be overly critical, but they're pretty poor. Due to poor quality control in the connections, the leftmost piece is lower than the center, which is lower than the rightmost. The differences in height were both between 1-2mm, which doesn't sound terrible - but it would make this desk completely unusable if it didn't have the mousepad surface. Even so, the seam between the center and right pieces ends up being pretty damn close to where I mouse and this height difference makes a visible (and tactile) bump while mousing over this. The workaround was to put another mousepad over it, and between the two it's negated. Your mileage may vary, but the seams are a pretty big letdown in terms of the overall quality.

Overall it's a functional desk that I would be returning if not for the mousepad surface that ships with it and allows the fit and finish to be tolerable. For the price, it's not a bad desk.
Received mine earlier today, and started building it an hour ago or so. Frame put together fine, but when it comes to the desk boards, I received two of the same side. So I essentially have 2/3rds of a desk.
Contact us at Obviously that should not happen and we will send you out a board to fix your problem.

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