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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Any reason why you can't ship to continental Canada? I get why Alaska would be off the list; but I guess the border is too hard with heavy packages? 'cause, I mean, it's a hell of a deal...
It shows in the checkout that there is a blue XL chair and no black one, but in the description it‘s reverse? I’m looking at getting a black chair, but based on other comments I should probably go for the xl version. 6’3” 190, any thoughts on whether I should get XL or just normal?
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No problem, thank you for the information!
I would have been in for 2 black xl...
Not even a year later and one of the legs has broken on my chair!
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I wasn't sure they'd do anything for it! But I'm willing to try!
For sure. These chairs have a 2 year warranty. They will send you a replacement part.
Do the armrests adjust for width as well or just height?
They are 3D arms so they will not adjust for width.
Mad props to whoever did this photoshop job.
Woah, didn't the XL say +$10 before? Now it says +$40. @B.Hutch am I now going to be charged +$40? If so you need to notify people before you can just charge them extra like that.
You will not be charged extra. The checkout options were always set at +$10 and were never raised. We would not do something like that. The pricing in the note section was incorrect from the start of the drop and has now been updated to reflect the correct price increase for the XL chair which is +$10.
I got my chair yesterday! Before the expected shipping date. The box was a little beat up but everything was ok in general. It took me about 20 minutes to assemble the chair by myself. It feels sturdy and comfortable. The only issue was that a piece of plastic at the base of one of the armrests was broken; it does not affect the functionality of the chair so I guess I can live with that, I just used some super glue. The upholstery materials look kind of cheap but I guess it was a good deal with the Massdrop price. Hopefully it will last a long time.


10/10 letdown by international shipping. #teamsadfave
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Maaate.. ssaaallll good. Just saddened that the shipping costs are actually that crazy 😭
me too.
6' 6'' 220 here with a 36'' waist.. XL or no?
Yes, I would get the XL. 6'4" 215 here, especially if you have broad shoulders like I do.
The website specs say 260lbs for the XL but here it says 310. Which is accurate?
Also, for previous purchasers of the XL, how do you like it? I used an AKracing (Inland) non-xl chair and loved the back but the seat part was uncomfortable and I had to switch back to a standard chair in less than 3 months. This looks great but a little apprehensive.
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Thanks for that. I am near the limit and just want to make sure.
If you are 290 I would say go for it. Otherwise I would recommend another chair for you.
Joined the drop last night, little bit nervous as this is my first drop and first gaming chair. Hopefully it will ship out soon and be the chair I was looking for.
Dang it I would pick this up and pay for the shipping T_T. Living in Hawaii sure sucks at times.
@B.Hutch FYI, there is a typo on the sale page: "Note: At checkout you will have the option of the Toretta or Toretta XL (+$120) models..."
It's actually +$20 for XL model at checkout, and it's correctly stated as such lower on the page in the model specs. Just wanted to let you & other customers know.
Thank you very much! I have updated it in both places to show +$10 as that if the upcharge for the XL version for now.
Does the normal size (not xl) come with the two pillows as well?
Yes, all models will include those pillows.
Just pulled the trigger on this. $129 is a great deal on this chair. I just spent all day searching for a new gaming chair and this deal is better than anything the stores were offering for the 4th. Also this my first drop! A little nervous but hoping for the best. Anyone know how soon after we join the drop that it will ship?
Howdy Everyone,
Arozzi reached out to us today and offered a 1 time price for this drop. The new prices have already been put into place. Take advantage of this while you can as you most likely wont see prices this low again.
Hello. For those that committed before the price drop, do we get the new price or the old one?
You will receive the new lower prices. It should already be updated on your transactions page.
@arozziserviceteam hey quick question I didn’t see an option at checkout for the XL chair is there anyway I can switch my order?
That is something you will need to ask Massdrop.
ok thank you
How long does it take to ship?
We normally ship out the chairs before the last day or I should say estimated shipping day. It takes anywhere from 2 to 7 business days to receive the box, depending on where you live. Thank you
Does this ship to Uk/Ireland?
does it ship to canada? might be interested in this cuz i really do need a damn new chair badly
no, unfortunately the shipping costs to Canada are prohibitive. We are working on solution to ship from Canada to make it more cost-effective but have not completed that yet.
Hi all,
Do not buy this gaming chair from Arozzi, you have been warned. I have not purchased anything from Massdrop since. I felt led on by their marketing thinking I was getting a good deal only to disappointing by their no return policy at the time of purchase. It is not worth the money, you are not getting a good deal. Do yourself a favor, spend a little more money and buy from a reputable company that will honor their warranty and has a return policy.
Last note to Arozzi, please do not bother to contact me. I'm not interested in correcting this situation nor do I care to resolve any warrantied parts as I do not have this chair anymore. I could not put up with this chair constantly shifting to one side, non-stop squeaks from any movement and the piston slowly lowering and not keeping it's set height.
Hi 0d3y, It's not Arozzi who does not have a no return policy it's massdrop so please do some research on that. Also we help anyone who reaches out to our customer service team so stating we are not a reputable company is a lie. You were not "led on" one bit and did get an amazing deal on a Torretta Gaming Chair and what you should of done is reach out to our nice customer service team and asked for a bit of help, in some cases we even send a complete chair replacement if deemed fit. I'm sure we could of solved your case in no time!
My colleagues in the service team have already made an honest and appropriate reply to this. But I do want to underscore and repeat what I have said many, many times in the Massdrop discussion groups. There is an "all sales final" policy at Massdrop. No returns. Not just for chairs but for everything they sell.
That is part of the way they keep prices so low. Returns are not "free", they are very expensive to process and handle. You can buy any one of our chairs or the desk from our website, from Amazon, NewEgg, Best Buy, Fry's and lots of other places and have a 100% right to return. Only you will pay more. But if that's important to you, you should do it, it's like buying insurance.
@ArozziScott Hey Arozzi,
I want to start off by thanking you for sending this WAY ahead of the expected date. Really appreciate the speedy shipment.
I am incredibly frustrated, however, by the fact that the box containing my chair was absolutely thrashed, to the point where it was practically open on all sides held together by one plastic strip. The chair itself is mostly okay, though there is damage on the back of the chair, piston, piston cover, and five-star metal base. The back of the chair has a slash ripping into the fabric, the piston is obviously scuffed, as is the five-star base, and the cover is so incredibly warped on the inside ring it looks like someone tore a piece off.
I haven't even begun to set this up because it is too incredibly difficult to get the screws on for step one - you did note in the instruction manual that it's a two person job, though I can't help but wonder if the metal to support the back is warped too.
Honestly, I'm considering just asking for a refund right now as I'm really heated. I'm going to take a few hours to cool off and perhaps assemble the chair with a friend to check for structural damage as well.
Please let me know who I can contact to get this sorted out. I know my friends have been satisfied with your products and I want to be as well, but this first impression is really going south.
You can contact Arozzi support at
Where did the regular torrent go?
We have extra stock of the Torretta XL, so gave Massdrop a special low price for this drop. The standard model will be back next time.
Is it good for someone 6"5?
And 170 lbs
Should be ok.
Got my chair. Packaging was so damaged, had I been home to personally receive it, I would have sent it back. Fortunately, the only damage to the chair was to the little thin aluminum cover that goes around the post hole in the base.
ON THE FLIP SIDE: The quality of this product is not very good, even considering the discounted price we got through Massdrop. I could have bought a cheaper office chair with the same quality and functions from CostCo BUT with the option to easily return it. Now I am stuck with a poor quality chair that is NOT easy to return. 1) the sewing in the front section is poor and there is a bunching effect on the seams that come down the front of the seat. 2) The dust cover on the underside doesn't fit and the assembly at the factory drove the screws through the dust cover unevenly. I had to remove the armrest brackets, cut slits in the dust cover and remount the armrest brackets. 3) the chair wobbles horribly on the gas piston with the normal rest position in the forward leaning aspect(VERY uncomfortable). 4) there is entirely too much play in the pin that controls whether or not you can lean back in the chair. Combined with the wobble and I feel like I am on a circus ride. 5) finally, there is a bit too much play in the arm rests and there is no easy in & out adjustment for the armrests. You literally have to unscrew the bottom plate from the underside to adjust the arms in or out.
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@B.Hutch Thank you for your good words. Again, we are sorry you had the problems to begin with and are glad we were all able to come to happy resolution.
Glad we were able to get you taken care of. We take our commitment to customer service seriously. I know I say it a lot but it bears repeating...the overwhelming majority of people have no problems or issues. Our overall defect rate is under 1%. But, when you sell thousands of chairs that still means that there are a lot our customers that need help. And sometimes it's unrelated to an actual defect, it just might mean assistance in assembly or operation. And that's where our dedication to providing the best and fastest service we can comes in. We will get you taken care of and do our best to make you a satisfied Arozzi customer. is the best way to contact us.
Hi All,
I know that you all have been waiting patiently for your Arozzi chairs and by now realize that we are on a slight delay. Arozzi knows about your concern and is actively trying to expedite your orders.
Arozzi typically is one of our fastest vendors when it comes to shipping and this slight delay is not typical but it happens from time to time.
We should have informed you earlier of this situation and going forward we will lengthen the shipping times so we can keep anxiety to a minimal.
Once I know more of a definitive time frame for all the orders I will let the community know.
Hi everybody, so I finally got my shipping tracking number but was directly from arozzi service email. I suggest you do the same and provide them with your massdrop order number so you can get yours as well. If massdrop still doesn't send it by themselves. GL
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What email did you use to contact Arozzi? My email went unanswered..
Hello it's now the date that the item supposed to be shipped and still have no information or shipping details, does arozzi have any news so far about this? Regards
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lol same here!
Ok so I contacted directly arozzi and they replied the following:
Hopefully will get confirmation of this from massdrop soon...
Purchased the normal one!
Went to Fry's and sat in the chair for an hour. I figured Fry's was a good choice considering lots of people sit in those chairs so they clearly aren't brand new. I'm a very fit 6'00" 200lbs and didn't notice any strain or uncomfort within the hour of browsing my phone and spinning around. Reviews I read and videos I watched kept insisting the plastic covers on the hinge connecting the backrest and cushion are cheap. Fry's just didn't install them and it looked better without it. The only thing I noticed while sitting for that long were my alternative sitting positions felt hindered. Folding a leg under or tossing a leg over an armrest (not at the same time) weren't as comfortable as I am used to, but leaning a shoulder on the wings and dropping an elbow on the cushioned arm rest felt great. the lumbar pillow felt fine and the head pillow seems necessary unless you enjoy the feeling of a metal frame touching your cranium. The color also seemed washed out due to maybe the lighting and wear. I only had access to blue, green, black and grey. I ordered red. You can't go wrong with red.
I sat in this chair at a local store. It is the perfect size for me. Im 5'11" and 165lbs and it fits like a glove, one thing to keep in mind with these chairs is shoulder width as well. It seems a few of the AKRacing chairs were a bit narrow at the shoulders and would round my shoulders forward from being pushed forward while sitting back. This chair has great shoulder room and the side shoulder parts are actually contoured great so that you can kinda chill out and lean sideways against them if you want to.