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Arozzi Toretta & Torretta XL Gaming Chair

Arozzi Toretta & Torretta XL Gaming Chair

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Joined the drop last night, little bit nervous as this is my first drop and first gaming chair.
Hopefully it will ship out soon and be the chair I was looking for.
Dang it I would pick this up and pay for the shipping T_T. Living in Hawaii sure sucks at times.
FYI, there is a typo on the sale page:
"Note: At checkout you will have the option of the Toretta or Toretta XL (+$120) models..."

It's actually +$20 for XL model at checkout, and it's correctly stated as such lower on the page in the model specs. Just wanted to let you & other customers know.
Thank you very much! I have updated it in both places to show +$10 as that if the upcharge for the XL version for now.
Does the normal size (not xl) come with the two pillows as well?
Yes, all models will include those pillows.
Just pulled the trigger on this. $129 is a great deal on this chair. I just spent all day searching for a new gaming chair and this deal is better than anything the stores were offering for the 4th. Also this my first drop! A little nervous but hoping for the best. Anyone know how soon after we join the drop that it will ship?
Howdy Everyone,

Arozzi reached out to us today and offered a 1 time price for this drop. The new prices have already been put into place. Take advantage of this while you can as you most likely wont see prices this low again.

For those that committed before the price drop, do we get the new price or the old one?
You will receive the new lower prices. It should already be updated on your transactions page.
arozziserviceteam hey quick question I didn’t see an option at checkout for the XL chair is there anyway I can switch my order?
That is something you will need to ask Massdrop.
ok thank you
How long does it take to ship?
We normally ship out the chairs before the last day or I should say estimated shipping day. It takes anywhere from 2 to 7 business days to receive the box, depending on where you live. Thank you
does it ship to canada? might be interested in this cuz i really do need a damn new chair badly
no, unfortunately the shipping costs to Canada are prohibitive. We are working on solution to ship from Canada to make it more cost-effective but have not completed that yet.
Hi all,

Do not buy this gaming chair from Arozzi, you have been warned. I have not purchased anything from Massdrop since. I felt led on by their marketing thinking I was getting a good deal only to disappointing by their no return policy at the time of purchase. It is not worth the money, you are not getting a good deal. Do yourself a favor, spend a little more money and buy from a reputable company that will honor their warranty and has a return policy.

Last note to Arozzi, please do not bother to contact me. I'm not interested in correcting this situation nor do I care to resolve any warrantied parts as I do not have this chair anymore. I could not put up with this chair constantly shifting to one side, non-stop squeaks from any movement and the piston slowly lowering and not keeping it's set height.

Hi 0d3y, It's not Arozzi who does not have a no return policy it's massdrop so please do some research on that. Also we help anyone who reaches out to our customer service team so stating we are not a reputable company is a lie. You were not "led on" one bit and did get an amazing deal on a Torretta Gaming Chair and what you should of done is reach out to our nice customer service team and asked for a bit of help, in some cases we even send a complete chair replacement if deemed fit. I'm sure we could of solved your case in no time!
My colleagues in the service team have already made an honest and appropriate reply to this. But I do want to underscore and repeat what I have said many, many times in the Massdrop discussion groups. There is an "all sales final" policy at Massdrop. No returns. Not just for chairs but for everything they sell.

That is part of the way they keep prices so low. Returns are not "free", they are very expensive to process and handle. You can buy any one of our chairs or the desk from our website, from Amazon, NewEgg, Best Buy, Fry's and lots of other places and have a 100% right to return. Only you will pay more. But if that's important to you, you should do it, it's like buying insurance.