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To the people thinking that the software (like night mode or flux) does the same thing as the glasses are incorrect.
The majority of the blue light that causes eye fatigue and insomnia comes from the backlight of the screen. Most screens use a cool white light for the backlight. Cool white lies in the upper temperature of light or the blue range. Software's (typically) don't have access to the backlight because it's a subsystem of the monitor itself. The only way to change the backlight is by changing the brightness of the monitor.
The reason blue light causes insomnia is it inhibits the production of melatonin in the brain which is one of the primary hormones that makes people sleepy.
The glasses work by filtering out blue light wavelengths and reflecting them away. It is actually very easy to do using different chemicals in the making of the lenses. It just so happens that the chemicals that do it best typically show up yellow.
The only monitors that reduce eye fatigue and insomnia are OLED. That is why the creation of OLED is great. They require no backlight making the only blue light produced is from what's being display.

This is not a play for just this company, it's to show that computer glasses do work when properly designed.
My background in Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in experimental particle physics. I spend many of hours wearing these glasses while studying because they help a ton.
So what about the people who wear prescription glasses...Many people in this tech industry wear prescription glasses.
I recommend people read this page, to understand what blue light is and how it works. UV
Does anyone have experience with the purple tint? I do not need color-grading glasses, and while I like the frame-less design of the VX600, I have my doubts that the purple tint is blocking blue light. Do they only look blue/purple from the front, and not through the back of the lens?
same effect
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While this is helpful, it is not as fully effective as removing more or all blue light from what your eyes receive. Yes, it changes the Windows color scheme. No, it does not remove all blue light from the display or backlight. For those of us that sit at a computer 9 hours for work, and then come home and play video games, spending some money on glasses with blue light filters makes a lot of sense to protect our sense of vision.
Actually, its not because most of the blue light from screens comes from the screens back light. The night mode on most software just makes the screen more red.
flu.x has the exact same effect but is free (on pc).
Regarding the glasses in the first photo: I recently received the exact same frames (in sunglasses form) from Sunglass Warehouse. The frame is fine but I'm not sure the lenses on offer here are worth the cost.
These do not transition. They do change the color a bit, so if you are working in photoshop with color correctness as a key part of that just take them off when you need to. However these have been saving my eyes so I have to give them a great review. They seem to be well made after the year I've been using them. They help me sleep better and I have less eye fatigue these days. I would recommend these for desk jockeys and gamers alike.
1st purchase (VX800) was good but 2nd purchase VX600 the hard casing wasn't glued properly and the skin of the case is coming apart. Not too pleased with it
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Thank you so much arozzi service team, I've received the new pair of glasses and the new hard case is perfect! You're one of the best after sales service I've encountered, hope you guys will keep up the good work.
Thank you and I'm glad I could help.
Anybody get theirs in the mail yet?
Still overpriced. These do the same thing as the ones on this site:

If you don't mind how they look, save yourself $15.
How does this shift colors on screen? I do lots of graphical work, will the colors shift? I can't find much on that.
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They were not meant to be worn outside. They are meant to reducing potentially harmful and distracting blue light they help eliminate unwanted artifacts, increase image clarity and visual acuity while reducing eye fatigue. Visione glasses also filter over 99% of UV rays and have photo sensitive lenses that automatically adjust for varying light conditions.
It's this "photo sensitive" lens nonsense that caused problems. The write-up specifically calls this a "transition". These glasses DO NOT transition. At all. Apparently, I don't know what is meant by "photo sensitive" or "transition". The glasses always look the same.
Can you put the plain version on top of prescription glasses?
There are people who in our office that have done it many of times before. They are not made to be put on top of prescription glasses so I'm not sure how comfortable they would feel. I will pass this along to the right person in hopes maybe in the future we can have a pair that is meant to be put over prescription glasses. Thank you
Better to pass along the information that customers want reading glasses optics for computer work. I would buy a pair from the first company that offers these for sale.