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Astell&Kern AK100II Digital Audio Player

Astell&Kern AK100II Digital Audio Player

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I recently bought the AK100 II. Very happy with it but I cannot incorporate my music files: my PC Computer with Windows 7 Pro does not recognise the player.
Much appreciate you could tell me what can I do to solve this.
Thanks and regards,
i hope this ak100ii gets better after some burn in time (hoping its not a myth) sibilance is quite glaring with or without eq. could this hissssss which cuts through my eardrums be the much touted 'shimmer' ....???

Edit: it seems that sibilance is only present when using it as a DAP (even when playing tidal). sounds really good when connected to a separate headphone amplifier as a standalone DAC.

2nd edit: reverted back to iems and it sounds much better now. Not sure what sorcery was unleashed but bass reverberations is more prominent compared to before, the hissss has toned down a lot too. Premature regrets swept under the carpet.
This drop makes zero sense. This is a discontinued out of date dap that hasn't had a firmware update for a long time and won't get another one. Players for less money sound better and offer a better OS.
surprised this has 20 purchases
Makes no sense.
Glad to see I wasnt the only one mildly insulted by the drop.
People can buy what they please but I am glad some people on here have a discerning eye for that are a bit newer into the hobby and see WOW Astell&kern $900 player for $400 amazing
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I did a simple search, on Astell&Kern site selling this model for 699 with free shipping.
I don't get why they put the MSRP price up. If the actual company is offering it at lower price.
MSRP doesn't change, it is set upon release. The fact that A&K is not selling it at MSRP only serves to illustrate my point about how worthless that number is.
Why? This has been out of production for a long time. By todays standards the sound can be bettered by players costing less and offer more. The balanced out is way underpowered and was a joke. No firmware updates for a long time. Must be old stock that needs to be unloaded. Maybe at 299 but again, old software and hardware.
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The Onkyo DPX1A is a well rounded andriod player or the DP-CMX1 GRANBEAT (DPX1A + unlocked dual sim 4g phone)
The Hiby R3 is a solid option, the Shanling M2S that's currently active is also more modern than this. Fiio now also has the M7, Hidiz introduced the AP60 Pro and the AP80... there are a lot of options out there for equal or much less than you'll pay for this player, which was released several years ago. If you can go a bit higher, there's also the Hiby R6 and the iBasso DX150, as well as the Sony A45.

Hope the Kann gets this treatment when it gets old and ready for sunset or replacment. That's what I want.
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I prefer the old school version. :)
This has Wifi, Bluetooth, Aptx HD and Tidal?? I could leave this paired in my car for offline muzac. It would update playlists automatically when parked in the garage at home. Hmmmm.
I don’t believe this player has Aptx HD, it was developed before that codec even existed... I own one and it for sure isn‘t on mine. Looking at the specs on AK’s site and don’t see it there either.
Old tech, inflated retail to drum up false impression of value at $399. Pass...
Puff Puff...
Anyone know how the Pioneer XDP-100R compares to this ? (Furiously reading online now, but thought I'd ask for opinions)
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Or DP-CMX1 GRANBEAT (DPX1A + unlocked dual sim 4g phone)
Ooh! Thanks. Gotta check that out.