Audi B8 A4/S4 RS4 Style Front Grillsearch

Audi B8 A4/S4 RS4 Style Front Grill

Audi B8 A4/S4 RS4 Style Front Grill

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Can we bring this back. I need this My first buy broke.
any chance this will happen again?
Pretty please bring this back!
Can you bring this back, please? My '11 is longing for one of these.
come back...please...
would love to see the B7 RS4 grill on massdrop!
Would this fit a B8.5 s4 with the face lift?
No, the B8.5 has more aggressive cornering. I know Ebay has those like crazy for anywhere between $150 and $250. might be worth checking out
There is one or at least they was one on mass drop for the B8.5 that's better than available in the US now
Any chance of getting the B8 RS5 version?
I need this grill ASAP
i love this grill bought it already.. lets help get some audi drivers these wheels...

My understanding is that the front grill on the B8 chassis is identical between S4, A4 and A4 S-Line. This was not the case with the B7 chassis where the A4 S-Line and S4 shared a larger grill than the standard A4.
will this fit a b8 s4 too?
Just got my grill in time before my ride goes for repairs. It looks so nice, and i just can't wait to have it fitted ;). Still debating with myself whether i should keep or remove the RS4 emblem...
Haven't received mine yet, should I have it by now?
quality might not be as good as the stock grill but it looks great!
Here's some links from Stock, prep, and finished product. Took me about 2 hours total. I used Plastidip to spray the aluminum support which turned out fantastic.

okay thanks chris. that would be awesome
I can post some later today and I'll provide the link on here for you all to see. It looks like you can get this grille on eBay for $199 unfortunately for us. This is my opinion after doing a bit more digging into the companies that provide the grille in china. I am not saying I'm unhappy with the purchase but this is not a $500 grille at half price if that is what you all were expecting.