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How much were they when they were available for purchase?
With 2369 people having interest in these speakers there has to be something would think Audioengine would job on this deal!
im trying to pick them up for my desktop, would buy them if they were cheaper xD
Drop in Black please!!!
are these better than krk rokit5s for mixing?
Its about time for a new drop on these babies.
Everyone has shitty speakers in my dorm... I need to show them how music is supposed to sound
You remind me of myself!
i would also like to know the price at drop... thanks in advance!
Can someone let us know the drop price for those who joined previously?
how much will be shipping to Toronto, Canada?
Another drop?
WOW, did they seriously not reply to let users know?
Relaunch! Or at least reply with some information about what the outlook for this drop looks like if it will ever happen again
Is it true mass drop can no longer works with audio engine?
Added myself to the petition, hoping for a relaunch before Christmas!
Cmon already!!!!
Seeing the amount of people requesting this to be relaunched, going back as far as a couple months ago, is it safe for us to assume that the relaunch won't happen?
RELAUNCH! Just in time for the holidays, I want those son whites baby.
Please bring these back! I want to buy a pair of Bamboos NOW!