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Aune S7 Balanced Headphone Amp & S6 DAC/Amp

Aune S7 Balanced Headphone Amp & S6 DAC/Amp

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Is the s6 fully balanced (has balanced dac) or is it just the amp that is balanced?
Can anyone tell me the differences I could expect between the Aune s6 and the Topping DX7s, I’m looking for a stand alone balanced DAC and won’t be using amp section as I already have an Aune X7S as my amplifier. I would like to get opinions on what would be best match and any other suggestions as to other Balanced DAC’s that would sound good and pair well with my Aune X7S. Thanks for any feedback!
Can't seem to find the S7's output impedance values anywhere. Anyone can point me in the right direction ?
eh... can't find a reliable source but I've seen several references to 10 ohm (and no output type listed). Given the partially balanced nature of this design it would be hard to speculate what correlation the TRS vs XLR output have.
Thanks,. I couldn't find anything conclusive either.
I assume the absence of a specification means this is not a good choice for 600 ohm headphones. Yes?
They give you enough reference points with the 300ohm load. If an amp handles 300ohm well there is rarely that big of a difference in 600ohm output. If only 32ohm load was quoted I would be much more concerned as a lack of voltage swing could be hidden. Don't put 100% of your eggs into the measurement basket, most manufacturers post the ones that look good and often have limited test bands. I'm of the opinion that measurements without detailed listing of the testing parameters are almost meaningless. I also like to balance subjective and objective information, everyone and everything has a bias. Reading between the lines is vital in this hobby, as is finding your own modus operandi.
What is the difference in the S7 and the Cayin iha-6 headphone amp?
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Not really, you're still going to have a single-ended signal, or one that's converted to balanced by a phase splitter.
Ditto on what wondroushippo said... if the device doesn't output enough power for you it might be of some benefit. Based on the specs of the 6xx and this amp I don't see the SE side having trouble pushing that headphone. FYI this config won't work on the Cayin SE to SE and Balanced to Balanced, no splitting or summing.
Can the S6 power the Massdrop Sennheiser 6XX reasonably? Either unbalanced or balanced?

I prefer a warmer sound and listen to a lot of electronic music so bass is important to me. Anyone who can comment on how the S7 sounds? I have heard the AKMs are more musical/warm and less clinical than ESS so am looking in that direction.
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You are certainly correct, but t depends on the dac implementation.

but yes, if you were to identically install an AKM and ESS, you would find the ESS is slightly brighter and clinical.

For sure, Ive heard that the Aune doesn’t pair well with the 6xx because it’s more clinical sounding.

From my experience, Dac/amps only do so much to a headphone. Yes some amps just pair better with certain headphones, like the Cavali amps with Hd600 line. I’ve heard that if you want bass, you should check out an external EQ like the Schiit Loki.

Hope it helps.
If you prefer a warmer sound, I would look at something that has Burr Brown chips. I know chip manufacturer isn't indicative of sound but that that seems to be the norm for me ads all my current equipment uses Burr Brown chips. I mainly use iFi gear (also some Yamaha) and they are a warmish-take on neutral. Definitely more musical and natural sounding until you get into their really expensive gear and it approaches something more analytical and airy. I haven't heard the S7 personally but my biased opinion would be to check out some iFi gear before pulling the trigger here.
Just got the shipping notification for S6. Can't wait!
Any information about shipping?
Very excited for this. Joined for a silver s6.

What did you guys buy? Did you end up buying another DAC from MD?
I get S6 + S7 (replacing mine Aune S16) :)
I see that both S7 and S6 have internal PSU so you can't use a linear PSU. Isn't this an issue if you want the best audio quality?
this vs R2R 11??? what should I get???
PS: as I've mentioned before, I have it on good authority it's pronounced "Oh-knee".