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I bought into the last drop. Pretty excited for it. The reviews around the web are uniformly positive. Or perhaps more accurately, uniformly gushing.
Does it have a "delicate cycle"?
I joined the drop, planning on using this as a purely desktop solution to replace my SMSL M6 as I was looking for something with lower output impedance. Will be pairing with both a Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro and Verum 1. Hope it serves me well.
It likely will. It's exquisite. For this money, it is an outstanding value. Let us know how it works out!
Can I use this 24/7 if I use it connected via usb? I got a shiit fulla 2 and this seems like a good small desktop upgrade. Even though it's a portable product
Yes. Like the Currawong YouTube review states, you can replace a hot rack of full-sized equipment with this. I agree.
Are there any plans for this to drop again?
It is live right now =) Whether you feel its worth the $$$ in 2018 is up to you, if I didn't already have a Mojo and some other toys I would have considered this, their streamers are great. This unit is unusual in that you can add an internal M2 SATA drive, not seen any other portable DACs that do that.
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My bad you are correct its not M2, though as far as being difficult to find a quick google search brings up Samsung drives available from Amazon, B& H etc, so I wouldn't characterize it as difficult to find. I guess they use those in some of the Intel NUCs also.
Easy to find. Typical drive, used everywhere. And not too pricey today, and getting less pricey by the day.
No mention of the Crosstalk and SNR. Therefore it's a scam, since they're hiding these two crucial specs😒
If only it had a digital output ...
It does. 2V and 5V fixed DAC output choices. The DAC is excellent. I've been using its DAC output into a couple of different headphone amps, as I've also done with a Meridian Explorer2. The FLOW would make an excellent speakered system DAC, too. A proper glimpse of Chord Hugo performance for a lot less money.
To people with experience with the unit: It seems the discussion around this has been predominantly negative, but for a portable unit, at 500 bucks, is it good?
It is superbly good. Read the reviews around the web. There are lots and lots and lots of thorough considerations and measurements (I listed a bunch of links in a comment below). My experience is wholly aligned with what I have since read. I got one in the first Drop. It was a bit of whim, but turned out well. For the Massdrop money, it's a steal. A real glimpse of Chord Hugo performance at fraction of the price. This is the first comment I've made on the FLOW V1000 since I got one, but I'll do a bit more of a review as a Drop purchaser soon.
380mw/32 ohms ESS9018 not 200-300 dollars AHAhAHAHAHAHAhAHQAHAHAHAHAH But really.... nice implementation the specs are sexy, not enough power and the price is bad for late 2018.
I had an 2000 model sony camera exactly looks like this.
Massdrop moves in circus business:) Very funny!
Packs a punch to your wallet.
This looks like a washing machine
Is this site filled with similar BS that shows prices I know have never been that high. 1296 This DAC/AMP is not even worth 6
It's sold out there, but for what it's worth, $1295 is the price Moon Audio shows it for on their site.
sounds right, I was just being sarcastic, pretty sure they don't even sell this anymore so its not on their site for sale produced in 2004.
ESS9018K2M DAC? Its almost 2019 come on guys?

Aurender manufactures top tier streamers and DACs for the high end market. This is a dated unit, however, and agree that there are better deals to be had out there. It would be great to see some gear focused for folks like me that prefer floor standing speakers compared to headphones.
honestly i've found you can find that kind of info from mixing/mastering youtube channels, better than from audio enthusiast who do tend to focus on headphones for that tenth percentile kinda quality. there are some great transparent "converters" as they call them, some older ones with fewer i/o are pretty cheap, often sized for racks but not always (and in any case, your standing speaker setup will often use larger equipment anyway)
LOL It never worth 1295
The Flow would be more appealing to me if it had a digital out and/or dedicated line out. It is supposed to be a great sounding unit, but basically a headphone amp/storage/DAC.
I had written a reply echoing your comment, then reading more about the Aurender Flow it can be used as a DAC via a fixed-level output, like the Meridian Explorer2. I use an Explorer2 as a DAC into an amp often. The Explorer2 DAC/amp combo is very good, but I've been liking its DAC output to a headphone amp even better.
Is it some museum item? Really funny price!
funny price compared to what?
Can someone explain the purpose of this device? Does not seem like worth the price even after the discount. Also, mSATA storage in an audio player? Is anyone trying to play a complete 500 MB flac song in flat one second?
This device is a few years old and was targeted as a portable music server as well as a DAC/Amp. The same function can be obtained through other means but this was a high-quality all-in-one solution. IIRC this predates the chord Hugo (gen1) by a few months. Similar idea but this one includes storage options. Update: The first part of this review covers the niche market this little bugger was designed for
When this first was released, I didn't understand the appeal of it or who it was for. Now that it's been out for a few years and has dropped in price, I still don't understand the appeal and who is for. It looks cool, but so does the mojo without the need for a SATA (??) drive.
That's kinda what I'm thinking about the Aurender Flow. This is still likely a top-tier product, but with the introduction of the Mojo, the price/performance game was upped. That's what I'm debating. The Flow is a lot of kit at this price, and likely still an excellent performer, but with the Mojo, and perhaps now a few others, available at even lower prices ????
Headfonics review of the Aurender Flow from a few years ago.

It certainly was considered a top-tier contender. All these folks regarded it highly. And many more did, too. Probably is still quite good, and a good value at this price. And from CNET

And from Currawong

And from HiFi+

And from Stereophile

And from InnerFidelity

And from SoundStage

And again from The Absolute Sound
I don’t think I would call this a “powerful headphone Amp” It’s sufficient for most headphones, but it’s not that powerful.
at this price is this a value pick?... or is GeekOut GO2A better
1TB potential storage but no discernible file system? Just shuffle 1TB of music? LOL nope.
Is it just me, or does this look like a tiny washing machine?
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I was thinking the same thing... It's priced like one too!
lol. Just don't get brainwashed into getting it.