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Okay, now you've got me interested! If I'm seeing/reading things right, I can buy this shirt in the Botanical Isle - Bordeaux color and it will match perfectly with the Avanti Aloha Walking Short in the same Bordeaux color?! Are you saying I can cover myself from (almost) head to toe in Botanical Isle - Bordeaux Hawaiian print?!!! Wouldn't that just be the Cat's Pajamas?

And wouldn't I look mighty grand strolling into the Mesquite, Texas National Championship Rodeo next month in that fancy tropical getup--specially wear'n my custom-made Hawaiian western boots too--purely as a spectator, mind you, I've given up professional goat-rope'n (for health reasons, you understand?).

Yes sir, mighty grand indeed!

And say, if you're in the neighborhood, I recommend you put on some fancy duds too and join us for the fun!

If I show up at the rodeo and you AREN'T there wearing that getup, I expect a full refund on my ticket!
Can't say I'd blame ya!
Silk plz
Yes plz bring some silk avanti shirts. Summer is here guys
Waitin for the silk (an vintage designs)
Can we get silk?

If I'm buying something like this off mass drop I don't want to buy cotton
What--no pinstripe, french cuff vintage Aloha shirts? These can't be authentic!
Im seeing you comment all over, your kind of annoying man.
Cover your eyes handsome, you’re going to see a lot more or me, ;- )
Button-down collars on Hawaiian shirts are like black dress socks worn with sandals (sorry German tourists). And I know some of you wing nuts are already thinking about wearing a bowtie with one of these.
And people wonder what happened to the Roman Empire...
Book 'em Danno.
Want to get in on this drop, need to confirm that chest size L is actually 23 inches across and not something smaller. I've read on this forum that the sizes are crazily off vase and run much smaller than claimed sizes. Is this still the case?
I’m 5‘ 6” and pretty thin. What size would fit me pretty well? I’ve noticed people saying these run really small and so I dont want to get a small and find out later that it’s a shirt for ants
Will this shirt make me the alpha in my neighbourhood?
I had to give away the two silk ones I bought. Every shirt in my closet is XL. I ordered XXL. They were at best an L.

But you know, no returns even if the sizing is crazily off base. Which is why I'm not buying clothes on here any more, unless I can actually try them on someplace near me.
I’m right there with you Ed. The no return policy for clothing is convenient for MD not its customers. Not to be a total krabby patty I will say I’ve had good luck with the socks!
Socks, yes! That's all I buy now from the clothes section. Pretty much from any section.
I‘ve got the last silk ones in a “lose lots of weight” box. So undersized that they’re not even close to being true-to-size. If these are “slimmer“, then ... watch out.
Hi there! These are the cotton versions and they are on the slimmer side of things. Their silk shirts are the roomier ones.