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Where's the price?
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Is it real copper or copper coloured?
World also be nice to have a option of wood and copper.
Interested in this, but many online reviews, including those here, say the keycaps are cheaply made plastic and some / many of the letters fade away in a year or less of use. Due to the unusual keys used, cap replacements from anyone but the mfgr are non-existent, and Azio apparently can only offer the exact same plastic fadeable keys to owners. Shame that they ruined a premium material KB by using shoddy caps. Hope this is fixed for the Retro Classic Mk II version!
What is the W button for next to what I assume is the scroll lock ?
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Right there with ya. I only just learned the other day when I had the same question.
Wait I've used mechanical keyboards before they exploded and thought the windows key was always a thing
Was curious to hear how these sound in use; plenty of Youtube reviews available incase you're curious too. Very disappointed to learn there's no DING-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZIP sound when you hit the Return Key. Total deal breaker for me...
Made me chuckle!
What is the MX comparison of these keycaps? Seems made for typing for I'd assume blues, if they are like brown keys this just became super tempting.
Blues. I've owned one of these, they're loud as you'd expect of a typewriter.
Someone has a problem with the backlight modes ? i cant get them to work. I can turn up and down the backlight brightness but not get into the modes... any help would be appreciated... cheers,
Hola a todos. ¿Se hacen envíos internacionales? Estoy muy interesado de comprar uno de estos teclados
Sí hay envío internacional, dependiendo del país.
does this come with Mac centric replacement function keys like the retail version? I see on their web site they supply a bag full of replacement keys.
Yes, it will come with the replacement keys as seen on Azio's website.
How are some people saying they received their keyboards already? Is it possible I'll get it before the November 9th advertised ship date?
I assumed this was the second drop.. I’d also like to know if there’s a possibility that we could get our keyboards earlier
I know that this thing is mainly for typing, but is it hopeless for gaming on the side?
I watched a video review where some Pro gamer tested it with like Fortnite I think, and concluded that it didn’t seem to affect his gameplay at all
Thanks for the info, really appreciated.
Are the USB walnuts sold out? Wasn't able too select them. :'(
The Bluetooth walnut can also be connected through usb. I know it’s more money but it’s the only option and it gives you flexibility down the road. Hope this helps
able to put dampers on? Since kailhs are cherry clones, I'm assuming
No way to get a QWERTZ german version?
Thats also what i want to know. Can i simply switch the Z & Y and set the Windows Layout to German?
Okay, nope - i missed the fact about all the different Signs-Number assortments as well as the different dot, comma, etc... that can't be fixed by User since the Paired functions of the QWERTY Layout is simply too far off. Too bad, i liked the Product....
When are we going to get the mini bt version? That's what I'm waiting for!
Same here would love a tkl bt version with better key caps that won't fade over time. Would love it in Walnut and copper
Any info what bluetooth version this board is
*SPOILERS* since Bovan didnt bother linking the video in his comment below. Linus didnt have anything bad to say about the Azio, other than that it was expensive. But considering that this drop is actually $60US below what Amazon is charging, this is a pretty sweet deal for this keyboard. I had one of their "special edition" black and gold models which I thought was a massive piece of garbage. But I must admit, at this price, even I'm tempted by this drop.

Here's that Linus video in case anyone was wondering. He's really only using the Azio as a comparison to the POS kb he's actually reviewing.
Linus tech tips just recently did a full video on this exact keyboard and I recommend anyone looking into this to check it out.
wonderful keyboard I'm just curious if anyone has pulled the keycaps up yet as i'm sure i will have to eventually. I'd like to know if there's a special procedure this is my first mechanical in some years.
Got my Elwood model (the one with a walnut faceplate) with bluetooth and I love it! You can switch between mac and PC modes (and keycaps!), and between bluetooth and wired with a high quality braided USB-C type cable. Was able to connect to my Samsung Galaxy S7 via bluetooth no problem. The Kailh switches are excellent, though I do wish they were MX compatible. The keycaps are your standard shine-through ABS caps, the only special thing being they're typewriter-shaped, so be wary that grease will make them ugly pretty quick, like any ABS caps would. The anodized metal border and brushed metal nameplate are really nice touches. The whole thing weighs quite a bit and feels VERY solid. One thing to note, is the the faceplate is wooden, but a veneer, not a solid piece of wood, and it doesn't really feel like it has a finish on it. We'd best keep it away from any sort of moisture, as we would with pretty much any keyboard. ;) One last thing, the typing height is high because of the keyboard feet. So far it's been just fine for me, but some may want a wristwrest. Finally, I was worried about having to get used to the round keycaps but it ended up not being a problem at all. Took me but 30 seconds to get it down and type slightly faster than I do on other keyboards
The keys are quieter than my gaming mechanical keyboard but it types smoothly. I'd recommend this brand to my friends.
Got mine today earlier than expected. What a surprise! It is beautiful. A little bigger than I expected, but it makes the desk pop. Typing on the keys was a little hard to get used to, my other keyboard was flat-key, but the more I use it the easier it is to type. I love it. Thanks MassDrop!
Received mine today, what a great purchase! Love that it comes with the keys to make it compatible with Apple. I like the positive feedback on the keys, and I like that the layout is close enough that I am not having any trouble adjusting. I am already asking for another drop.

here is a solid review for those wondering about clickyness and overall build quality.
How clicky is this in comparison to Cherry MX reds?
Seriously Massdrop. How could you sell that white keyboard after Labor Day?
I'd like to get the walnut/black but it only shows it as a Bluetooth option, anyway to get it as a USB option?
If you can spend the money, the Bluetooth also has usb. There is a switch at the back.
only thing holding me back is that you cant get a brown switch don't think my coworkers would appreciate me tying on this with the clicky switch
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Sorry didn't get a chance to reply to you. It's definitely clickier than red or browns. I work in a call center, so it's already louder. That might be why it hasn't annoyed others.
Mrs says there's something BIG from MassDrop waiting for me and I suspect this keyboard is it.
She said it's heavy and huge so I'm looking forward to taking it out of it's packaging and playing with it when I arrive back in town.
Thanks MD for dropping this off so quickly compared to OTHER stuff, which has yet not arrived.
Mine arrived this morning, had to leave shortly after signing for the package but from a few minutes of playing around with it, seems like a very solid product - reassurringly heavy, not too much wobble on the keycaps when typing. The shape of the caps will definitely take some getting used to, though!
Did you notice how hard you need to press the keys, something I certainly LOVE.
This keyboard isn't a soft press keyboard, you have to hammer the keys to get a response and it may be the very first keyboard that I actually like.
This may be the very first keyboard produced now that has caught my attention and my finger tips. I love hitting the keys hard and it certainly can withstand my onslaught.
Currently typing with it and it may be the keyboard that stays connected permanently to my Ryzen2 setup from now on.
Thank you MassDrop for delivering this super fine keyboard to my address. Really do appreciate it without any remorse.