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Backlit Doubleshot PBT Keycap Set

Backlit Doubleshot PBT Keycap Set

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Does anyone know if these will work on a pok3r?
This will work on any mechanical keyboard that uses a cherry MX stem. So basically anything in the last ten years that isn't topre.
You can get these on Amazon for $30
If anyone is in Orange County, California, I have a grey/white set of these for $22.
I would pay double for orange modifiers. Apparently I am the only person on the planet that prefers orange to the primaries+pink color sets, so it is impossible to find orange outside of the horribly thin chinese doubleshot "advertised as PBT" sets.
if anyone has 3 of the white novelty keys (with the faces) that they’d sell for cheap i’d be very happy to buy 3!
I bought a grey and black variant of this set with MantisTek branding new on Ebay for $1 less than the Massdrop price and free shipping. Like others have said though, the backlighting under them is very uneven and inconsistent. My "B" key almost looks like a "3" key for example.
Aw damn. I ordered the exact same one and it's arriving soon. I'm hoping they aren't as bad as you've described, but we'll see...
what keyboard is that?!
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somebody else said it was the vortex vibe, which seems about right. sentrak tk78 is the PCB board or something?
Massdrop seems to have run it in the past as a kit.

I have a vibe , and had never seen this thing before. To me this looks a lot better than vibe - on paper - . Tmk firmware, led support, multiple layout support ... I however love my vibe though, solid ss plate, and amazing stabs.
Anyone have any thoughts on this from the last time it dropped? Price versus other vendors? I've been trying to find the off-white/white combo they have in the pictures, but haven't been able to spot a similar one anywhere else.
anyone kowns the keyboard in the pictures of this drop?
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thx u
Yeah, I just bought this keyboard, it's really a nice one.
I ordered mine off aliexpress, just came in today. The bad quality doesn't do them justice, they are very nice. Unfortunately had to use the oem keycaps for fn/menu because of a non-standard bottom row.

Will these work with the Topre Realforce RGB?
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There aren't many options if you want the backlit legends. The old Vortex PBT backlit set is nice and thick, but fundamentally flawed in that any key with more than one character on the legend will only be half-lit, and the new Vortex set which has replaced them is practically identical in quality to this set. Considering this set is cheaper and comes in more colour options, I'd go for it.
I have both a new Vortex set and a Ducky PBT / POM set and also own the Realforce RGB. Of the two keycap sets the Ducky set is better quality. The vortex set I had trouble with the homing F & J keys being way too loose. The Ducky key caps all fit snugly. Also I like the font on the Ducky set better, although your taste my vary.
Is this available in a nordic or Swedish layout?