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Bastron iPad/Tablet Mechanical Keyboard & Mouse

Bastron iPad/Tablet Mechanical Keyboard & Mouse

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If this worked with Fortnite you would sellout
Does anyone know how to re-pair with the wireless dongle? I've got it plugged in and held down the 's' switch but nada
I have an iPad keyboard I like, but the manufacturer's demo video made my day.
Oh good, can use this to ruin kids' days on PUBG Mobile.
Has anyone considered replacing switches and using adafruit rechargable battery with a toggle switch? I may try that later.
I feel like this could belong in the Mech keys community, just without the mouse.
Just received mine a couple of days ago from the previous drop. The lack of a built-in on-off switch or a companion case which prevents accidental keypresses effectively limits its portability inside a bag.
Did a quick test on it - using the supplied dongle, it pairs up fine to my PC, with a stable connection. Going to be testing the stability and reliability of the bluetooth connection against my phone in the coming days.

While I was never the fanatic over mechanical keyboards, my wish to get a portable wireless keyboard that ran well on the stack of rechargable AAs that I have, and have a slot to hold my phone while I typed led me to give this relatively low cost drop a try. The moment I started typing, I immediately understood why some people swear by mechanical keyboards: each satisfying click seemed to beckon the next in my mind, and before long, one can almost imagine oneself going at it like a traditional typist (or for the imaginative ones, a pianist on a piano of an extremely limited range of chords). This little keyboard is a dream to type on!

The keyboard itself is lightweight, though it is rather thick for something marketed as a portable tool; with rather odd dimensions. If you have the means to muffle the loud keys and prevent accidental keypresses (or fix your own on-off switch as wangofett mentioned earlier), it should work fine as a portable keyboard for use in public. The plastic body could probably take a few light knocks, but don't expect it to shield you from any serious blows.

All in all, while it isn't completely ideal, it comes plenty close to what I wanted - in fact, it probably is the only one that fits most of my requirements without absolutely destroying my bank account! So, durability concerns aside, I am satisfied with this drop. Thanks MassDrop!

Side note: Unfortunately, it did not play well with my relative's BlackBerry Classic - would have been rather interesting, and possibly quite hilarious if it did!
Follow up after having used the keyboard on and off for a few weeks:

While the keyboard and mouse continues to work marvelously till this date, one tends to notice other aspects of the build of the keyboard with use.

1) The keys have a slight wobble to them - though I do not know if this is characteristic of the switches and keycaps used for this keyboard; or if this a consequence of manufacturing flaw. Regardless, it is not much of a concern; It has made me more conscious of the way I place my hands and fingers when I type though.

2) The mouse's all plastic construction makes it very lightweight, and it uses 2 AAA batteries instead of the AA that is used by the main keyboard itself. It does not seem to have a bluetooth module of its own, so it works only with the included dongle as far as I can tell. Battery compartment layout could be done better as well.

The difference in battery size might be a concern to some, who might find it a hassle to stock both types of batteries. While it doesn't bother me with my routine use of both types of rechargeables, I see this as a valid concern.
Some wouldn't also like the lightweight, but I find that to be a bonus in terms of portability. If there is a concern, it would be with the flimsy buttons themselves, which probably wouldn't last too long. The additional buttons on the side and the centre (behind the mousewheel) do not seem to be programmable as well. So it really is just a basic lightweight wireless mouse. Just don't lose that dongle!

Other thoughts:
- Some of the reviews mentioned the keyboard not working after a few uses. While that has yet to happen to mine, I believe there are justified concerns about a lack of rigor in quality checks and controls for the production of this keyboard. In a sense,you get what you pay for, and a keyboard with these features going at very low price point compared to other mechanicals on the market, there has to be a catch somewhere; I suppose that gamble on QC is part of it.
- Battery life is excellent, keyboard still goes strong on my rechargeables, haven't had the need to take them for a recharge yet.
- Connection is excellent for most part on my piece, barring the occassional lag. Most of the time though, I can trace the input lag back to my PC, because my phone has far less issues with input lag than my PC does.

As they say, YMMV (your miles may vary), but I still find this a fairly good value for the money, assuming what you get isn't a dud.

Happy typing folks!
Add a track point to the keyboard and I'm sold. 10" tablet running Linux and mechanical keyboard would be an incredible mobile setup...
I am a customer of the order number MD-39434-2693589.

I have not received the keyboard and mouse yet.

Shipping Info also has not been updated since March 10.

Please check it out.
I'm also having problems with pairing it with my Galaxy s5 and Raspberry Pi connects on both devices but I don't get any input. Everything works fine with the included dongle
Can anyone explain to me how to connect the mouse back to the 2.4Ghz dongle? My keyboard connects to one system on Channel 2 via the dongle, but the mouse isn't associated with the dongle any more. The instructions don't help. Thanks!
Oh. My. Goodness.

So, if you take off a couple of screws from the back, including one inside the battery compartment you can take off the big bulky thing from the back of the keyboard (see the photo on my blog post here: It's really easy to add a switch so you can actually turn this thing off. It's *so* good.
Video review addressing battery use, build construction, and noisiness:

Lots of sellers on Amazon, some with prime shipping
, some cheaper, and some claiming to have the silent switches.
Please comment if you are using this with an iPad Pro -- can you use the keyboard without removing the iPad's case"
Probably gonna have to remove that case. The narrowest part with the plastic bumpers is less than 1/2" wide.

Thanks.... that wouldn't be for me.
Yea, im not bringing a portable device with BLUE switches anywhere. Thats grounds for murder in a coffee shop or library...
Thank you for calling this out. I've been asking for brown/red switch version for a while and it had fallen on deaf ears. It's obvious the vendor is completely clueless.