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Bertucci DX3 Performance Field Watch

Bertucci DX3 Performance Field Watch

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Got mine today. Well packed. Love the look and the size is perfect. The band is much more of a tan than the drop photos but I'm thinking I'll swap the strap for a leather one anyway.
Has anyone gotten there watch yet?

Still waiting on a UPS/FedEx tracking number.
Just got it the tracking number today.
How did I miss this drop? Been contemplating a Bertucci for some time, and wisited MD regularly..
"All-metal Japanese quartz movement" - sh*t description in most cases meaning sh*tty watch company.
Don't buy watches from company that hide movement type, they doing this because they think you are stupid people.

Trustworthy watch company clearly describe movement type!
What do you expect for a $50 watch? This is a solid, workhorse of a watch for the price. I have had one for quite some time now and at $50 dollars it’s a tough watch for just what it says, the field. It’s a duty watch. It’s going to take a beating, but if it gets lost and destroyed, you didn’t break the bank on it.

You expect swiss movement at that price? You won’t get it. And if you paid for better movement, you shouldnt be taking it to the field.

Edit: I am actually wearing it right now.
The pricing is pretty ridiculous IMO. The watch actually costs $65 on their website but Massdrop is always misleading us by making us believe we're saving SOO much more with them. It's simply not true.

Furthermore, why is the glo-in-the-dark watch $20 more??? On their website it costs $75, meaning I only save $5 by buying it here (not a huge saving).
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cagas did you get the glow in the dark one?
Nope.. just the black and greyish one. Dont fancy the glow case.
This could be my eyes playing tricks on me but, the Bertucci logo appears to be off centered. The gap looks a bit closer (shorter) at the 10/22 marker than the 2/14 marker.
2 is one digit, 10 is two digits so its longer. I think the logo is correctly centered
People like to make fun of this watch company becasue they 1) have the same name as a popular pizza chain from New York and 2) they think becasue the name is Italian but are made in the States that they are somehow pulling a fast one.

I guess those are acceptable knee-jerk reactions?

I've owned one of their A-2T Titanium field watches for ages now. Amazing watch for the money. Still going on the original battery, the band is still going strong (I wash it every so often). Keeps perfect time. I was worried the Night Illumination would eventually wear off, but it still works fine. Glass is amazingly scratch free so far (I think I've just been lucky not to scratch it though) .I have no reason to believe this watch won't last for many more years to come.
I have the same watch and its one of my favorites even though it's quartz. I think the reason that the crystal doesn't get scratched is because it's recessed and protected by the bezel (mine is also completely scratch free). And for whatever reason all the scratches that I see on the case tend to add character instead of looking like blemishes. Overall great watches and more people should give them a chance.
I didn't see the warranty info, is it issued by the manufacturer or by a third party supported by MD?
This is a very fake italian watch company.
It's a US watch company started by someone with the last name Bertucci. How is that a fake Italian company, exactly?
I would like a watch branded Childish Gambino.
Anyone have experience with the glow case?
Anyone know if the green glow dial version is luminescent only when the crown, etc. is pushed, or does the entire dial light up on its own in the dark?
I believe it is an automatic affect based on their product page description: (at the bottom)