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Bespoke Knots Bow Tie

Bespoke Knots Bow Tie

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Know Your Knots

You’ve moved up in the sartorial world, from the youthful days of clip-on ties to picking the perfect knot to complete your skinny silk number. Now ready to begin tying your own bows, pick up a Bespoke Knot Bow Tie and join the sophisticates while still retaining some individual style.

Bespoke Knots Bow Tie

Take a Bow

Made from 100% cotton, each tie comes in the classic butterfly shape and is entirely reversible. While you’ll have to be able to manage your own knot, the freestyle self-tie gives you more options once you master a few methods.

Bespoke Knots Bow Tie

Tied to Tradition

The good people at Bespoke Knots took a traditional approach to crafting their own bow ties, sticking to proven tailoring methods instead of trusting large scale manufacturing. From the start of production, every tie is hand chalked, cut, and sewn, using the same methods and tools employed for generations of bow tie enthusiasts. The result is a custom made tie that holds up against regular wear and arrives in an entirely unique style. As for the available styles, you can pick up a Bespoke Knot Bow Tie in the following colors: Patriot Seersucker, a red, white, and blue combination of seersucker and plaid patterns; Red Gingham x Red Oxford, featuring a gingham bow and an Oxford collar; Tropical Madras, an explosion of island colors in a classic plaid; and Camo Herringbone, coming with a camo bow and a brown herringbone collar.

Bespoke Knots Bow TieBespoke Knots Bow Tie


  • Bespoke Knots
  • 100% cotton
  • Classic butterfly shape
  • Reversible
  • Freestyle self-tie
  • Handcrafted in Arkansas
  • Final sale


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