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Looks retarded. What an ugly knife.
"Beastly 154CM Flipper in 4 Styles"
Drop only has two choice.
LOL, you're right! Just my luck, MD finally has a drop I want to join and the style I like is not one of the options 8-|
I'm really glad to see this one come back. The last time, I wanted it but, I was on another drop already so I had to pass. What's worse is, the drop I was on fell through. I'm not letting this one get away again.
Oh shit! Guys, if you don't have this one you need it. It is a brilliant knife. Enormous, nearly un-carry-able, but brilliant nonetheless.
For real though. I am a small knife person. This knife got me back into collecting big knives.
Mine just came in and dang it's a beast! ... And I'm not mad at it, awesome.
Man, I love this thing. I love this thing so much I have actually carried it a few times. Which is ridiculous because this knife is absurdly large. But there is something about it that speaks to me. And this is coming from a guy that considers the Delica to be ideally sized.
cute, but good luck sharpening that recurve.
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G'day Pigmonkey, Thank you. I hope you didn't think my comments were too harsh, they were not intended to be so. I'm afraid I took out a bit of angst at the many, many people I've heard that have written off recurves because they "Can't be sharpened properly..." as most people say. I hear you when you say you've spent lots of $$ on sharpening... I joined that 'club' a long time ago while I was learning all about knive sharpening. I came from a commercial cooking background when I was a kid and had all kinds of trouble getting the knack of using round steels. Then, after changing jobs several times I always seemed to land in jobs that needed some kind of cutting tasks. Then I took up knife collecting and using. The bug had bitten and there was no turning back! I guess I've spent thousands over the years trying out every conceivable sharpening; honing and stropping tool/system out there. But that's cool. I've got over 100+ knives and they are all users, ranging from 1800s surgical scalpels up to my old military sword that I 'liberated'. I've had a T4 unit for some time now and I found the 'stropping' wheel virtually useless because it's too close to the larger stone wheel. After a lot of effort I got a longer spindle shaft that allows me to put any other kind of wheel on the end, and the stropping wheel, so now I can do my longer blades. You are right about the variability of the knife jigs but I've found that by trial and error how you hold the jig on the horizontal guide does make a huge difference in the effectiveness of the jig and therefore the quality of the finished edge. I only use my T4 about twice a year because I'm a honing and stropping fanatic. I'm retired so I do have time but I've got honing and stropping down to a quick, almost automatic reflex now. Of course, with so many different steels and alloys out there just finding the right approach for each knife can be a pain until you discover the blades good and bad points. Thanks for your posts and input. Let's keep in touch, I'm nearly 70 but I'm learning something everyday. Cheers, Bill Halliwell P.S. Like wise to the other posters on this subject thanks for your comments. I ditched Facebook so these forums are my only exposure to the knife community now. BH
No worries, I didn't interpret what you said as harsh. Recurves are a traditional point of contention between knife snobs, no difference here :P
My sharpening setup is really optimized for traditional straight blades, which makes recurves kind of a chore, and personally, I have really never found enough advantage to any recurve to justify the increased hassle on my end.
I am also very into stropping, and recently went to some nanocloth with CBN compound. If you haven't tried at least CBN compound, you owe it to yourself. You can practically sharpen on a strop with it.
Damn......."Beastly" barely even covers this thing lol It. Is. Massive.
Out of the box sharpness is quite possibly the sharpest I've ever gotten. Everything about the fit and finish is flawless for what they intended. I've noticed that on every model they bevel all edges on the blades (spine, choil, flipper tab), but it seems they do this before doing the final grind. On this knife that means sharp edges along the whole spine, except the area that's on a flat face, if that makes sense? The part that would be black or stonewashed, depending on your model. 30 seconds with some sandpaper fixes that though.
Blade was centered and action smooth. My biggest complaint though is that the detent was way too weak, blade shook open pretty easily.
Happy to see we're back to the metal caged bearings on this model.
Liners are skeletonized and every edge inside and out is nicely polished. Tolerances on the stop pin, standoffs and backspacer are all tight. Hardware was hit or miss though. Every screw had locktite except the pivot.
I managed to get 2 screws out of the handle on one side to get it apart. On the other side one soft screw head stripped, while the other one stripped my driver 😡 I was able to fix the weak detent by bending in the lock bar a bit. No longer shakes open, but still deploys nicely and drops shut with a single gentle shake.
Only downside is that it's now too tight to middle finger click with the hole in the blade. I'll try to find a middle ground later, but much prefer too tight to too loose any day. I may have gotten mine at an absolute steal, but the higher price tag on this model is justified when holding it in hand and inspecting all the pieces. Just wish they'd put another $2 into better screws.
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I clearly did not notice you didn't get those screws out...that's quite funny.
Thanks for the info/advice. As with the discussion of sharpeners, I'm happy to see I'm not too far off the mark with what I've been doing; I think my biggest problem has not been considering that many screws will have blue loctite, and some might even have red. I've just been attacking them as if put in place by a person who cared about them and the knife they're in as much as I do.
So after saying it had been months since I stripped a screw I stripped TWO on my beloved ZT 0393. Entirely my fault--I'd taken them off a number of times before but this time I was in a hurry and I really, really wanted to get my new blue-twill carbon fiber scales on before I had to leave my house again for the weekend. And my hands were unsteady from drinking coffee w/o food, and from gripping a steering wheel for hrs earlier that day. But I was pretty excited to see how those scales were going to look, and in my haste didn't properly seat the bit into the very small T5 scale screws, and yeah...stripped both of them. But I got lucky in that they were dead center in the middle of the scales, which were held on at each end only by the pivot and pocket clip/filler tab screws, so once that hardware was off (many hours later), the scales could spin freely around the stripped screws. Took a while, but I using the scales themselves I got enough torque lift the heads up enough to get pliers around them. Then I pirated the identical screws from my 0393 sprint run to finally get the carbon fiber scales installed. And KAI USA is kindly replacing the stripped screws at no cost, so all's well that ends well.
I'm biased of course, but along with the upgrade of the copper pivot screw and filler tab, and the blue titanium pocket clip, I think those scales make this about as fine looking a knife I've ever seen:


Wow, that was quite the story! Glad you were eventually successfull 👍
And that color combo is gorgeous man, very nice choices!
I might be regretting not getting in on this one after seeing a couple reviews... Once they come in, if anyone decides it's not for them hit me up here and I might be willing to take it off your hands (preferably black/satin, but would consider others)
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Congratulations Kavik you can't beat that with a stick. 👌
Thanks man 👍 And, I know, right? I was sure something was going to be wrong with it! The box had clearly been opened, but it was in absolutely flawless factory condition 😁
I'm in at $89.99 and it looks like that may not happen. I think we need a price drop or at least some free shipping to draw in some other folks. :)
Design looks great but at 7.1oz i feel like there are better options out there... I could spend much less money for a Cold Steel American Lawman with xhp steel. better steel, stronger lock and much lighter and slim to carry
i like the look of this. i dont really carry big knives often, but when i do i like a stupid over the top but good looking knife. its just hard to justify when those ferrum forge x mass drops set such a high par for value per dollar. especially considering the similar price points.
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Compared to the crux .. they’ve only done what one or 2 runs of that I believe
One run, for preorders and then they sold the excess production the way they're selling the vanilla Falcon now.
I like big knives and I cannot lie
Something meaty to fill my XL mitt... I’m with you, Brother!
Thanks, I hate it
Nope. Tried Bestech 4 different times now. They just don't compare well to other higher end Chinese brands. Each I have received didn't have the smoothness and quality of Kizer or WE. Crazy recurve for a sharpening challenge? Check. Over the top Look-At-Me styling? Check. No thank you.
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Thank you Maxwell, I forgot to specify that. Mine was good out of the box, but after stripping, cleaning, and re-lubricating with a lighter oil it's absolutely incredible. Faster and smoother then the one WE that i have actually @YupNeck
A quick note after opening up my second Bestech. Full write up is here: But cliffnotes; had less than stellar action on this second one, but found the culprit and easily fixed to perfectly smooth now.
Just thought it might be something for you to look into if you kept any of the ones you weren't happy with
Nice design, imo. I feel like the bulk is pretty extra on this knife but it is consistent with the aesthetic; really just a rhino in knife form. I'd consider joining if it wasn't gonna go through customs lottery
These rhinos in knife form don’t see well and if you startle them they can charge. Play safe, Brother!