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I might be regretting not getting in on this one after seeing a couple reviews...
Once they come in, if anyone decides it's not for them hit me up here and I might be willing to take it off your hands (preferably black/satin, but would consider others)
I'm in at $89.99 and it looks like that may not happen. I think we need a price drop or at least some free shipping to draw in some other folks. :)
Design looks great but at 7.1oz i feel like there are better options out there... I could spend much less money for a Cold Steel American Lawman with xhp steel. better steel, stronger lock and much lighter and slim to carry
i like the look of this. i dont really carry big knives often, but when i do i like a stupid over the top but good looking knife. its just hard to justify when those ferrum forge x mass drops set such a high par for value per dollar. especially considering the similar price points.
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Compared to the crux .. they’ve only done what one or 2 runs of that I believe
One run, for preorders and then they sold the excess production the way they're selling the vanilla Falcon now.
I like big knives and I cannot lie
Thanks, I hate it
Nope. Tried Bestech 4 different times now. They just don't compare well to other higher end Chinese brands. Each I have received didn't have the smoothness and quality of Kizer or WE. Crazy recurve for a sharpening challenge? Check. Over the top Look-At-Me styling? Check. No thank you.
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Thank you Maxwell, I forgot to specify that. Mine was good out of the box, but after stripping, cleaning, and re-lubricating with a lighter oil it's absolutely incredible. Faster and smoother then the one WE that i have actually
A quick note after opening up my second Bestech. Full write up is here:
But cliffnotes; had less than stellar action on this second one, but found the culprit and easily fixed to perfectly smooth now.

Just thought it might be something for you to look into if you kept any of the ones you weren't happy with
Nice design, imo. I feel like the bulk is pretty extra on this knife but it is consistent with the aesthetic; really just a rhino in knife form. I'd consider joining if it wasn't gonna go through customs lottery
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