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Bestech BG10 "Thorn" Series

Bestech BG10 "Thorn" Series

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i have two bestech. their quality is above par for Chinese made. and their customer service is the best ive seen in any knife community in a LONG LONG time. their CS rep is US based in Louisiana..they really do stand behind their products. and follow up on any issues even after they have been settled which is unheard of.
Looks ni but i feel like the market is now saturated with these $30-50ish G-10 knives which are no longer special. I’d save some more money and get the titanium premium steel from these same Chinese maker for twice the price which i think has more value
Market has always been "saturated", but the quality has gotten better.
Hard pass on the Ti despite the "greater value". Pfft.
I never thought of $30-50 G10 knives as trying to be special, but I do find these Bestechs to be very well made in that class.

I think of it more as just a different market.
Some people don't want to spend $100+ on a pocket knife.
Some people don't care if a handle is made from titanium.
Some people like the fancy ones, but prefer having cheaper knives avaliable as well for "beater" tasks

My suggestion is to get at least one from both their G10 and Ti lines
Just received my knife, very happy with the knife however with the long wait time and the 20% import charge plus £8 handling on a product that only cost £32
I don't see the value for money.
First purchase on Massdrop but sadly will be my last.

Great knife though, first knife from bestech and I'm super happy with the quality.

Massdrop has also been fun and flawless, I look forward to their EU depot ;)
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You can get a Bestech in D2 for about the same price from other various retailers, which is a much better blade steel.
D2 is definitely a much better blade material however the blade tip is too thin for my liking and I work in a Boatyard and spend a lot of my time by the water.
Got my brown Thorn today, it's outstanding, maybe my favorite Bestech so far. The action is way better than the Lion, which I also like an awful lot, but the Thorn's detent is so far superior and the overall package is significantly more my speed.

There is a lot to like about this knife.
Got my Thorns yesterday (my son chose the green, left me with the black. Both were real nice in person, neither of us could really decide which we liked better).
Liners are nicely polished on all edges, and the G10 milling is flawless, possibly the best combo of grippy and comfortable I own so far

Out of the box both had pretty respectable edges, perfect centering, even grinding,no noticeable flaws. Action on green was was a little lacking in the action and the whole knife was covered in way too much oil.

Both got a full tear down and cleaning, then properly oiled before reassembly.

Things i noted:
-the oil used in these was ridiculously thick, felt closer to thin vasoline than oil on the bearings
-the bearings used are the metal caged type, like I found in the Goblins, not the plastic caged ones I found in the Swordfish. I like this much better
(if you need a pic of what I'm talking about, see my Swordfish review :
-would still like to see a D shape pivot, since it is a custom pivot pin that shows pretty obviously when it shifts

After reassembly the action is wonderful on both. Snappy opening, closes with a good single shake.

As for the 12C27, haven't had much time with it, but...
-On the green knife, put a new edge on it for him real quick with the Spyderco Sharpmaker, just to see how it'd go. Takes a quick edge, polishes up nicely on the fine and ultra fine ceramics
-on the black knife I left the factory edge and turned some scrap pine board into toothpicks, figuratively.
Cut nicely, held its edge pretty damn well. When I got tired of whittling it still had a very usable edge on it... Couldn't shave, but still very usable. And don't expect it'll take much to touch up the edge again to get it back where it was.

Was a little concerned over some recent posts here about blades snapping on other G10 line I put some serious pressure on the blade, more then I was comfortable with, but no issues with anything breaking or loosening up or anything yet
I just got a Beluga which is a very similar knife with a 3" blade, just different blade shape and slightly different handle. It's probably next on MD's list but I got it for $40 *now*. It's a very compact knife but I can get an OK 4-finger grip on it, partly because the contoured handle is somewhat thick. The Thorn looks to have a similar front finger choil which is good because some people might not like the regular grip. The action is snappy on ceramic bearings (I took it apart) but perhaps because the blade is small the closing action is not as smooth as with the previous G10 models. The clip is mounted on a G10 pillar/standoff about 4mm tall which should accommodate thicker pockets although the tension is quite stiff. I haven't used it a lot but the 12C27 came super sharp and should be easy to touch up. Just wanted to share my thoughts if anyone was wondering whether to get the Thorn, albeit I'm reviewing it's brother the Beluga. For $40 I think it's a good deal...Bestech makes very high quality knives and it's nice they are offering something a little more compact.
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Ahh, gotcha.
Good deal, thanks for the response
No problem. The eBay coupons are random but when I get them I usually use it to get a knife :)
Fyi: for anyone who may be on the fence about the budget line for Bestech like i was before seeing one in hand, i put up a tear down pic and review of the Swordfish last night

Will do the same here for this one when they arrive, to see if certain traits carry over throughout the G10 line
Hmmmm, having a thought, could use some opinions
Have been looking for a decent 3" knife for my 15yo son, to replace the scary-cheap carnival knife he got himself
Was originally ordering 2 MDxFF Gents, one for each of us.
However....he hasn't learned much about sharpening yet, i can't get him interested in that aspect of things, and he lives with his mom so only has occasional access to my sharpening supplies

Price aside, I'm thinking maybe the 12C27 steel will be easier for him to maintain than the S35VN, huh?
Yes it is.
Ya know, I just went through a bunch of research on this steel for the last Bestech drop. I knew this lol
I think I was just tired and indecisive when I wrote that
(my MD addiction is like a gremlin, probably shouldn't be feeding it after midnight lol)

Thanks for the link though, nice article that I didn't run across before
But I'm still waiting on the Rhino and Spike!
I'm kicking myself for not getting the rhino!
Is this running on washers or bearings?
Ceramic bearings
Just watched an interesting video with a Bestech sales rep from 2018 knife show in Vegas, this was one of many that was discussed