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Bestech Hornet Folding Knife

Bestech Hornet Folding Knife

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This is a great knife feels amazing in my hand.
Overall happy with this purchase. Sized just right for my hands.
Mine showed up today. Shipped one day later than originally promised.

I ordered the red scales. Love the knife but wish the backspacer was not gold anodized. Anyone know if can be changed out?
Try to disassemble it and take the backspacer off. Personally, I like the gold spacer.
The scales screw into the backspacer so this will not work. I am in communication with MD to see about getting a non anodized spacer. No answer yet.
Anyone else find it unacceptable for 2 Bestech drops in a row not shipping on time and no projected date?
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I got a notification today for my Imp, but the other fay a delay notice on this Hornet . It will be no less than 7 days before I will actually receive the Imp, maybe 10. 😣
That's weird, I only got my notice on this one today
Interesting design. I do wish Bestech would drop their proprietary pivot for Torx. If I hadn't just picked up those two Rike blades and that super cheap S35VN Kizer, I'd be all up on this one.
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Weak detent 😜
Oh! Sharp lockbar. The Zancudo has that problem.
That green and black combo is really eye catching, although the blade looks ugly but overall appearance makes it interesting. I am sold.
Looked so good, then liner lock broke the deal for me ; ;
Being that this uses their thicker liners (not to mention that the blade shape pretty much precludes any chance of using this in a stabbing motion), I wouldn't be worried about the liner lock not being sturdy enough, if that's what you mean
That’s a ridiculously wide blade! 1.25” wow! But seriously though, glad to see this here.

I wish the clip could have been mounted a little higher.
That’s a ridiculously wide blade! 1.25” wow! But seriously though, glad to see this here.
Geen eyeballing this knife for some months. Great to see it here on MD. I just grabbed the Green Hornet
I hear you, WoodyBalto. This one has been on my radar for a while too. My excuse for not buying it was that it hadn't dropped here yet. There goes my excuse. Dang.
Damn I bought this the day it came out for over $60. I love it great knife the action , fit and finish are incredible for the price. Great ergos perfect blade centering and pretty good edge out of the box. They sold out quick on bladehq. This is a great price for a cool blade.
A knife named Hornet, that doesn't come in yellow and black. Missed opportunity, I'd say.
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Went went for the Green Hornet :)
Hmm.. Kato sounds like a good name for a knife..