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Got the 990s and they sound awesome! Not an open-back superfan, but I think I may keep these long term
What is the different between 32 ohm and 250? Does it sound different? Because I want to use my phone for normal listening
This is more expensive than Amazon when you look at shipping to NZ and normal shipping to USA. I'm really struggling to see the relevance of many of these drops. SMH.

What is the deal validation process like at Massdrop??
Curious to see the motivation of the 15 people who have partaken in the drop.
This is not a drop.... This is normal price...
Lol, what is this? Not only is this the price of the headphones new on Amazon but only the 32 ohm version is available on here. The 600 ohm versions (or more hardware compatible 250 ohm version) are way better for using proper audiophile/hifi equipment with.
Not the point of low resistance drivers. My 26 ish ohm HD598Cs sound crystal clear. Scary clear in fact. I bought them new for 114USD, now they're 184USD. I added a 3d printed earpad adapter and HM5 hybrid pads. These are my go to headphone over having two pairs of higher impedance headphones. Low resistance drivers are meant for portability and device compatibility.
How are the 880’s for gaming? I play Pubg destiny battlefield type games so footsteps are the most important.
I have the HD 650s but are not good for gaming IMO. Been thinking about an IEM for gaming (not many reviews or opinions on IEMs for gaming online) for the comfort/versatility if I can’t find a good audiophile headphone for gaming $225 or less.Gaming headsets are not an option as they’re trash plus I would like to use them for music sometimes as well.
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990s have amazing imaging (from an experience). 880s probably do too. 650s are nothing like these headphones, they are okay-ish imaging and no sound-stage (very narrow). If you want to hear the direction something is coming from in games 990s will do it very well. Don't necessarily get it off here though, the price on here is the same as it is on Amazon and you can get the higher impedance versions which are better.
Personally running HD598Cs with a modhouse audio earpad adapter (long story short, gave idea, guy engineered, got pair for free, you can buy them) and also added a nice pair of Brainwavz HM5 hybrid pads. For a closed headphone, these out perform my open HD558 that I modded for bass and soundstage. I've heard footsteps in fire fights behind me and to the left while bullets fly by at two and six o' clock. Unfortunately, my 114USD 598Cs, are now selling for 184 or so. Adapter, 17USD, ear pads are about 25USD...
Yo... These only cost $5 more on Amazon... and they won't take a millennium to ship either.
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Why is it pointless?
What's the difference with the 250 ohm version?
He's exaggerating but an audio purist would say that the 250 ohm version with an amp would sound better than the 32 ohm version. Most people wouldn't notice the difference.
Can anyone speak to the sound leak on these? They seem like they are a cross between open and closed back. Looking for a decent set of cans for the office but dont wanna annoy the coworkers. For this reason my 6xx must stay at home but I am curious about these.
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General rule of thumb, anything not totally closed and with pleather ear pads, will leak quite a bit. After a solid year of research on this line of cans, people with both on have claimed the 990 and 880 leak about the same, they just sound different.
I have the DT880 and HD600. DT880s leak like open cans. Marginally less than open sennheisers, but your coworkers aren't going to notice the difference.
Are the 32 ohm any good? or i should wait for 600 ohm drop?
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A certain ohm rating isn't a proper way to judge most headphones by sound quality, but in the case of Beyerdynamic the higher ohm models do sound better. Expect better transient response. Tighter bass, highs not being as sharp yet being clearer and more defined, etc. The 250 ohm model is the best middle ground and anyone with a desktop amp should be able to run them. The 600 ohm models are not too picky but definitely requires more power.
I have heard that beyer's 600 ohm models and 250 ohm models are close to indistinguishable. Some of their best headphones like the Amiron Home and DT1990 are 250 ohm models.
I have a 600 ohm pair of dt880s and they've served me well. I wish I had the 250s next to me so I could compare side by side but alas, I do not.
The 880s are a tad bass-shy but have a big soundstage and airy quality to them. I like them a lot for how cheap you can get them, they are also very light-weight but feel quality enough.
The biggest downside is a lack of detachable cables for these headphones. I did mod mine to actually have dual detachables (I'd only recommend 1 detachable, way easier).

Ohms and power needed can also be sort of misleading when it comes to your headphones.
For example the hd650 (300 ohms), k7xx (60 ohms), ether c (45 ohms) all require almost the exact same amount of power to get to the same volume level. You want to look at sensitivity to determine how loud it can get.

Anyways cheers, I don't know what HP you own or your listening preferences but gl on your audiophile journey.
Tnx. I don't consider myself an audiophile per se. I'm currently using a pair of Cowin E7s, which aren't audiophile quality at all, but for $35 they're good enough for now. I wanted to get a pair of Audio Technica M40x, but decided to save up for now.
How good are they without AMP/DAC, how do they compare to senheiser 6xx and other open-backs at the similar price range and which one dt880 or dt990 are objectively better( if it is) ?
I've listened to HD650 and DT 990, and the 650's are SO MUCH better!! They just sound.. right. They let you listen to your music and enjoy it without thinking that your gear doesn't reproduce the sound properly. So, subjectively, I'd choose 650 without any doubt. The 990 are much more bright, and even though I enjoy headphones with good amount of treble (DT770, Fiio EX1, Mee Audio PX), the 990's are a bit too bright, and after listening to the 650's, it feels rather annoying. Hope it helps.
I can confirm.