Beyerdynamic DT880 600-Ohm Headphonessearch

Beyerdynamic DT880 600-Ohm Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT880 600-Ohm Headphones

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Will this drop again?
Are those different ohm version just same driver with a few cheap resistors or are different drivers that made with different sizes of coil?
I didn't know soft ear pads were a spec. So that must mean all the headphones that don't list that have hard, uncomfortable earpads
Again Massdrop?? It is called proofreading!! And the world is watching….
Between my Sennheiser hd598 and these. The Beyerdynamic is way more comfy, stylish and better build quality. I have Senn 6XX on the way but I’m still thinking I will feel the same way about build, looks and comfort.
Change the HD6XXear cup into Dekoni hybrid pads and I couldn’t be happier. Comfortable and looks great from outside to the inside.
Massdrop need to edit the title.
This unit is the "premium" version.

EDIT : Also the specs, it says 32 ohm instead of 600 ohm.
Is this headphones 600 ohm or 32 ohm?conflicting specs with title.
Not absolutely sure, but I think 600 because the note and title say 600-Ohms. I think the specs say 32-Ohms because they just copy/pasted the specs from a different drop or Beyers' site.
buydig on ebay, 159,99$ - DT990 600 Ohm special chrome edition (which looks best).
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Yeah i know, but DT880s are for my taste a little too "boring" as they are too neutral (much better for mixing tho).
The DT990s are more "fun" lets say.
Ofc everyone to his taste.
what? the materials are exactly the same, full metal except the chrome ring which is plastic, but its also plastic on the vanilla beyerdynamic's headphones, the ring there is also plastic.
I can buy these on amazon for $170 so why would I buy them here? For a group buy the price needs to be much lower like $150.
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this is a different version
Not the same version.
Ah yes, my defacto go to headphones even "better" than the Massdrop 6XX Sennheiser em somewhere else when they are below $170 w/ free shipping...nuff said
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Yes I agree. In terms of comfort, the DT880s are *much* more comfortable - even luxurious - out-of-the-box than my HD6XXs (because of the clamp force), but my 8-year-old HD650s are more comfortable than both - there's no squishy clamp force on them after years of use. The main point of difference (when clamp force is no longer an issue) is the Sennheisers have the nice foam on the headband so there's very little pressure on the top of the head, which I get from the DT880s on occasion.

I've found that even my 250ohm DT880s need more volume than the HD650s, which of course are rated at 300ohms - I'm not sure what mechanics are involved there to cause that, but it's true. I can only imagine how much grunt it would take to get decent volume and fidelity through to 600ohm cans.

But either way, they are very different cans from each other and that's why I own both (as well as several other brands and models, like most of us here do haha) - I love mixing things up for my ears and hearing different things from the music I'm listening to.
Yup, ditto...
Less than 150 quid in the uk delivered, next day If you have prime
Price is to close to amazon etc