Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Limited-Edition Blacksearch

Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Limited-Edition Black

Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Limited-Edition Black

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while they may (depends on who you ask) not look as sleek /nice if it was me.. I'd get the DT880 Premiums over the Pro Limited.. the Pro's are comfortable..until you try the premiums and you think oh man this is better isn't it.

I have owned the DT880 Premium 250's for awhile and they are very good.. if you pair them with a warmer amp.. the trebble on these with a brighter Solid state amp is pretty piercing.. I stopped listening to mine for awhile before getting a DarkVoice 336SE and some vintage NOS tubes for it.

if you don't mind the grey I'd totally recommend the Premium / edition model however ~same money on amazon

Any idea how these compare to the ATH-M50’s?
they kinda don't pretty different headphones.. ... but whatever, these are much more neutral than the M50's the treble can be harsh with the DT880's pairing with amp is important (I only like mine with my DV336 tube amp or vintage warm~ sounding stereo reciever(s) .. I find the treble to much when paired with brighter SS gear. The DT880's have a vastly better sound stage than the M50's

These are semi open and much sound leaks out... so much that it is hard to use mine because they disturb my wife in another room. So be aware if using these near others..

I love Massdrop, but why this price? I can get these on for $170.
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Even at $199 the $10 premium is worth it to get delivery in a couple of days.
I think there is a difference between pro and premium
Your point on delivery is 100% legit but some people still prefer the cheaper option
still made in Germany?
what's with the obsession with detachable cables? Headphones worked just fine years before all that shit came on the market. I'm not completely against them, but not something that would determine me picking up or skipping on a pair of cans.
Attached cables are the number one source for a headphone failure. They're prone to kinks, bent connectors, solder breakage at the driver, unacceptable cable textures/thickness/thinness, being too long or too short, and are inconvenient for travel.

What it really comes down to though, is the consideration of the manufacturer, it's relatively easy to have a detachable option. Why then would you alienate a customer base by not providing it?
I really hope they make the cable detachable. I have the dt 770 and the cable is absolutely horrendous, I have it coiled in my pocket in the most awkward way when I take them out anywhere, and I broke it once already by stepping on the jack.
If they do fix the cable then it would be a no brainer.
I don't know why you'd order them from here. You can get the DT 880 600Ohm version for $165 on Amazon, and you wouldn't have to wait nearly as long for them.
DT880 600Ohm when?
When you have an amp that can drive them. The high ohm eliminates noise as the resistance is greater then the ambient noise you may hear on lesser systems. There is also a change in sound. Others may be able to describe it better technically but its a density in presentation as I hear it. A feeling your in a vacuum listening to the music in a smaller space however your sound stage is still wide before you as far as instrument separation is concerned. I like it but it may not work well for someone looking for an open, airy presentation. Its something to explore if your able to pick up a 600 ohm and expect "not" to use them exclusively for all your listening needs. To limiting as far as driving them is concerned. Keep in mind these are semi-open when in fact they basically provide no isolation. I can't listen to these if I am around environmental noise since the presentation is dense causing be to concentrate into the music but hearing something outside the cans messes with my brain. Its like watching an intense movie that has your focus but someone is sitting right behind you chewing and slurping. Drives me nuts.

I love their sound but they sit unused at home most of the time due to being open and requiring a good amp.
These are my love but I have got the 4xx over them unfortunately
We seriously need MD x BD, need those detach cables on these and other BD cans and maybe also tame little bit of those treble. I would 100% buy them.
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I would love to see a MD version of the 1990. Maybe change some coloration, like with the Elex, for $499.99. I would buy them in a heartbeat.
Just going to leave this here...
I just received it and wow! It is greater than my Grado SR80e! I am not sure whether it is because of the over ear and on ear design, the sound is better on DT880.
Can you expand on "better"?

Is the sound signature SR80? I would love to have a comfortable version of the SR80. Are the DT 880 the answer?
Definitely DT880, much more comfortable and sound way better.