Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Limited-Edition Blacksearch

Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Limited-Edition Black

Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Limited-Edition Black

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what price can i expect these to be compared to the regular version i can find elsewhere?
Update: It's the Premium Special Edition that are the most comfortable. Those are the ones that Massdrop should drop.

Update 2: People on Amazon seem to like the Pro better, so maybe the Premium Special Edition is too loose. Feel free to comment.
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That is quite true, it all falls into what the person's ears are attached too... we all perceive sound differently, especially when it comes to being an "audiophile" of sound.
I'm broke right now, but this is Beyer's best headphone, not the 990. This also has a more relaxed fit fof a more comfortable feel at home. The Studio version has a different clamping mechanism and is tighter, though both are comfortable. These should last for 20 years or more. Replacement earpads are easy to come by and snap right on. These are a little more accurate that the DT 990s, which have a slightly elevated bass response. The 990s are more intended for musicians and live broadcast engineers, who need to be able to hear the sound to stay with the beat, in the case of musicians, or make mixing adjustments on the fly, in the case of live broadcast engineers. They are designed so the s ound is sure to be heard, though, overall, they are accurate headphones.

The DT880s are more accurate and made for mix mastering engineers. They sound like nearfield monitors. This is the home version.

These stand alonside such headphones as the Sennheiser HD 580, 600, 650, AKG 701s, the better Audeze, and the better HiFi Mans 400) as being the most accurate headphones in the world. These are the home versions. I've been waiting for them to come up, but I just don't have the money right now. If I did, I'd plunk my money down. I'd probably never need to buy a pair of home headphones again.

Anybody who can afford these should buy a pair. They should be part of Massdrops's permanent, or perpetual, collection.

Go to:

This is a Russian measurement site but it offers translation to English. You can compare different headphones. Their method of measurement is slightly different. They put the microphone at the entrance to the ear canal for headphones, so the boost and notch in the treble is a little bit different. But it's all relative.

Notice how smooth the DT 880s are in the midrange and bass. Nearly perfect. You can compare them them to the 650s and HE-400s.

The earphone measurements are about right because they use a different method--a simulated ear canal. Look at the Advanced Sound M4. That practically matches what Advanced Sound has on its website. And a good pair of earphones too.
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Thanks for answering the tough questions we all wanna know :D
This is available on Amazon for $179.

EDIT: Nevermind! Thats the DT990! My bad!
I'm looking for a decent set of over-ear headphones to start using on my commute to and from work on the Long Island Railroad (~3 hours a day total). Would a semi-open back design, like these headphones, be a poor decision in those tight quarters? I know there would obviously be sound bleed but how obnoxious would that be? Any help here is much appreciated!
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As a fellow LIRR rider I empathize. I own the DT770s and they are great phones for home, office or professional music production. However, they have zero foldability!
If you do not mind carrying a bulky set of headphones with your through Penn or up the steps from Hunterspoint go for it.
But I think you might be better served by a pair like the Audio Technica ATM50X or Sennheiser 280's. Both are not earth shattering hifi. But are very good and easily better than Beats.
I have the Shure 840 as well and they are pretty good, though not very much bass extension like some of the Beyers.
probably no good for commute:
May I know if the wire are coiled? Or it's straight
I'm pretty sure the Pro versions come with a coiled cable. Premium uses straight.
Just got these for 178 shipped with Ebay's flash sale discount code.
I thought mass drop was the Mecha of digital deals. The fact thisproduct can be obtained some place else more quickly and cheaper let’s kind of deflates the image of being able to provide sweet deals. Glad I saw this.
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i wish you were right. you're not.
Treat Massdrop as another retailer. its great to have options. massdrop isnt the be-all-end-all place to shop
while they may (depends on who you ask) not look as sleek /nice if it was me.. I'd get the DT880 Premiums over the Pro Limited.. the Pro's are comfortable..until you try the premiums and you think oh man this is better isn't it.

I have owned the DT880 Premium 250's for awhile and they are very good.. if you pair them with a warmer amp.. the trebble on these with a brighter Solid state amp is pretty piercing.. I stopped listening to mine for awhile before getting a DarkVoice 336SE and some vintage NOS tubes for it.

if you don't mind the grey I'd totally recommend the Premium / edition model however ~same money on amazon

well, if you'd like some DT 880 premiums with the all black colorway, why not vote on this poll and comment?
Any idea how these compare to the ATH-M50’s?
they kinda don't pretty different headphones.. ... but whatever, these are much more neutral than the M50's the treble can be harsh with the DT880's pairing with amp is important (I only like mine with my DV336 tube amp or vintage warm~ sounding stereo reciever(s) .. I find the treble to much when paired with brighter SS gear. The DT880's have a vastly better sound stage than the M50's

These are semi open and much sound leaks out... so much that it is hard to use mine because they disturb my wife in another room. So be aware if using these near others..