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Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium Headphones

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I received what's seems to have been a not-so-new pair, as it came in an already used Amazon package with a water stained headphone box directly from massdrop return center. However, the headphones themselves seemed to not have been used. It's honestly not a problem as long as they work.
After a few days of use I will update on how they sound. They are extremely comfortable tho!
Mine also came in a Amazon package. My headphone box was pretty beat up from before they put it into the the Amazon shipping box and I don't happen to see any scratches or blemishes on the DT990s them self but so far they sound amazing and also are very comfortable.
I am pretty confused on the whole Ohms thing. Are there pros and cons to having high Ohms?
major con is being able to power it. You will need an amp to power the 600ohm version properly. A proper amp to. Not too versed on the pros.
The main pro I know of is that higher impeded headphones offer greater protection to EMF. So if you're using them around a lot of electronics or at your computer they can offer better protectiom from interference.
Their DT990 premium 32, 250, and 600 ohm headphones all sound slightly different and are better suited towards some genres of music
So, I have got Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 600 Ohms. I love them!
Sooooo comfy (stay away from Pro versions), airy, light. Sounds fantastic no matter I use Sound Blaster Z's headphone's amp out or external Topping A30 headphone amp with SB Z's line out (I would like to believe that through an external amp the sound is better but cannot decide there is ANY difference really).
Amazingly wide soundstage compared to DT770 250 Ohms (which I also own), in fact any youtube HRTF demo just sounds really poor on DT770; when listening on the DT990, I can exactly pinpoint the source, sounds great. Of course this may not matter to you if you don't play games on those.
I would highly recommend! IMHO sounds way better than Sennhaiser HD600 but everyone is different and I am sure many would disagree here.
I have the DT770 250 Ohm like you do, and I also have the DT880 600 Ohm. The biggest difference I notice here is the detail, especially on the high end. Compared to the JBL LSR30X monitors, the HD6XX and the DT770 both cloud up the higher mids & highs. The DT880 does better. Do you notice anything like that between the DT990 and the DT770? I'm thinking it's probably the impedance, but if it's just the difference between models and the DT990 isn't an improvement, I don't want to spring for the DT990. It sounds like the DT990 has a sound stage comparable to the HD6XX, which is really exciting if they don't have the cloudiness issues.
i agree,!!!!
===Beware of current high price here - especially if you order to EU===
Right, up to the point those go down to around 120USD this is not a great deal for any EU country people, espacially UK. I have got it for just over 130GBP recently on an easter promo (inc. delivery).
If I would like to purchase now, that's 189.99USD, then let's say 10 USD delivery + 12USD customs charge + 20% vat (38USD). That's a total of 249.99USD which is around 190GBP (taking in account poor exchange rates if paid using a normal bank card in your local currency). You can use Revolut card to get fair exchange rate.
Bought these on for a similar price after tax, so not a great deal for me.
My 2c about these, they're hella comfy. You definitely need a beefy amp for the 600ohm. I currently have the 250ohm and I can hear why people would complain about the highs but I prefer a v-shaped sound.
I like the bass, it's very boomy, but it's missing a bit of sub-bass.
Right now I'm running off of either Tidal Master/High Quality or my own downloaded FLAC, using a Fiio E10k which isn't doing it justice, while I'm waiting for a Micca Origen G2.
Buydig is selling them for $139, Dt880 and Dt990, both are 600ohm too
dt1990 please
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Not a real surprise that he thinks $500 cans are better than $200 cans from the same brand...
There are pretty good deal on buydig for T1 2nd Gen. Only for 700.
Genuine question, are these really that different? Price to performance? I know the $109 is 32 Ohm, but they are only lower by $20 on Amazon. 32 Ohm $199.00 250 Ohm $219.00 600 Ohm $219.00
$109 for 32 Ohm version (if anyone is interested)


US $139.99 Seller information: buydig via ebay BeyerDynamic DT990 600 Ohm Over-Ear Headphones - Chrome Special Edition 483966BC Catalog #: BEYDT990CSE MFG Part #: 483966BC Condition: Brand new, USA Warranty This is the 600 ohm version of the DT 990 Premium line, designed explicitly for high-output usage and headphone amplifiers.
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I just got these a couple of days ago. Early impressions: treble is just a little hot, but not uncomfortably so. Bass is extremely tight and very well controlled, but just slightly lacking in sub-bass.
Vocals from artists with a lot of "texture" in their voice (think J. Roddy Walston) sound just amazing. Smoother vocalists (think Elizabeth Fraser with Massive Attack) are crisp and clear.
The Sound stage really, really depends on the mix of the track. Older stereo recordings Like Miles Davis and John Coltrane sound almost too separated into left and right channels, but present a very wide soundstage. More modern recordings tighten up the soundstage, but sound more coherent.
These are pretty comfortable, love the ear cups, clamping force is just a tad light, which causes the top pad to sit heavy on the top of my head, not my favorite.
Setup is Tidal Hi-res and MQA from TIDAL WIN10 app on a Surface Pro with all software decoding off (internal DAC bypassed) -> Grace SDAC->Dark Voice 336SE OTL-> DT990 premium
I used Senn 600 & 650 for many years. Bought these s/hand to try with my Massdrop D/V 336SE. The 600 sounds OK but 'flat' with the D/V but the 990 has real timbre a deep but not wide soundstage. Vocals are way better than the Senns.
I like ohsigmaci's expression - the treble is just a little hot. I've got old ears and it is this aspect that anyone thinking of buying the DT990 should think about. For me it is the only negative, not a big one but it's there.
Otherwise these cans really do bring the music alive in a way that Senns don't. If your into acoustic/jazz and blues maybe you should pop for these. They are comfortable as well, something that shouldn't be forgotten
Thanks for the input on the Senns, I have the HD6XXs coming this summer, I'll A/B the Beyers and the Senns for a while and probably pass one on second hand. Only reason I might keep one is just as an additional reference point for new gear that I might get in the future, but for now the SDAC to DV to 990 combo is an amazing value.
I have the 250 Ohm version as well as the Amiron Home, and they're both killer headphones if you like pronounced treble, with the Amiron Home being warmer and fuller in the bass department. I bought the DT990 on Amazon for around $110 and paid full MSRP for the Amiron off of Buydig. 600 Ohms is fairly hard to drive, so you do need a decent headphone amp. The Massdrop deal is fairly good, though.
bruh on the poll there were over 2000 votes for the hd 800 and only 163 votes for these, and they chose to drop these instead on the hd 800. I think it's pretty clear that MANY people want an hd 800 drop, and if they could go for $800 or even $600 if possible, they would sell like crazy
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You actually think those polls mean something...
Of course it would not happen; do not be ridiculous. They would drop the McLaren FX.
I don't understand. Prices on these should be much lower for a group buy. These are about the same price or sometimes cheaper from Amazon. Great cans, but why wait when you can get them from Amazon with prime shipping?
1 week to late for me massdrop, i just got these for 145$ off newegg, they are really nice tho i could use a 2nd pair does Massdrop price match?
Edit: I feel silly now i got the chrome special edition of the DT880, im sure 45$ more is worth the DT990 premium
Any chance to do a Massdrop version with a balanced XLR connection in the future? :)
Well, chrome edition from beach camera/buydig is usually only 160$ and honestly looks better. Its also 600 ohms and made out of the same material.
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880 are lighter than k701 haha, but whatever is more comfy for you. 880 earpads are just slightly too shallow, for me.
Yeah, other things might factor in
Both great HP
Thiking about getting these for my first real headphones. Is this a good recommendation? Also do you need a amplifier to make these sound good?
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You are on the right track these are good for a first real headphone, you do need an amp tho depending on ohms.
I maxed my m9xx on a pair at 600 ohms.
You will need a beefy dedicated amp, definately They will sound crap without
Why limit the drop to 60 units when the Price is almost the same as on Amazon?
Why don't you call up Beyerdynamic and ask? Massdrop certainly wants to move as many phones as they can, I doubt they're setting a low limit just for kicks...
The Canadian price for these, as far as I’ve been able to tell, hovers around 300$ plus taxes (assuming free delivery) as the best easily found deal. At current exchange rates, and with a handy US delivery address, I’d save 85-90$ CDN at the moment (Allowing for fluctuations in currency exchange).
Having just ordered my first first tube amp, would this make a good pairing (especially as I expect to upgrade to a nicer tube amp in future—Bravo V2 is intended as a first time experiment).
I don't care what the haters say, this is a great price on this pair of headphones. I owned these and later sold them, and I have missed them since they day I put them in the mail. If I had any spare cash whatsoever (the HD6XX and CTH+SDAC with Venture Electronics 4-pin cable sitting on my desk are a testament to my current lack of audio $$$) I'd be getting in on this drop and hard.
Is this really so bad? Amazon has it for 227. Everyone seems to be comparing it to the price of the 300 ohm.
So for nearly forty dollars more you can get it this week, or you can wait and save some money.
And these are the premium so they should be more comfortable for larger heads.
Not trying to stir the pot, just trying to understand the uproar. I'm a beginner looking at some open back like this.
Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 600 ohm HiFi headphones
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Thanks for the tidbit about the 175, I might have to hold off for that. Amazon's return policy is killer, too
Beyer cans don't really get that cheap on massdrop for some reason. I got my 990 for $110 a couple months ago, I got the 880 for $130 about 8-9 months ago, and I've seen the 770 for the same price. Whereas here on MD I don't think I've seen a pair of beyer cans for under $160. It's just kind of weird that they get so much cheaper on other sites.
This is no longer massdrop... This is MASS RIPOFF!!!
CHECK YOUR PRICES ON current market... wow...
How can you say that the msrp is 429 dollars? I've looked everywhere and the dt990 600ohm version all land around at the roughly 220 dollar range. Wich would give a price reduction of about 20$ and not 230$ as many might think and jump the gun.
If you buy directly from Beyerdynamic at their German website, it's $429.
Yeah, and why would you buy from German site? Those costs 219.00USD + shipping from their US site
How to get rid of stock of older models without even offering a decent rebate...
DT1990Pro, Amiron, or T1.2 models with a small discount would sell SO MUCH better, but Beyerdynamic doesn't discount more recent models, at least in motherland EU.
You can do better than this, Massdrop. 75% of your current offers are old products that keep coming back again with similar prices and absolutely not added value. In the real world, value of most things decrease over time.
Well said!
Old but gold dude. But don't talk about the Amirons, I don't want other people to own them. They're my favorite headphone, even over overhyped Focal and the 800S or the T1 and especially over Mrspeakers Flow and Aeon. They're the best kept secret, don't let other people know. ;-)
The darkvoice can handle the 600 ohm variant of these right?
can anyone recommend a good budget amp/dac for the 250ohm version?
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As I understand those should work with most amps including the small Dragonfly
Schitt's Magni 3 drives mine on low gain. You need to push the volume past 12:00 to get them loud, but my ears max out before my Magni 3 (and once again, that's on the low gain setting . . . plenty more available on high gain if you want to blow your ears off).
This is $10 more than list price....
I wonder how many people are grabbing this for the 600 ohm variant.
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Glad to hear that you're enjoying your 990s. I went from the AD700 to dt990 so I generally don't notice the sound stage being all that large but I do notice other sets sounding much closer and less precise by contrast. Another thing, I've heard nothing but praise for the dt1990. I'm still chasing fun over accurate so I've got Argons on the way instead, but that should definitely be a solid choice. Best of luck in your journey down this crazy rabbit hole.
Yeah, I have just got DT1990, so different from DT990, still getting used to / making an opinion on those.
Update - > returning DT1990 as not good enough upgrade over DT990 considering 3x the cost. Both headphones have got pros and cons but DT1990 Pro are really for studio use, not home.
$429 MSRP is massive joke
I got the 250 ohm pro version off amazon for $120 back in december