BlackSys CH100B 2CH Dash Camera w/ 32GB SD Cardsearch

BlackSys CH100B 2CH Dash Camera w/ 32GB SD Card

BlackSys CH100B 2CH Dash Camera w/ 32GB SD Card

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right now its 289.00 on amazon with prime (w/ 16 GB sd card)...its about the same price IF you dont get the whole kit (GPS/Wiring kit) soo...unless you want to wait so long for the drop to finish and then wait for the shipment...i dont see the benefits?
I bought this the last drop but the model that came was the one with the 16GB SDCard. I contacted Massdrop support and they only could offer refunds and no replacements.
By waiting a month for massdrop you save ~$17 compared to prime. That's about 6%. Plus the prime one comes with 1 6gig sd card instead of 32.

I personally am in no hurry to get a dash cam, so that seems fine to me.
Hi All,
i just received my Blacksys CH100B and hard wired it to my Mercedes Benz c class 2015, the camera is not recording more than 2 hours after i switch the car off and i have it on auto cutoff on 11.8V, what do you think is the solution for keeping the cam 9+ hours without shutting off ?
The Blacksys app crashes shortly after launch on iOS 10.3.2.
In case you're wondering, version 0.9.1 of the Blacksys app seems to be working on iOS 11.0.
I joined this drop a few months ago and the dash stopped working properly. When I turn my car on the dash cam would say "recording started" then it'll say "recording failure one". In the manual "recording failure one" means something is wrong with the front camera. This will continue until I turn my car off. I've tried different memory cards and unplugging and plugging in the unit. No success. I'm not sure where to get help on this since the warranty info says to call a Korean number?
I see in your account that we sent a replacement. Please let us know if you have not received it.
Do we get the option to add the hardwire kit at purchase time? I read some reviews and watched some video reviews this is apparently a pretty decent unit. It is one of the rare units that protects the battery too without having to buy the extra battery units.
Yes, can add hardwire kit and/or GPS options at checkout.
Doesn't seem like that great of a deal. has it for cheaper after shipping+tax.
Hey @je.june,

We always want members to get the best possible price, even if it isn't through us. I checked out the link though and it appears that we are beating it. Things change fast on the internet though, so let us know if we missed something.
I ordered from blackboxmycar and it came out to 259.99 total (free shipping, no tax) after $10 off code: ch100bmycar

It comes with a free hardwire kit and will arrive next week.

If it gets to the 229.99 drop price, you can get it here for 256.11 with no hardwire, or 272.23 with hardwire after tax and shipping.

I'm in California, so I have to pay tax.
When you hardwire his unit to hot source(battery)does it record all the time since it's on all the time?
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The dashcam will enter parking-mode recording if it's hardwired and the vehicle is turned off. This mode only stores recording if motion and/or impact is detected.

The switching between modes is automatic.
In parking mode, you can set it to stop after a certain number of hours (12, 24, 48 etc). You can also turn off parking mode.
Hey guys quick question . In your opinion, is it worth getting the hard wiring option? What exaxtly are the benifits of getting it? I've never had a dash cam on any of my vehicles. I'm also new to dash cam community. Any imput would be greatly appreciated
Definitely! The hard wire kit allows for parking mode recording when the vehicle is switched off, and has voltage cutoff so your vehicle's battery won't die on you.
Thank you for your input. Greatly appreciate it
I love this camera set. and with the hardwire it rocks. could use a bit wider angle camera, but I am definitely buying again when available.