BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD Dash Camsearch

BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD Dash Cam

BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD Dash Cam

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Received mine today (Long Beach, CA) and set it up. Everything works fine, video quality is great. I tested the sd card before turning on the unit just in case as some people report it might contain a virus (see below link) and it turned out clean.
Hey guys,

We just got all the US orders of the Blackvue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD shipped out today. They should arrive right before the holidays start. We are aiming to have the international shipments out by tomorrow.

Hi Nelson,

It looks like the status of the drop is still "Order placed with the vendor". Is it normal as International shipments are supposed to be done for two weeks now?

Hey guys,

The drop barely finished 3 days ago, and now it seems like we have everything packed up and ready to go!

We are aiming to have all the order out later today. Looks like they will actually arrive on time for you to play around with during your holiday road trips!

Happy holidays everyone!
Is this the 16 or 32 gb?
As much as I like the new version feature, I'd much rather have the dr400g with its tiny size compare to the dr500. There are over 200 interested, why not put that one up?
Is this the 16 or 32 GB version?
I love the idea, but doesn't it just invite people to smash your windows and steal $300+ worth? Kind of how the cops say don't leave an iPod on the seat, not even for 10 minutes - smash and grabs take 2.
Camera received, this camera rocks, Thanks.
Good deal. thank you Massdrop.
waiting for shipment now.
Hey guys,

Quick update: We're expecting these to arrive at our warehouse on Thursday. We should get these shipped out to you by Friday. Thanks for being patient! :)
Accidentally chose credit card instead of PayPal. How can I change to PayPal?
Rejoin the buy using Paypal, then email us requesting to cancel your first transaction.
Getting a error on Madssdrop page > Unfortunately, the Paypal API returned an error.
Will email
Its $260 on amazon right now with free shipping, that might be better deal for some.
Received mine today (Toronto, Canada). Total shipping time about 3-3.5 weeks. Extra shipping to Canada was $15. Duties and Tax COD was $42.05 (13% HST on CAD value of product + $9.95 CAD brokerage fee).

Total came to ~$310 CAD on the $239 USD price break.
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We can't underdeclare packages when we ship them, because ....that's fraud....
Haha, I never said to "underdeclare". I simply requested you to sell this for under $25 ;P
It looks really cool, but it seems like you'd need 4 different cameras from each side of the vehicle.
still waiting for the 2ch one, why keep selling the single channel