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I got mine delivered yesterday. Popped in a SanDisk Extreme 128 gb micro SDXC UHS-1 card and it runs awesome. I am really happy about this deal.
Thanks for the perfect execution.
When can I expect delivery?
Any differences between buying the US version from here and an Official GB Supplier ?
Don't cheap out on your micro SD cards, these need a "High Endurance Card" everything I have read suggests they will eat standard TLC Nand microSD cards in a few months due to constant write. All Sandisk cards are void except the HE card so don't be using the extreme or ultra's. Transcend also seem to have a good rep for HE cards.

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Ok I guess I'll be going with a 64 GB card....

How many hours will a 64 GB record before the loop over?
Found it on the website. Looks like about 3 Hours, 40 min on the highest setting.
When is this shipping
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Also recieved it... but there’s no update yet. Just says "Label created".
Yeah, same here. I'm guessing that the pre-printed the labels, and haven't gotten everything ready for shipping just yet, or are doing so currently. A bit of a bait and switch, but I'm still excited!
How many hours of video will 16gb and 128gb sdcard record on this?
Utilizing the power of Google and selecting the first result which was the blackvue Video Quality Settings And Recording Time page, assuming highest quality option, 16gb 1HR 25MIN, 128gb 11HR 20MIN
awesome deal.
Does this have a 'HOLY CRAP' button for manually flagging a clip to record, like if you see something happen in front of you?
Damn it...missed it again
What's the largest size memory card the camera can use?
is there any warranty?
Blackvue has a one year warranty.
How easy is this to wire into the vehicle? Is there a guide anywhere I could peek at?
There's a guide in the box, but very basic. Google and you will be able to find many videos of how to install this dashcam. Also check out the videos on