Boker Plus FR w/ S35VN Steel – Massdrop Exclusivesearch

Boker Plus FR w/ S35VN Steel – Massdrop Exclusive

Boker Plus FR w/ S35VN Steel – Massdrop Exclusive

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Does anyone know what the Rockwell hardness for these blades is at? Got mine in, got lucky, it's a nice bit of kit. Like it so much I just bought a marbled cf version for cheap to swap the scales. Gonna look pretty sick. Anyways, curious as to the hardness, might send it off for a mirror edge.
Rockwell hardness for S35VN is 58 - 61 hrc *as per crucible industries (manufacturer)
I have this knife in vg10. The lock was a little sticky when i first got it, but is perfect now.(took about a month) i really like this knife style. Perfect gentleman's folder.
I got this last time. Very nice knife, nice steel and very sharp. I had no quality problems and carry and use regularly. A+++
Beautiful knife with many complaints... Still worth?
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Man, he can't stop saying "WAAARRRWWOOOOOLLLFFFFFF!!!" :D

I watched the first few minutes (around the image you captured) and it seems that he's just commenting that the lock tab rests 30% or more across the thickness of the blade. From what I understand, that's pretty normal.

I can't tell if it's the same in the image you captured, but check out the one that I grabbed from about 2:36. On the WARWOOOLFFF the surface that the tip of the lock bar rests on is almost perfectly 90 degrees relative to the line of the lock bar itself. Any force from the blade trying to close will push directly into the lock bar. On the Boker, the surface that the lock bar rests on is at about a 15-degree angle, so force from the blade closing will try to deflect the lock bar.
I don't want to be melodramatic and I'm not trying to poo-poo the Boker. I'm sure the it's fine for casual use.(And it sure is pretty!) Personally, I'm afraid I'd absent-mindedly use it in a way that makes it close, but that's just me. I think if you just handle it as though it were non-locking, you should be golden.
Personally, I think you should absolutely poo-poo on Boker (Boker Plus, specifically). To me, this is pretty bad, and is an easily remedied quality control issue, but that's what you get with a brand that produces great knives out of Germany and America, and crappy seconds out of China and Taiwan.
Why don't you do the regular massdrop exclusive urban trapper again?
Very similar knife to the Gent. I have the VG10 CF version and like it as a dress pants knife, but don't expect to get any hard use out of it. I wish the Gent had the pocket clip from this knife. Seems like a pretty decent deal for upgraded steel and anodized liners.
For the same price... get the gent. Easy decision. Boker's quality is very inconsistent imo.
Everybody says so but I have several bokers and all have been perfect. Strange?
Shipping knives internationally is not a thing or?
I'm obviously a knife noob. Why would a knife cost $90 and retail at $150? It looks nice and all but is the action faster or is the material just that much higher quality?
Higher quality.. the original came with VG10 steel... S35vn is more superior and well rounded.. the Andodized titanium is also a nice asthetic touch compared to the stonewashed on the original.. pretty much its a good buy. most blades of this quality are in the triple digit range.. hope this helps
I really wasn't too impressed with this knife when I got it off the first run. It flicks out nice, came lubed up out of the box, and was hair scraping sharp (not razor sharp, but pretty close). All in all, I wouldn't say it was worth the $90, much less the $150 retail, especially given the size of it. You're paying for the Massdrop exclusivity, and while Boker Plus does and okay job at quality products, it's still a production folder from China.
There are many production folders from China that cost 3x this or more and are worth it. Check out Reate and We knives if you haven't already. They are making production knives with machining and finish normally reserved for customs and midtechs.
Yeah, I know all about the Chinese brands, and I don't think they hold up too well either. I personally wouldn't pay for a $300 knife from China when I could get something just as good or a lot nicer from America for the second price or less.
Excuse me, Caged version of IKBS... what? The whole point of IKBS is that the bearings aren't caged.

EDIT: Funny, there aren't any IKBS marking on the blade either... I would really love for someone to explain to me how these bearings are somehow IKBS and caged, and how that's different from standard caged bearings.
I can count on one hand the number of producers from whom I would purchase a knife w/o ever having held the actual piece in my hands, checked out the vitals like deployment/lock-up, and generally gotten a feel for the thing.

Boker--no matter whether it's their Plus line, or Magnum line, or Tree or anyting r
where is this knife made?
Boker Plus knives are made in China which is cheaper.. while Boker knives are made in Germany pricier. The brand itself is German. Hope this helps...

Boker Plus

In close cooperation with international acknowledged experts from military, police and security we develope and test tactical knives for the professional user. Boker Plus knives are innovative in terms of function and design, as well as guaranteed for everyday use. Conception, design and construction are carried out in Solingen, and production takes place in Europe, the USA and Asia.