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I'm obviously a knife noob. Why would a knife cost $90 and retail at $150? It looks nice and all but is the action faster or is the material just that much higher quality?
Higher quality.. the original came with VG10 steel... S35vn is more superior and well rounded.. the Andodized titanium is also a nice asthetic touch compared to the stonewashed on the original.. pretty much its a good buy. most blades of this quality are in the triple digit range.. hope this helps
I really wasn't too impressed with this knife when I got it off the first run. It flicks out nice, came lubed up out of the box, and was hair scraping sharp (not razor sharp, but pretty close). All in all, I wouldn't say it was worth the $90, much less the $150 retail, especially given the size of it. You're paying for the Massdrop exclusivity, and while Boker Plus does and okay job at quality products, it's still a production folder from China.
Excuse me, Caged version of IKBS... what? The whole point of IKBS is that the bearings aren't caged.

EDIT: Funny, there aren't any IKBS marking on the blade either... I would really love for someone to explain to me how these bearings are somehow IKBS and caged, and how that's different from standard caged bearings.
I can count on one hand the number of producers from whom I would purchase a knife w/o ever having held the actual piece in my hands, checked out the vitals like deployment/lock-up, and generally gotten a feel for the thing.

Boker--no matter whether it's their Plus line, or Magnum line, or Tree or anyting r
where is this knife made?
Boker Plus knives are made in China which is cheaper.. while Boker knives are made in Germany pricier. The brand itself is German. Hope this helps...

Boker Plus

In close cooperation with international acknowledged experts from military, police and security we develope and test tactical knives for the professional user. Boker Plus knives are innovative in terms of function and design, as well as guaranteed for everyday use. Conception, design and construction are carried out in Solingen, and production takes place in Europe, the USA and Asia.
For anyone who's bought this version of the knife - how does it compare (fit/finish/action) to the standard cocobolo/VG-10 version? I've got the cocobolo version, but I'm not terribly impressed at the build quality.

Is this version mo'bettah?
Purchased and immediately returned. Poorly made and cheap feel. skip this one for sure...
I have this knife in vg10 version. The lock initially was a little sticky, but is fine after a month or so. I like the design, the flipper is a little rough on the hand when open, but a little sanding and it too is fine. Otherwise, this knife is well made. Well centered, smooth opening, looks good, at least in the cocobolo version i got. Nicely ground, stupid sharp, feels solid.
I got this in the last drop, its quite nice but the action isn't particularly snappy, I was expecting something more like my kwaiken. The blade is also thinner and more delicate, which I wasn't expecting from what other people had said. Fit and finish were nice on mine. If I had the option, I probably wouldn't choose to purchase this again YMMV
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Hmm, ok it looks like they dropped a regular FR before. I’m a weirdo, holding out for the Urban Trapper petite!
I got this one. The blade is deeper but not thick in the spine.

I think the lack of snappyness comes from the knife being so light.
I remember reading complaints about the titanium frame wearing out with the trapper knife. Does this pose a similar issue?
Honestly, I was wanting this knife from the first run, but it seems so similar to the Gent drop which I joined last week. Which would you say is the better knife? There seem to be quite a few complaints about the lock and overall finish. I don't think I've bought a Boker since the Nano came out.
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I was part of the first run on the gents. Let me put it this way, as soon as I saw it reactivated I bought 3 more, one in each color to match my outfits. I've purchased every Ferrum Forge collab through massdrop and have not been disappointed once.
I have got them both from Massdrop. I would definitely recommend the Gent. The Gent is not only cheaper but the fit and finish is much better.
Any chance the regular FR will ever drop again? Not in love with the blue/black look (though the upgraded steel would be nice), but I'm thinking this might be the daily carry I'm looking for (Just a little beefier and more utilitarian than the UT Petite I've been carrying).
Sounds like we'd all be better off going with the similarly-sized Gent -- one of my favorite folders.