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FYI and a word to the wise (not me apparently) is check your blade adage immediately. I just noticed a small chip in my blade. Wouldn’t be upset if i used the knife for anything else but flipping it open.

This makes two knives I purchased here I’m unhappy with. The spyderco rafir noble and this. Threes the charm and then back to knife connection, DLT and brick and mortar.
Anyone have experience that this knife is hard to flip?
Or I am doing it wrongly?
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My finger hurts after trying to flip it a few times lol
Ha, yeah, fair enough!
Anyone open to reading theirs for my boker wooden mirror?
Does this model suffer from the old "blade point is slightly out so you nick yourself all the time" problem (or was that the Urban Trapper)?
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Thanks for the reply. A quick Google allowed me to see that this was / is a problem on the early full-size Kwaiken. Hopefully this has been resolved.
It’s not really an issue on mine. If you run your finger against the closed knife where the tip is you can poke your finger a bit but I’ve never done it handling the knife or in pocket. You kind of have to do it on purpose.

Also, I love mine. It’s the best edc I’ve had. Doesn’t take up pocket space, is clean and classy, and works well for normal needs.
Is this liner stainless steel or titanium?
I had the same concern, and from what I can tell the liner is steel.
Does anyone have a Kwaiken and an Urban Trapper? I own the UT but not a Kwaiken.
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Unfortunately, I can't really shed any light on your question in regards to the full-size versions of the UT compared to the Kwaiken; I have only the mini versions of each. I can tell you that as discreet "gentleman's" knives I like the mini versions of both very much. I prefer the blade shape of the UT but I find the Kwaiken to have a slightly better and more elegant design, and it's a little smoother to open. Perhaps that might translate the same to the full-size versions?

As far as the durability of VG-10 compared to other steels, there's usually some trade-off when it comes to the various traits of these steels (edge retention, ease of sharpening, corrosion resistance, etc), and I don't know what other blades you have in your knife locker. My regular EDC for the past 20+ years has been an ATS-34 bladed Benchmade; technically not quite as tough as VG-10. But I've been beating the holy hell out of it for more than two decades and the blade is still in good shape, shaving sharp, and has never failed me when I've needed it. Granted, I maintain it fairly well but I suppose I'm trying to say that it's not always in the numbers you see on paper. My 2 cents and your mileage may vary. Cheers!
I have both and the difference is that kwaiken has a considerably thicker blade and thick steel liners. It's much more heavy. My urban trapper doesn't have any scales on top of titanium, maybe a layer of carbon or g10 composite fiber on top could give it some rigidity, but even pinching the frame between my fingers I can have titanium frame bend a lot. I could probably rip the blade out of my urban trapper if I wanted to just by bending it out of the way, its titanium has a lot of give.
Kwaiken has none of that flimsiness, it feels like a solid piece of steel that it is. It's more than twice the weight of the urban trapper. I suspect that this is intentional part of a design, it can certainly be used as an impact weapon when folded due to its heft and shape. It's much more similar in feel and apparent design intentions to a crkt vizzle than an urban trapper.
I now have a full size and three minis - one of the minis is Titanium, all the others are G10. They are great for everyday use, highly recommended.
EDIT: Massdrop customer service are owning their mistake and looking after me.

My Kwaiken arrived, however I paid for the CF version and I believe I have received the G10 version. Living in Australia, this is going to be more costly to rectify :(.

Seems like a nice knife, just wish it was the one I ordered.
i have a full size kwaiken on the way and an urban trapper. i really want this.... but ill wait till theres a special edition or a blue box. i wish mass drop had a function that alerts you.
If you click on an older / inactive drop's "request" button, you'll get alerted next time it's revived, by email. That, combined to the emails about new drops, should hopefully cover your alerts needs.
Does anyone know if the Mini and Full size Kwaikens share the same pocket clip? If so, I'd like to see the Pops deep carry clip drop come back soon (preferably also in a blackout version for my Kwaiken Tactical).
And while we're on the subject, how about a Mini Tactical Kwaiken drop?
It seems they are different. You can also get them here, albeit at full price: