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Boker Kwaiken Wooden Mirror - Massdrop Exclusive

Boker Kwaiken Wooden Mirror - Massdrop Exclusive

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Updated 10/12 via email
Hi everyone, We have a quick update for you. We have now received these units to our warehouse and expect them to ship to you by the end of next week. To compensate you for the delay and slow communication with this drop, we have processed a $10 partial refund for your order. You can expect to see the funds in your account in the next 2-3 business days.

Update 10/3 From Jonas (Massdrop Custom Products) - copied from below:
Hey everyone,
We know you've been waiting on this, and we appreciate your patience. Our team has been following up almost daily but had a hard time getting concrete info, but we finally have tracking info that shows the shipment is due to arrive at our warehouse this week, as early as tomorrow.
Our warehouse is currently experiencing an unusually high volume of shipments, so we don't have an exact date for them shipping out to members just yet. Once they arrive and have been processed by the receiving department, we'll update the group with a date by which you should see tracking info.
Thanks again for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please click "Contact Support" in the Transactions area of your member profile so our team can reference your specific order.
------- Update 9/30:
Boker has told us that they sent the latest batch of 800 units to us yesterday, so we expect them to arrive next week. Sorry for the additional delay on us receiving and sending out this drop. There will be some time needed for receiving, processing (quality control check), and then labeling and shipping, and these should be shipped out within 7-14 days of them landing in our warehouse.
I'll try and get more information on specific timeline along with pictures when they hit our warehouse, and will share an update with you all then. (Next update on or before: 10/9)
---- Hey all - I wanted to provide an (overdue) update to you. Due to production taking longer than initially anticipated, these orders are shipping later than the original estimate. Based on the timing we’ve been given by Boker, we expect all orders to be shipped by 9/29 at the latest, but will be shipping orders out in batches as soon as they come in starting next week (9/11-9/15). I know this delay is a disappointment, but I also know it’s way worse that we did not update you accordingly until now. Mistakes and delays happen, but it’s on us to be as upfront, timely, and consistent in communication with you about them as we can be. I’m sorry for the delay, and even more so for our poor communication. I’m working with the team to fix the breakdown in the process that led to lack of an update for so long. If you have feedback for me on this, feel free to reply here or reach out to me at If you would prefer to cancel your order, please contact Community Support using the “Contact Support” button on your transactions page and our Community Support Team will be able to help cancel your order up until it is ready for shipment. Thank you.
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I received my knife yesterday as well. You are correct. The wood is ”natural “. No sealer, no protective coating. It will absorb any & all oil on your hand and will quickly discolor. FAIL.
I received my knife serial# 0951 this week as well. The blade is centered and no issues with the grinds. No dings or scratches on the scales but no sealer of any sort. Very dry..Since this is not a gift I coated the scales with Renaissance Wax, which I highly recommend. That was a very long wait but all said I'm pleased with this knife, but probably would not do this again.
Hey everyone,
We know you've been waiting on this, and we appreciate your patience. Our team has been following up almost daily but had a hard time getting concrete info, but we finally have tracking info that shows the shipment is due to arrive at our warehouse this week, as early as tomorrow.
Our warehouse is currently experiencing an unusually high volume of shipments, so we don't have an exact date for them shipping out to members just yet. Once they arrive and have been processed by the receiving department, we'll update the group with a date by which you should see tracking info.
Thanks again for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please click "Contact Support" in the Transactions area of your member profile so our team can reference your specific order.
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Wait, there are options beyond "We appreciate your patience! But will not do anything to compensate you. Our bad we're over a month past the estimated ship date. Sucks to be you. Cancel your order or leave us alone?"
Yup, 6 months later not much has changed here far as I can tell.
where can I get some of the balls for the ball bearing? Was cleaning the knife and some disappeared.
Got my knife today (4/21/18). I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with the community because of all the bad knives that people were getting in the earlier drops. The reason I pulled the trigger on this was because it was definitely one of the coolest versions of the kwaiken ive ever seen and it was 99 bucks which is cheaper than any other kwaiken on BladeHQ.... So I pulled the trigger. How are they now? I've listed below the pros and cons of MY particular knife.

Boker Kwaiken Wooden Mirror #1203
My knife was clearly opened before I got it. The silver safely seal was broken. I was a little bummed by this because on a brand new knife you wouldn't expect something like this. I suspect that Massdrop were conducting their own quality control because of all the bad knives that were going out earlier. I know it wasn't USPS because the massdrop padded envelope packaging was unmolested when i received it:
Second, the blade grind clearly favors the left side. Its not bad enough that I would send it back to MD, but its definitely there.
Third is that the blade shouldnt be advertised as a mirror finish. Its more like a hazy carnival fun-mirror if you catch my drift. If you put it right up against stuff like I did in my image and how they do it in the stock image, it will appear to be a mirror finish.... but anything over 3 inches away forget about it. I would say its more of a highly polished finish and not a mirror finish:

Now for the GOOD:
Knife is gorgeous. Scales are beautiful. However like people said before they do come unfinished so I recommend putting something like balistol or some other wood finish on it so your knife doesn't absorb any foreign liquids and stain.
Second, fit and finish are very nice. Blade is perfectly centered and the overall build is certainly of high quality. The blade could have come a bit sharper (can sort of shave but not really.) This isn't an issue for me because I enjoy putting my own edge on it anyways.
Overall: Good knife and if it drops again I recommend picking one up. For 99 bucks you cant beat it when you compare it to the standard kwaiken offerings.
Thanks for the writeup. My findings are similar and I really, really like this knife. Mine was also open and I imagine there was a QC check on these because mine had none of the problems mentioned earlier. Thanks Massdrop!
So.. if ordered now will It ship by 24th April ?? I'm thinking these comments are now dated??
A bit late but you know what they say.... Fortunately my Kwaiken arrived perfect!!! thank you Boker and Massdrop! I’ve been fortunate enough to aquire several limited production Boker/Burnley Kwaikens for my collection and all are spot on!! This one is definitely my favorite!! The only question about this knife is, why was it sent out with unfinished scales? As for myself I don’t mind, I have already applied a few coats of wax and buffed it to a soft sheen. However from reading quite a few posts it has been a concern.
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Yes i do, you can also use linseed oil or oil and then wax after oil has been wiped off and is dried. The nice thing about wax is, it not only seals and protects the wood, it can give a bit of extra grip. Don’t feel you have to use bees wax, I have a friend that uses turtle wax on his 25k baby grand piano! Just apply your wax let it dry and buff with a lint free cloth. Do this several times and re apply as needed. Old cotton t shirts work Good for buffing. Good luc, I hope this helps.
Thanks mate. Ive used boiled linseed on my axes before but i have some natural bees wax that i use on leather lying around so will give that a go.
Whats everyone treating the wood with? Boiled linseed? Wouldnt mind hearing/seeing pics of other options like wax.
No love for the lefties?
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I can never understand why a knife company would want to eliminate 10% of the worlds population from their list of potential buyers right off the bat. Frustrating.
I never understand either. No money for them from me is all I say to it.
So who ended up getting #379?
I have to say I’m a bit disappointed here. The “mirror” polish shows clear grind lines. The knife itself is not bad so I’m not returning it or anything but if you’re looking for mirror, look elsewhere
From all the comments, this doesn’t sound like a $250 value as the MSRP suggests🤔. I have a mini Boker Kwaiken and feel like it’s a little over priced, but I still enjoy it for sure.
got one last time, it was a resounding "meh".
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Yeah I bet it is remaining inventory. Some of the folks said they got excellent wood handles. Guess it is up the luck of the draw.
i guess thats how it is with a natural material like wood too. good luck to ya, its a great looking knife in the product shots. hope the MDxboker stuff can up the QC cause i do like their offerings.
I had participated in the previous drop and ordered 2 knives. Thankfully, I had none of the problems that some other folks had and my serial #s were below 200 and mid 700s. I gave both away as presents and they were great hits; in fact I felt tempted to keep the lower SS because the wood grain on that knife was just spectacular. But, I am just a sucker......Thus, I am in for another two and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, MD and Boker have learned from the previous fuckups. One thing I don't like are the freaking ball bearings to run the blade instead of a bushing or a spring. Good luck trying to fix that knife in the field (if you ever were to crazy to take it out that way). However, for what I use it (FFing outside the display case) its fine though.
I was disappointed I missed this drop first time around but after reading the comments from those who got one I guess I lucked out. I like the look of the knife but I don't buy knives I can't at least use for small jobs. The idea of unfinished wood scales is the real turn off for me. Maybe if they do improved production in the future I'll join in.
I'm a little surprised to see this again. I expect Massdrop is selling off the rest of the 2500 limited-edition run, which would mean no new-and-improved production run. I hope these statements from @JonasHeineman (Custom Product Manager for Blades and Everyday Carry) earlier in this discussion still hold true: "We will not be ordering any more sprint runs from them" "We certainly are not planning any more sprint runs, and we're looking closely at the production models, too."
My knife came with scales scratched and cracked with glue stains, and of course the stiff action. Thanks to Massdrop's great customer support I quickly got a replacement. After disassembling, cleaning, lubricating, modifying, mix'n'matching, & finishing the wood I have one good looking knife with great action, and one bad looking knife with ok action.
I'm glad I finally have the knife I wanted, but it took far too much effort.
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Gonna roll the dice and hope I get one without flaws.
@JonasHeineman any hope of getting the deep carry clip as a drop as well?
This looks like a beautiful knife, something that I'd have jumped all over if I didn't first read the comments. Can anyone at Massdrop confirm whether this production run is improved from the last time around? There were quite a few comments of poor and extremely stiff action.
And for those who have had these for months, any improvement?
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Arrived today and it is great and no issues. For reference serial is #1417
Mine came in today. No complaints with the action, smooth. No odd smell (saw someone mentioned that from the first run) on the scales. Finish on the blade isn't 'quite' as mirror reflective as the picture but is still so shiny it makes me not want to use it for fear of running scratches up the blade.
This is my first Boker knife and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pretty worried seeing all the complaints on here but my knife came in a while ago and it's been great. Smooth action without a lot of force required to open, centered blade, very sharp, no issues with the scales. My only complaint is the pocket clip seems to be a little quick to loosen. I may try some Loctite but I'm also considering a deep carry clip from Pop's so I may hold off for now.

I see a lot of comments regarding the unfinished scales, heres a quick effective method to finish them, remove the pocket clip take a small dab of coconut oil (any common kitchen brand will work) give it a good rub, repeat 4-5 times and you will have beautiful finished scales that are also protected from staining. Also Pops Custom Clips (etsy) has a great selection of custom pocket clips for a deep carry.
Can I still do this if I've already been using the knife? This is my first knife with wood scales and I don't know much about them.
Big-Drewsky go for it, the wood will suck up the oil, give each side a good rub after its evenly applied (until it gets warm from the friction) repeat 4-6 times. let me know how it works out for you. Cheers!
I have an update on my Kwaiken seizure by Australian Border Forces.
After completing the form to object to seizure, pointing out that it is not a (using their legal definition), BUTTERFLY KNIFE, and posting links to Aussie knife sites showing that the same knife is available to buy, they have sensibly upheld my apeal, and I now have it my hand and fondling it as we speak!
Still waiting on my shipment of depleted uranium from North Korea, but that is a fight for another day!
I came back to this drop to say this. It took a RIDDICULOUS amount of force to open. I actually had to use something small enough to push the blade itself out on the second attempt instead of the jimped opener..... What on earth??
I disassembled it and saw like other people have said, it was basically lubricated with something that looked like the thick sludge from the bottom of a cars oil catch can after its gone 40,000 km past its last oil change.
However that wasnt even the problem, I found when moving the bearings around that they would actually stop at one point in their circle track because it wasnt milled correctly and it was too tight. I have a feeling the little ball mechanism that locks the blade closed had its hole milled too deep as well, seated too well to let the blade open up.
Its incredibly dangerous to open because of how much force I had to use to do so, actually cut open my finger because of this action. Im just lucky it was just shallow enough to not require some form of stitches..... haemostatic bandages sufficed.
It took over 4 hours of re feeding in the very tiny ball bearings and fiddly positioning (being one finger down didnt help) before I managed to get the thing closed again after hitting it with wd40 and comprehensively cleaning the entire action. Now that there was no sludge to hold the bearings in theyd fall out at every opportunity which at least it meant it was lubricated now and ready for use. Problem was, nothing changed, as the blade movement was still very grainy and stiff (not surprising considering the afforementioned bearing issue) and the still impossible to dislodge opening.
As my first ever Boker knife and seeing all the nice smooth opening actions on youtube..... What the fuck happened to this one? And I dont seem alone reading these comments. My knifes number is #1330 for reference.
All this is surely grounds for replacement right? But i have no Idea how to start that process... (can anyone help?) As it stands I have a dangerous wooden trimmed paperweight, as I refuse to use something this unsafe. But having to ship from Australia at my expense for a defective product thats not my fault is really depressing.
All in all pretty horrific experience for today.
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Honestly. It absolutely soured the brand for me and I know I won't be buying anything from them. On the one hand, I appreciate him calling, by all means. But it's a kwaiken. The inside isn't made of fairy dust and some magical steel. Just send over the internals at the least. But he flat-out said they can't do anything with warranties, especially after I went back and forth between Massdrop's genuinely awesome customer service and Boker's clueless support. The entire experience is just disappointing, especially with such a brand. I don't even know if I should sell it on eBay or try to fix it or anything. Regardless I'm not keeping it and haven't even used it since the day he said they won't do anything.
Send it to me and Ill drop it out of a plane and into the ocean to die a slow rusty painful death like its doing to my soul. Just dont tell the local air safety board *shify eyes* I mean my pilots license gotta be good for something cool right?
For anyone debating about joining this "Exclusive", special drop this time or in the future. I wanted to give my 2 cents.
I ordered this knife in it's initial drop. I have a small knife collection, and the few Kwaikens I have are the crown jewels in it. In fact it was a picture of a Kwaiken that inspired me to get into knives and starting a collection. My first Kwaiken was through Massdrop and I was very happy with it. Since then, I have gotten a few more: carbon fiber scales, better steel, different sizes and finishes, all that.
This custom, exclusive, Mirror Finish, VG-10, Wooden Scales version was to be the ultimate version to cap off the collection within my collection. Instead, it is the best looking, worst version of the bunch. It mainly comes down to the action when opening. It's gritty and not smooth at all. I'm aware that a brand new, one handed, flipper folder can take some time to break in. Any time I get a new knife I have a good time opening and closing it while sitting around watching TV or whatever. That's the fun! You get a feel for the knife, the action, the muscle memory to open it quickly all the while giving it a good break in. I've had it a few weeks now and it's not getting any better. In fact it's getting worse.
The six months it took to arrive made me mad, but also got me more excited for when I got it. Equally, it was that much more disappointing when I flipped it open for the first time and it felt awful.
On the positive side, the blade is gorgeous. The mirror finish gets a double take from anyone I show it to. The steel came very well sharpened and both takes and holds an edge spectacularly well. The centering is perfect and all the little details are right about the labeling and stamping, etc.
The wood is also very well done, but i do worry about oil from my hands and dirt ruining the look over time.
Overall, I'm conflicted. It's certainly not an everyday carry, but I knew that going in. The blade is too gorgeous, and I worry about messing up the look by even cutting a little string. The wood is also a problem. It's too vulnerable to nicks and scratches and discoloration over time. But the main thing is that when you carry a knife this awesome around with you, half the fun is showing it off to those who would appreciate it, and then it feels like junk when they open it for the first time.
My complaints are minor but fundamental. For the most part, I've always been happy with Massdrop when it comes to the products and deals that they find. I realize it's not their fault if a manufacturer misses a deadline or two. This was my first purchase where I was upset by delays and minimal communication about the status of a drop.
Just my 2 cents. Do what you will. I didn't post any pictures because it looks exactly as advertised.
Malcolm Harding
PS. If anybody else received their knife and feels the same way about the feel when opening/closing the knife and has any advice about fixing it, I'd love to hear it!
To make it smoother when opening/closing: Disassemble the knife, clean off and replace the lubricant where metal touches metal. Most importantly the bearings.
To make it take less initial effort to open: Bend the liner lock away from blade. You probably won't break it. Be careful as a small bend makes a huge change.
You need Torx bits #5, #6, and #8. Dealing with IKBS bearings really is a pain. Googling for a Kwaiken teardown will help.
Thanks very much for the advice!
Ooo shiny
Also I’d love to see a mirrored mini with a deep carry clip.
Has anyone gotten one from the last drop yet?
Yeah, if you scroll down you can find several people posting pictures etc. Mine came in great and it's wicked sharp. Looks fantastic too.
Does this knife company have a good reputation? I've just started looking at different knives for a gift, and I'm not familiar.
Is it just me or is Massdrop becoming Knifedrop? Knife game strong!
I also like coming on fountain pens and ink and computer parts.
My knife finally arrived today, 9th November. It looks amazing! So long as you only look from one side.
The action is incredibly stiff, requiring a hurt finger or two hands. I don't currently have small enough Torx bits to hand for loosening it. Repeating the action for 20 minutes hasn't loosened it.
The scale on the clip slide has scuff marks near the blade and a crack running almost halfway down.

A better angle on the crack, which has a shiny stain at the pivot (glue? oil?).

Same side again. The scale does not follow the shape of the metal frame below it, most noticeable along the bottom where the gap goes thin to thick (left to right). Also notice the chip rounding off the bottom right corner (more on this next). (It's difficult to see the full length of the crack below as it becomes hairline. I can try get a better shot if anyone wants to see it clearer.)

Chips on the same scale. I have no idea how this scale passed QC with four significant issues. The other side is much better with only a small, fixable, alignment issue.

Lets finish with some good news: The blade came incredibly sharp, it passed my skin test nicely (Oops, dang that stiff action). All the logos are crisp and nicely centered. The blade itself is perfectly centered. The mirror finish; a small amount of cleaning with a microfiber cloth really brought it out. This picture was taken at a fairly steep angle showing clear and sharp text with very little grain from the blade (Excuse the shallow depth of field and camera grain it's pretty dark here). Edit: #0399 Despite joining the drop late July. I would have preferred unserialised.
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Funny you mention the skin test. I cut myself more with this knife than any other. Not how you'd expect, though. Not only was it the hand not holding the knife, but it was the back tip of the blade. For some reason, early on I was holding it kind of close to my body, so often on the open it'd just barely scratch my left hand. It opened extremely well, so I was playing with it a lot, doing one-handed opens and closes. I kind of hold it further away from myself now and I haven't had issues. I think I hit my stomach a bit once as well. It's always a little shocking, heals in a couple days.
I asked for a replacement scale and was sent a whole knife! Massdrop support were, as always, very nice and helpful. I hope in the future MD takes more care working with their suppliers/manufacturers for custom runs.
The replacement knife is much better than the original. The only fault being that the wooden scales still don't follow the shape of the metal frame accurately; I am totally OK with this as it's only noticeable if you look for it. The small amount of wax(?) finish on the original has gone on the replacement. This means I can easily put my own finish on it, which is nice.
The knife is beautiful and is instantly my favourite. After all the problems I'm glad I joined and didn't cancel.
Is this knife legal in Germany?? Is it leagal to own or to carry?
I'm not German, but from what I know, since it's a manual knife, opens with one hand *and* locks open, it would be legal to own but not carry in public.
Mine has arrived. Not impressive but it is fine.
Not sure if mine is perfectly mirror finished or not. But I believe there are haziness & grainy. Can some expert verify?
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That is a nice and detailed review. He sure is a very knowledgeable person about knife.
Don't mean to be funny just my honest reaction when I saw it. If I got two Boker in the mail, I would not know which of which until I open and that could be frustrating.
I didn't have any complaints about my mirror finish, but I do believe someone at Massdrop mentioned that you could get a better mirror finish buffing it yourself, and that it wasn't going to be perfect how they sent it out, or rather not as reflective as possible.