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Boker Plus Tactical Pen CAL .45 Titanium

Boker Plus Tactical Pen CAL .45 Titanium

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Where's the price?
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Would have been perfect if it accepted more standard refills like pilot or Schmidt. The Cal.50 Version is actually better in most cases.
No flame this time :-(
Yes its time for another pen. My wife loves this pen so much she took it from me.
I really like this pen, it's sturdy as hell, my favorite when I'm working or when Im on trekking. I see a lot of people complaining about almost everything, please don't believe them, just try one of this and make your own mind. I had mine for a while, works all the time, it's nice, sturdy, and lightweight, and looks good all the time and you don't need to worry about damage (before someone point the obvious, yes you can always take a hammer an break the pen, Titanium is not impervious to damage, just more corrosion resistance and strong as stainless steel, but lighter, and a little more scratch resistant, so generally speaking, I just say that is more forgiving than most of the aluminum and steel pens available)
So, at the end I'm sure this pen will last, and is more probable that you had the pen lost before you had problems with the quality.
I will totally recommend this pen, it's really a must if you spend a lot of time in saline environments, like sailing at the sea.
Got mine. It's solid, good looking, and filthy. Grind marks and dust all the way through the barrel behind the clip. Not a huge deal, but would have expected a bit more attention to detail.
This is the same Boker .45 Cal Ti pen that's for sale on Amazon right now for $41.13, free shipping, arrives in about a week; your choice grey or black--isn't it? I looked at the respective descriptions but danged if I see where the extra $35 is going.
Now the flame finish saves some $: Amazon had it for $103; its +$23 here, so you'd save four bucks. On a hundred dollar pen. And I didn't check when it would ship, but probably for that smoking deal on the flames pen one would trade about a month+ of time spent waiting.
Am I missing something? I mean that honestly. My math ain't great and it's 13:20 local, which means I've got a straight buzz, so it's totally possible the Massdrop version has a cool feature I missed. If not though...why would anyone buy the standard model? Its not even close.
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Those will be the aluminium ones. Lowest Amazon price I can see for the ti is $78.72
Ah, thats an improvement for and thanks for clearing that up--I knew I was missing something. Those prices didnt make any damn sense.
However, you say you see one on the Big A for $78.72? That would make the savings on the drop of a buck anr change--far better than costing more but still pretty insignificant when weighed against the relative delivery times. The Ti thing certainly improves the comparison, but not enough for me (and I imagine others feel the same way) to want to get in on the drop. For what amounts to a dollar for express delivery one could order from Amazon and have the pen in days rather than weeks or months.
So I am seeing LAMY #M22 ink refills with ball point tips and then ones that I assume they just call a cartridge that has no tip.
Can anyone shed some light on what would be the correct thing to buy for refills on this pen? Do I need the one with the ballpoint tip or just the cartridge?
I have always used cheap, disposable pens, so I am new to this and buying a pen at this price I will obviously want to get refills.
Any advice is appreciated.
The Lamy replacement cartridges all have a ball point tip. Some advertise it, but most don't because it is generally assumed.
How is a pen "tactical"?
I used to be a writer like you, then I took a 45 caliber pen to the knee.
When you carry it to the mall in your Maxpedition handbag to buy a bat'leth.
My refil stopped working today, and I've had the pen, what, 2 weeks, and used it maybe six times. Taking the refil out it has no markings on it whatsoever. What are the chances that Boker have taken a generic, cheap copy of the Lamy refil ?
Unfortunately not
I received my Boker .45 Cal Titanium pen. It is well-balanced, writes well, and is easy to hold and use. There is one flaw I found on unboxing. One side of the integral clip has been left unsmoothed, and it is razor-sharp. When people admire the pen I can't just hand it to them, but must first point out the risk of cuts. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Mine too, it's razor sharp. I'm going to use a flat needle file and see if I can smooth it off.
Mine was as well, but I filed it down to stop it
I have now been apart of two drops with Boker pens. The first time was the aluminum bolt pen. Originally I was sent the wrong pen entirely (which the did let me keep) and then it took forever to finally ship the correct one. The second time I got the flame treated titanium bolt pen. This time my order was straight up cancelled weeks after the estimated ship date (Massdrop was kind enough to offer a $20 credit for the inconvenience). I don't know why the Boker drops are so wonky but beware!
3rd time's the charm! Let's see if it actually ships... and is the right product too...
what happen when the pen run out of ink?? where can i get refill?
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You're complaining about five dollar refills but were otherwise considering a $67 pen? Your priorities confuse me.
I guess it’s kinda like when you order 1000$ of stuff online but the 5$ shipping makes you rethink it all lol.
These catch my eye every time they hit Massdrop, but the comments in this discussion are alarming. I don't have a problem with spending $70 on a pen like this, but I would expect it to be at least as functional as the 7 dollar F-701 I've had for 10 years. Has anyone actually received one that lives up to the quality that is advertised?
Quality of the physical pen is great. The issue is finding refills that are extemely proprietary to LAMY. When Staples or Office Depot cant help you know there is a problem. Since these are made in Germany, it might me more available outside of the US.
I have the aluminum version of this pen and I use fisher space pen refills because I took a small drill bit and made the hole for the refill bigger.
Man, I'd totally get this but I haven't used a pen in years.
So the offer to help me out with some refills wasn't honored. Had to buy my own ink for a brand new pen. Sorry Massdrop, but I am not very impressed with your abysmal customer service.
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Then they should have never sent me this:
JonasHeineman2345Follow Buying Manager 10w petefreudGood stuff. If it's just the refills, maybe we can just send you some cartridges...I think they are LAMY... thumb_up+ 0replyReplyshare Share more_horiz
In that case I have no idea. I kind of knew ahead of time the ink would be bad. Sorry man. E-mail them again?
What grade of Titanium is used to make these pens? The description, and the website itself, only list Titanium as the material but no specifics are given; there are quite a few grades and alloys of Titanium.
It's a pen and I assume any grade would be ok.
nice charging handle.
wait....flame finish is +$20? lmao....FYI just buy the regular titanium and save $20 by lightly passing a torch flame at the pen to your desired effect. I stumbled upon this drop after looking at the current (active) drop for the black aluminum pen. Now that I have seen the Titanium Flame pen it is hard not to want it. But despite me not being known for frugality, I am hesitant to spend $100 on what's basically a (really bad ass looking) novelty pen. I think that I could be satisfied with the $40 (still really cool looking) grey aluminum Boker Tactical pen on Amazon. So before I make my mind up, can someone tell me how much the Ti Flame pens ran during this last drop? TIA.
You will find out tomorrow :)
These came very fast. Looks to be titanium. The bolt screws in and can come loose. Will need to be locktite.

I wonder if it's CNC'd in China but assembled in Germany.
That was kind of disappointing. I ordered a second small Böker because I lost my first one. Can't remember it saying MiC. :(
What makes it "CAL .45"? or is just another case of "All Your Bases Are Belong To Us" + desperate attempt to be TactiCool?
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It's called that because this pen is as wide in diameter as a .45 cartridge.
Basically, 0.45 inches.
You are rolling the dice ordering these pens. First I got the wrong pen, then what was supposed to be "the correct pen." Neither of them wrote for more than a couple days. Useless paperweights now. Very upset as this was my first drop participation. Wish I could send them back for a refund, but I am guessing that I would have to pay the shipping. What a let down. DON'T DO IT!!
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Directly from Boker's site: All warranty claims MUST INCLUDE a $14.95 shipping and handling fee with each submission.
Damn. That's a hard stance. 20% of a pen sale cost. To ship back.
Is there a fountain pen insert I can stuff into this? my guess is a Extra Fine Japanese something or other.,.
Has all the prior orders or drop received the correct pen at this time? I see several people who received a different pen that was not titanium. I dont wish to join the drop until I know the root cause of that issue was resolved and everyone made whole.
The vendor was in the middle of a restructuring at their warehouse and got their SKUs mixed up. Won't happen again.
Thanks for making the efforts to get us the correct pens. I just want to confirm that we will revive the titanium pens we ordered, and not aluminum. Clarification on this would be greatly appreciated!

Boker Overall length: 5 in (12.7 cm) Weight: 30g Material: Titanium Compatible with LAMY #M22 ink refills
What happened?
I ordered this
But I received this:


it is clearly not what I paid for! What's up Massdrop??
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Shouldn't have to when you purchase a brand new high-end pen from a reputable retailer
Agreed. But I'm not wasting time sending it back when I can buy one. I know it sucks. And after that it's such a great pen.
I wish MassDrop would do a X thing and get these made out of brass or copper or some rare steel etc.
I did NOT get the pen I ordered!!
The vendor has confirmed that all of the orders are now on the way. Once tracking is available, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Please allow 24-48 hours for this information to update in the courier’s system. 
If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Boker Plus Tactical Pen CAL .45 Titanium and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.
As soon as the group's order is ready at the vendor's location, they will ship the individual orders directly to you. The current estimated ship date is 1/17.
We will keep the group updated throughout the fulfillment process. You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 1/9.
If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (
The vendor has confirmed that all of the orders are now on the way. Once tracking is available, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Please allow 24-48 hours for this information to update in the courier’s system.
If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (