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Boker Wasabi Pocket Knives

Boker Wasabi Pocket Knives

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Cocobolo is sold out already. I'll have to pass
Massdrop - which version of knife do we get???

I found pictures all over the web of 2 versions of the Wasabi blade. This one with a good point, but without the plunge line and grind curve at the spine is in Norway and is crystal clear if you click on it for the close-up:
I understand that Boker sells a western style knife in the Japanese market called the “Horse Radish.”

“Wasabi.” Really?
I see the point of your comment (assuming it was supposed to be facetious), but remember that in the west Wasabi is an iconic part of Japanese food. It's an odd choice but certainly makes more sense than your reverse example.

Then again, knowing Japan I wouldn't be surprised if they liked the sound of a knife named "horse radish".
No frame lock? pass.
Damn, this thing looked lefty friendly from the thumbnail. I should have known better since it's a Boker.
The pictures seem to show different points. I don’t *think* it’s the angle of the pictures, but I’m not sure.

Actually, the GRIND is different in the pictures, too. Which one do you get?

Unusual knife. I like the flipper.
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Nope, there’s no plunge line on the blade in the lead picture. In fact, the logo and text on the blade are right where the plunge line would go through them.
2 different designs. Nice catch.
I don't think I see a weight?
Yep, would be good to add to the description - Baker site says 51g, 1.8oz
So let me be the first to ask, what is up with the pricing of the MSRP for this drop.
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Boker's website says 69.95 for the G10 version:
Must be a typo, it's obviously $6995
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