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Will this work well with Fidelio X2
I've had mine for a year or two now. I really enjoy listening to live music through it. Guitars sing and voices are a smooth buttery and prominent.
Can I use a 12AX7 or 12AT7 tube on it? I don't know if there's any danger if I change the 12AU7 tube to others.
sounds pretty good, lowers the bass output a little bit with the included tube. (my first tube amp).

is anyone else's amp make a loud pop when powering on/off the amp with headphones plugged in? (im using Sennheiser HS598) my mayflower o2 doesn't pop when i power on/off.
Nice little amp and very securely packaged! Sucks it doesn't come with rubber feet though; I'll have to get some.
should shaking the amp distort the sound? or is something broken in mine?
Vacuum tubes are sensitive to external vibration.
Good deal, thanks man
The amp works well, although i received a faulty power cable, luckily i had one in use somewhere else i could borrow, but ill contact massdrop support to see about a replacement.
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Our vendor has informed us that inventory will become available to them towards the beginning of next week. They will be working hard to prepare all your individual orders for shipment and aim to have this drop fulfilled by 4/27.

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Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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WTF 30db gain?
Does anyone know if this amp is strong enough for Fostex T50RP MK3? I was told that the headphone is very power hungry headphone and not sure if this amp has enough power to drive the headphone. Anyone can answer would be very helpful. Thank you.
What is the AC input voltage? Is is strictly 110V (US) or is it 110-240V (works in US, Europe and Asia)? Thanks.
Can this be used with USB headphones ?
No, unless they have a 1/4mm jack.
In my apartment, when I plug in my speakers they make an electrical hum sound. Would something like this clean the sound and remove the humming? (Apologies if this is an obvious or unapplicable question)
Most likely you have an improper ground and or noisy incoming power. This is a headphone amp and is not applicable to your situation. A good power conditioner may help your situation but there are other methods for chasing electrical hum. Google is your friend.