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I was wondering if the Russian Electro Harmonix 12au7 tube in this amp is high or low gain?
I’m going to do some tube rolling once mine is delivered, but I’d Like to know what my starting point is with the factory tube.
Received mine, and after the power light initially turned on, it faded out after 10 seconds and has not turned on again since. Tried multiple outlets, no improvement. No power, no sound. only disappointment.
You should contact them and claim a replacement
If you did not start using tube amp, get it immediately, it is great start, which helped me to hear new sound. You will never regret it!
It was a long wait to save just $10 bucks. And the shipment is delayed now. Typical Massdrop... Need to cancel my order and buy from Amzon for $89 with one day shipping.
Take a look on ebay ... ;o)
Hi im new to tube amp, so i got my Bravo Ocean 3d ago, also i have Sennheiser HD600 to pair with, just want to ask what 'extra' other tube can i try beside the the original tube that comes with Brave Ocean? i just want to experience the other extra tube, also where do you buy those extra tubes? any website suggestion (with international shipping)?
12AU7 / ECC82 tubes. You can spend as little as 15 bucks, or as much as maybe 50 for some new old stock thing.

I am pretty happy with a russian Electro Harmonix in mine, but I might pick up a new old stock RCA "clear top" 12AU7, which are supposed to be pretty good.

Believe it or not, you may actually have access to some pretty dope tubes in places outside north america. You should also look around domestically. These tubes were absolutely ubiquitous for a LONG time.
I just got mine in and started listening to it and the right channel is noticeably quieter at lower volumes than the left. I’ve got it hooked up to the SMSL M3 DAC/amp right now. I know it isn’t the headphones bc I play the same music through the SMSL and there isn’t an issue, and I’ve tried swapping the cable. I reached to Bravo Audio, but is there something I can do in the meantime?
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On the NFB?
Is support directly from Bravo?
just missed the drop..... anytime redropping soon??
If i got this and the Jubilee 58X would I want a DAC to go with it? I don't know a thing about audiophile stuff but I'd like one nice setup/pair of headphones just to have
I believe a DAC would be good depending on your source. From an iPhone or Android device, you can connect to the input of the amp from the headphone jack. From a CD or DVD player, you can connect from the RCA output of the player. I both of these cases, you’re using the source device’s built in DAC. Your sound would improve if you go directly from the source digital signal to a dedicated DAC then to the Bravo.

for me, I’m building my system gradually. I’m getting this amp and then later, when I have a little more cash, I’ll get a nice DAC. In the meantime, I’ll connect this to my Macbook’s headphone output and use the Mac’s onboard DAC.
I'd be using a CD player, an LG android and a PC. So I would want to connect the source to the DAC, then the amp, then the headphones? (Or just to the amp then the phones if I'm not using a DAC of course)
Listening to mine now, which was delivered yesterday, with a selection of a few inexpensive tubes. It certainly does tubey things. Don't know much else to say about it than that.

Edit: After about half an hour, the left channel has gone dead, looks like a bad RCA jack. I popped the lid open and also found taht one of the mosfets aren't even screwed down to the heat sink plate completely.

Bummer, off to massdrop support again.

Edit: 3 days and massdrop is still silent. cool story guys.

Edit 2: they offered me 20% back and keep, or a return. I took the 20% and broke out the soldering iron.
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Seemed that way with mine
They might as well make this in to a kit set so people could do their own soldiering, much like the OLKB keebs haha.
Has anyone listened to this alongside the Vali 2? Any thoughts on how those two would compare? I imagine the Vali is better quality, but I’m intrigued by this guy.
I have both, vali sounded actually worse with its original tube, after I change it to better one they begin to sound similar, considering the price, having both if them is just great.