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Hi im new to tube amp, so i got my Bravo Ocean 3d ago, also i have Sennheiser HD600 to pair with, just want to ask what 'extra' other tube can i try beside the the original tube that comes with Brave Ocean? i just want to experience the other extra tube, also where do you buy those extra tubes? any website suggestion (with international shipping)?
I just got mine in and started listening to it and the right channel is noticeably quieter at lower volumes than the left. I’ve got it hooked up to the SMSL M3 DAC/amp right now. I know it isn’t the headphones bc I play the same music through the SMSL and there isn’t an issue, and I’ve tried swapping the cable. I reached to Bravo Audio, but is there something I can do in the meantime?
Is support directly from Bravo?
just missed the drop..... anytime redropping soon??
If i got this and the Jubilee 58X would I want a DAC to go with it? I don't know a thing about audiophile stuff but I'd like one nice setup/pair of headphones just to have
I believe a DAC would be good depending on your source. From an iPhone or Android device, you can connect to the input of the amp from the headphone jack. From a CD or DVD player, you can connect from the RCA output of the player. I both of these cases, you’re using the source device’s built in DAC. Your sound would improve if you go directly from the source digital signal to a dedicated DAC then to the Bravo.

for me, I’m building my system gradually. I’m getting this amp and then later, when I have a little more cash, I’ll get a nice DAC. In the meantime, I’ll connect this to my Macbook’s headphone output and use the Mac’s onboard DAC.
Listening to mine now, which was delivered yesterday, with a selection of a few inexpensive tubes. It certainly does tubey things. Don't know much else to say about it than that.

Edit: After about half an hour, the left channel has gone dead, looks like a bad RCA jack. I popped the lid open and also found taht one of the mosfets aren't even screwed down to the heat sink plate completely.

Bummer, off to massdrop support again.

Edit: 3 days and massdrop is still silent. cool story guys.
Has anyone listened to this alongside the Vali 2? Any thoughts on how those two would compare? I imagine the Vali is better quality, but I’m intrigued by this guy.
I have both, vali sounded actually worse with its original tube, after I change it to better one they begin to sound similar, considering the price, having both if them is just great.
I did not notice if it comes with power supply and what voltage, it is not mentioned it the drop. I guess it should by still...
I was wondering the same thing but on amazon there were some answer saying it have the power supply between 100-240v to 24v dc in. Still don't know how that work with so wide range of voltage tho
New to tube amps here. Does it need time to warm up (heard thats a tube amp-related thing) and does this particular model do simultaneous outputs? I have a soundbar and an old 2.0 speakers which I sometimes switch both on to get stronger beats lol.
tube amp process is like if it is done warming, it allows you to listen, if not warmed you get less sound than without amp or none.. but warming up process is too quick any ways.
Is this worth the extra over the v2 (I believe it was 50 during the drop)? In terms of sound and/or reliability. Also what is the warranty, and how is it handled?
I have owned a V2 for about 4 years -- it was my first tube amp. Due to the open chassis, beware of electrical shorts and be extremely cautious around coffee and soda. I've zapped myself a few times, and even got the "red screen" on an old iPhone. That required a hard reboot and full OS reinstall but the phone was okay.

The V2 is also very light, whereby I've pulled it off the shelf many times (but never broke the tube). I now wrap a cable around a post to keep it in place.

If I had it to do over again, I'd choose Ocean (or another amp with full tube protection) in a heartbeat.

I now own a Massdrop CTH and love the sound, but wish every day that its tube was protected.
By information from the maker (received personally), it is worth it.
This or little dot mk1 / mk2?
I'm new to Amps, and Dacs. Currently I have Fiio A3 that is my first amp. And I'm not sure if the Boomcloud360 can be classified as a dac ? I have a set of Hifiman HE-4xx., and I also have a set of HD 6XX that I'm waiting on. In my case my music will be playing through my Note 8. I'm unsure what cables to purchase to make this work. I just need to learn what is a great setup . My A3, and Boomcloud360 seem to sound Eh?? Ok, actually looking for someone with Knowledge about amps, and dacs to help with what I don't know, and there is plenty that I'm lost on. Any help from someone who has a setup they are pleased with. To guide me in the right way. Would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Scott
Excellent amp for 650, 600, T90 etc. Do no mind the price!
Will this be good with the k712 pro?