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Bravo V2 Headphone Amplifier

Bravo V2 Headphone Amplifier

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Hi Guys,

I have the AMP and im quite fun of it.
The only issue i have is a small hum that comes every couple of seconds.
Can you please advise on how to get ride of it?

*I changed the tube to the gold lion.
I have one, fun little amp. I swapped out the capacitors for 35v Panasonics, the big power cap and two larger filter caps, haven't swapped the coupling caps yet. Seems to have made the tube glow brighter? I have a pair of new transistors to swap in, but I need heat sinks first as the new ones run hotter, and the existing sinks are already on the small side. All of this should improve the high frequency roll off.

Keep you cell away from it, no shielding means you get to hear every text you get before the notification or vibration lets you know.
I had one of these and it had terrible interference in an office environment, ended up getting the FiiO E10K. I replaced the tube and liked the sound though. The plastic top came in REALLY scratched, makes you wonder about their quality control.

It looks cool, but there's no shielding which is pretty dumb.

mine was picking up interference from a fluorescent lamp that was almost directly over my space at work. I found that just moving it a few inches eliminated the buzz. That being said, these are decent amps that deliver good power to your headphones. Just pair it with a decent DAC.
Just to try it try washing your board in rubbing alcohol or any other solvent for cleaning flux. Because my board that a hum and buzz for a while until I thought about just washing the board. And the hum and buzz just went away.
I bought one of these on Amazon so I wouldn't have to wait. It was only $8 more. My question is regarding a DAC. I'm using a Zorloo ZuperDAC that I picked up during the last drop. The question is what is the optimal way to use this combination. This is a setup for work so it did not have to be super high end. I have the volume turned up all the way on the ZuperDAC using my iPhone 6s Plus as the source. I only have to turn the volume nob up not even a quarter on the Bravo to get good volume output to my DT 770 Pro 80 ohm cans. Should the ZuperDAC only be at 1/2 volume since it has an amp also built in. Or should I get a DAC without an amp? I'm new to this stuff. I'm also going to try this out with Massdrop HD6xxx, and Hifiman HE-400i, and HE-560's.
If you like this form factor check out the originals at Garage 1217. They are pricier but also better as they are adjustable for whatever headphones you choose.
These Bravo amps are great fun but two quick bits of advice to potential buyers: Throw out the stock tube and get something half decent, or even better: spend a little more and get the Bravo Ocean instead; it's really worth it. (And then also throw out the supplied tube and get something better).
I was thinking of building a headphone amp based on a circuit like the one on which the Bravo V2 is based. Being kind of lazy, I just bought this version of the Bravo V2, instead. I'm comparing mine to an original version Objective 2 amp, which I built up from a PCB I got directly from NwAvGuy.

So, what do I think of this Bravo V2?

1) Its output impedance is too high. It loads down trying to drive my Fostex T50RP headphones with 60 ohm impedance. Driving those 'phones, the Bravo gets 'gnashy' sounding. Harsh highs, rubbery bass. It sounds kind of 'electronic.' However, driving my Sennheiser/Massdrop HD6XX 300 ohm headphones, the sound from the amp becomes acceptable. It's still a bit more harsh and electronic sounding than if I use the O2 instead. But at least it sounds on par with a typical PC laptop's headphone output when driving higher impedance headphones. That's a pathetically low bar to clear...

2) I'm not having any noise or channel imbalance problems. Mine seems good.

3) I expected the Bravo to sound mushy and 'tube-y.' Instead it sounds 'harsh,' even when driving high impedance headphones. I haven't tried any different 12AU7 tubes in it, which I will do. But unless the supplied Chinese-made 12AU7 is an utter piece of crap, I don't expect a different version 12AU7 will fundamentally alter the annoying sonic character of this amp.

I figure the amp is worth the cost of its constituent parts. At some point I'll try some of the mods people have suggested. But if you're shopping for a 'keeper' of a headphone amp, ignore this.

I'm still happy with my O2, so if an Objective 2 comes up as a drop again, I'd recommend that. This Bravo V2 doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the O2. Not even close. Sorry.
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When you upgraded the capacitors, what parts did you use? What manufacturer? Did you change the capacitance values? Did you change voltage rating? What temperature rating?

Electrolytic capacitors are pretty generic, so unless the originally installed parts are terrible-quality fakes (which is possible), I don't see why replacing one set of electrolytic caps with another pretty much equal-quality set would make any audible difference. Perhaps if you used really good quality, low-ESR, high pulse current-rated caps...
I ran a computer simulation of this amp's circuit, which told me that the amp will generate lots of high-order harmonics (distortion that lends an 'edgy' or 'brittle' sound to the music). It's interesting that the simulation predicts this, because when I first got this amp, I wrote:

3) I expected the Bravo to sound mushy and 'tube-y.' Instead it sounds 'harsh,' even when driving high impedance headphones.

So... It seems the actual sound of the amp agrees with what the circuit simulator predicted. Thinking that the simulator might help me improve the circuit, I tried some things. Nothing helped. I'm sorry, this circuit appears to be beyond help. It's not worth the effort to modify it. I'm not sure what this thing is good for, other than looking kind of cool on my desk at work . Unfortunately, it doesn't sound any better than the headphone jack on my work computer.

Oh well. Moving on now...
This is pretty much just a toy for me. The sound is BAD for K7XX and HE400i (even worse than directly using my cell phone). I don't have 300 or 600 ohm headphones, so I guess my feedback is biased.

I'll probably use this to teach my son what is an AMP. LOL
I have a pair of Fostex T50RP cans that are 60 ohm impedance, and a pair of HD6XX that are 300 ohms. I've played them both through the Bravo V2 I just got. I can tell you that this amp sounds pretty miserable trying to drive low impedance headphones. It gets kind of bright and nasty sounding. It sounds acceptable driving the HD6XX cans, but not as relaxed and clean as my original-version Objective2 amp (built up from the original run of PCBs). I agree, this thing is a toy. Maybe I'll do some experiments on it or something.
Update: I got a DUNU impedance adapter from ebay to add another 75ohm on top of my 35ohm HE400i. Now the sound becomes OK to me.
just received mine last week and tried it once and it had a huge amount of hiss in the background to the point of being UN-listenable especially at low volume. I saw something about burning in the tubes for a different brand but not sure that's what I need to do.
I really like it for work listening, and it's very pretty as well.
What are you using for the DAC? Your MBP?
This vs the xDuoo TA-01 for Hifiman HE-400i.
I have one. I stopped using it. It was so biased to the left side at low volume, I couldn't use it with a lot of my headphones.