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Bulldogge & Co. Square Sketchbook

Bulldogge & Co. Square Sketchbook

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For the future, where can one get refillable book inserts?
this looks awesome. It set my pen and journal nerd senses buzzing at first look!
Any update on shipping??
When is this shipping?
Oh man, I'd jump on this if I weren't on a no-buy. I love my pocket book I picked up from the SF Pen Show, chatting with the guys at this booth was the highlight of an otherwise fantastic weekend. :D

Kinda cool looking. A question about the "book insert". From the pics, it looks like a canvas pen holder is added in. Is this all it does? is there something on either the backside or the opposite side of the pen holder?
Hi Randomthinks.

Glad you think this is cool! The other side of the pen holder does not have a function, it is just the back side of the insert/flap, hope this helps :)

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