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Bungbox Ink (2-Pack)

Bungbox Ink (2-Pack)

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Super drop, I use three of the colors that are offered by Bungubox, I can’t wait for this drop to become to become active again
I just received my drop yesterday. I got Sapphire and Emerald. They included a little card explaining that these inks were designed after the owner used and fell in love with Parker Penman Sapphire And Emerald. While similar, these inks are different enough to warrant have both if you can. In my opinion there are no substitutes to any of these inks. Although Kobe 37 is close to Sapphire and Kobe 35 is close to Emerald, but they are not close enough.

These two inks do not sheen wildly like like some other Sailor made inks do, but they are vibrant and shade incredibly well. For sheening sailor inks: Vibrant Blue get: Sailor Souten, for a cool dusty-bright Blue with tons of gorgeous sheen get: Maruzen Eternal Blue and a nice dusty sheeninggreen get Sailor Epinard or Tokiwa Matsu.

While led I didn’t get other B.B. inks in this drop I do have most of their other inks and. They are all amazing in their own right, but Sapphire, Emerald, 4B and L’Amant are truly irreplaceable.

KWZ and Akkerman/Diamine also makes decent almost comparable inks and Pilot Iroshizuku make nice inks but none truly comparable to the aforementioned Sailor inks. Organic Studios sheening inks smudge everywhere to the point they are not useable other than for novelty. I own all of these and find my pens still have Sailor made inks 90% of the time. Worth the hype and price? Yes. I’m very glad I was able to get in on this drop.
At this moment there is a drop for a Diamine box set. 10 colors @30 ml, $10 less. Of course they are not so creatively named to the point you woul like to consume them orally.
4B is my favorite blue-black, and Piano Mahogany is my favorite brown. Also, Kaoru is incredibly nice and so creative with ink ideas - they have a cool new set of colors to match all the Tokyo subway lines, I am hoping they will do New York's CTA and San Francisco's MUNI some day. If you are in Tokyo (or Hamamatsu), definitely stop by one of their stores and say hello!
June Bride is not listed as either sold out or available in the choices. That’s the main one I’m interested in.
Sorry for the confusion. That color is not available on this drop. The image has been removed to avoid further confusion. Thank you for flagging.
Okay, I get that "Bungbox" is super fun to say out loud over and over again, but what exactly makes these inks so expensive?
A few things: 1. Sailor only sells these colors via the Bungubox store, so there is no real competition in sales (unless you want to substitute a similar ink, but that can be hard for some of those shades, since some of the better alternatives are from more harsh inks you wouldn't want to put in some pens), 2. Sailor inks are rising in price pretty fast over the last few years do to increased demand, so the special inks (like Bungubox, Kobe, etc.) are rising in price too, otherwise normal sailor inks would be more per ml, 3. ink collecting seems to really be taking off along with the sustained fountain pen revival, so demand for limited inks is growing really fast.
Why isn’t June bride available?
Hi Jazzman,
Sorry for the confusion. That color is not available on this drop. The image has been removed to avoid further confusion. Thank you for flagging.
Are Bungbox inks any different than Sailor Inks?
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Thanks. If all that is different is the colors It's too high a price. I got some Sailor Inks on Ebay that were made for a shop in Kobe. The colors are very nice and they are no more expensive than Sailor Inks.
There are some Bungbox colors I really like (Sappire, 4B, and Sea come to mind) but similar can be found elsewhere. What sets these specific Bungbox inks apart is their sheen and good behavior (wet, low feathering, etc). I don't know if these positives are worth the price premium for most people though. I haven't tried any inks from the Kobe line but I hope to get some samples in the future (I'm trying to use more of my existing ink collection before getting more).
:( this deal is just ok.... vanness comes out to $86 which is $4 more expensive but shipping is fast And immediate.
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Are you talking about Vanness in Little Rock? I guess I need to stop in there then.
Not to complain too much, but there are only 4 committed at this point and 4B is gone. Either this is a reseller stocking up or the coveted colors are in too short a supply.
I missed it :(
Well the good colors are gone already, so much for this drop.
Agreed. They must only get a couple bottles of the colors I want, or the first few people that order purchase large quantities leaving none for the rest of us. Ive tried ordering sea and piano mahogony for the past few bungubox drops without success. I'm about to just order elsewhere.
Yah, I'm going to try vanesse for them from here on out. I suspect that people buy many and resell on eBay.