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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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I'd be more concerned with an end-of-life item being dumped here (as opposed to Dropped), than I would about the price.

What's the incentive for a mildly high-end mfg to screw their regular customers by cutting the price here for products they've already already paid retail for? Notice this ain't no XX or XXX MD mash-up.

Know whut 'ah mean, Vern?
Drop your prices. I may consider it. This is very expensive. Nice looking, and balanced++. Don't know how it sounds. Give me a great deal or don't bother me.
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Must be "intermission"?

It,s Not worth the wait Plus where is the Deal. I thought the point of Mass Drop was wait for group
delivery and get an sizable discount. NOT Any More I find too many items at time or close to mass drop price with little or no wait time. On Line $599
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Very true but Massdrop does not operate the same as retail stores so we expect much better deals as we have to commit to buy and really wait for our orders. There is no pints for Massdrop to offer any drops if we can get it somewhere else for about the same prices. We Massdrop members have buying power. Show manufactures that we could buy the right products at the right prices in thousand of quantities.
There are never issues with equipment like this on AliExpress. Most high end sellers there are super responsive. For example the seller i bought my DX7S from responds to my messages (sent during this day time) within 30 mins. Which unfortunately is never true for Massdrop or most US sellers actually.

Also $15 extra for something that will be delivered in under a week (im being generous here, my DHL deliveries from China show up in 2-3 days tops to LA), is MORE than worth it.
Tempting but it's not a great deal here since you could buy both IDAC-6 and IHA-6 as a package deal from Aliexpress for $1,199 shipped.
I bought my IHA-6 for $550 used/mint. I don't think I'll ever get close to that with this. Whomp whomp :(
Got a chance to hear this at AXPONA and I was quite impressed!
Unit looks good...just Cayin'g
Meh... Not much of a savings. I've seen these sell for $699 retail. I would also be in for the amp the iha-6.
I do really want the amp but part of me wants them to wait until like December... I'm trying not to spend money on audio stuff right now haha.
My eyes lit up seeing this was listed. Then they massdropped when I wenf the 1% off for every month waited algorhythn
Not in for the DAC but if you guys wanna drop the IHA 6 amp I'd be in... but wait like 3 weeks for my next bonus check :)

To add some value on this particular item... FYI you can't turn the tube output off when using the balanced outputs. This particular "feature" was a sticking point for me when looking at this DAC. It's not user replaceable and cannot be turned off (I use the XLR outs for my HP amps, SE goes to Stereo).

Edit: Bought the IHA-6 Massdrop - give me at least 60 days so I don't feel bad about paying the "new" retail price of $699.99. I bought mine from an authorized US distributor, no grey market or used.
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Personally, I'd stock up on tubes if I were to get this DAC. 6n16b tubes can be found cheap online.

The warranty will probably be expired by the time the tubes need replacing, so getting it serviced by someone locally (or yourself) might make more sense than sending it to China or wherever their service centers are.
It is strange for a company started with and more famous in making tube amps would choose 6N16B that has to be soldered on board over so many regular preamp tubes that use sockets. It seems the only thing going for the 6N16B is the low anode voltage, but hardly worth the tradeoff of serviceability. Wouldn't buy it for this reason alone. That's too bad as they are very good at making tube amps.
Headfonics review of the iDAC-6:
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