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After having this for a number of months I must say I'm totally underwhelmed. Recently purchased a Scarlett 2i4 for recording... And when using that as my audio interface, and plugging in my HD650's, it's noticeably better, and it's not even meant for that. I mean, yes it's small and portable, but the sound direct from the 3.5mm output on my motherboard is just as good.
I purchased this item, concluding from the details in the listing that it was DAC/Amp version. I received LX model, which does not include an amp. Receipt says "LX mod" on it. Not what I thought I was getting. I wanted a simple, portable DAC/amp for my computer so I could work from different locations around the house, outside, etc. The LX requires addition of an amp, which complicates the whole setup. *sad trombone*

I suspect that, given the nature of the bazaar, sales are final regardless of circumstances. However, if Massdrop happens to have a proper DACport (sans LX) just lying around gathering dust, I'm more than happy to swap. Is it too late to hope for a Christmas miracle?
DACPORT LX has an amp. just no volume knob. you use window to control the volume.
as long as you can plug your headphone in and make it sing, means it has an amp.
how would i know? i bought a Dacport LX from massdrop. yes, to me, my purchase is a dumb choice, dacport slim is smaller and cheaper.
Thanks -- yeah, I discovered the amp after the above focus. Still rather have the DACport because of the knob. With the LX on the Mac, I have to control the volume in the application (as opposed to the OS), unless I'm doing something wrong. But it's not as much of a concern, and it certainly works in a pinch. Cheers!
I don't think it's quite fair to say "dumb enough" here... there are lots of reasons one might prefer one portable dac/amp to another. In this case, the DACport is rated at 1.5 watts, whereas the smaller and cheaper DACport slim is rated at 450 mw (the DACport HD that you referenced is not cheaper; it sells for $199). Also, it appears that these units will be shipped right away, so if one needs it now, it could make a difference. Finally, the DACport has been thoroughly reviewed by Stereophile, where experienced writers hailed its "tube-like midrange," which is important to me as I use a tube preamp and like that type of sound. CEntrance described the DACport slim as "better" recently, but it's not clear to me which sonic parameters are included in the "better" description, so for me it's a question of getting a proven item vs. a new one that may be better. If you prefer the sound of the slim, that's totally fine with me, but I'd urge all of us in the audiophile community to try to avoid referring to the audio choices of others as "dumb." You might not like the sound of my Magneplanars, but I might not like the sound of your preamp.... doesn't mean either of us are dumb. Thanks!
i wonder who is dumb enough to get this when the smaller and cheaper DACPORT HD is also selling here.
This DAC/Amp is a great performer with convenient operation. The price on this drop is also spectacular.
Mine just arrived today, and it definitely sounds better than my computer's onboard DAC. Happy so far!
(1-Ohm mod with analog volume control)
EDIT: Balance is noticeably to the left at lower volumes. It's more balanced when I turn the volume up, but my headphones are only 38 Ohm. The unit gets warm pretty quickly. Not hot, but a little concerning.
Hmm, I'm really glad that it's a noticeable difference to the DAC on your PC. Definitely some concerning things there though. Mine just touched down in Australia, will definitely be adding my 2 cents worth when it does :)
We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out from our warehouse and are now on the way to you. Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking to get into the shipper's system and start updating.

If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to contact us via “Contact Support” button in your transaction page: https://www.massdrop.com/transactions.
My tracking info X-(

7/27, Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS
Just received my Dacport, thanks Massdrop!
We have some great news to share with everyone! We've been notified that our warehouse team just received the bulk shipment. They will begin preparing your individual orders today and will aim to ship everything out by tomorrow.

You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 7/27.
We will see if Massdrop can actually get this out per their own words: "Estimated ship date is July 21, 2015." Massdrop also states that all models are in stock and ready to ship immediately following the drop. Clearly they are not ready to ship immediately or they would have. I just wish Massdrop wouldn't say things they seem unable to deliver on as it really makes their customer service appear lousy to say the least. I've bought a few things from Massdrop and some ship quickly and some do not. They all have eventually made it and have been worth the wait. Here's hoping this particular drop won't make us all wait too long. I also am in the far western side of the US which means I have to wait quite a bit longer once the item is shipped. I will simply have to be patient once again.
yea. but i guess they are running a small business with limited manpower.
Sounds like your order will be out by tomorrow, which is good because only around 15 people ordered this product
On the basis that the order hasn't even been made to CEntrance, I'm guessing the ship-to-us date today was rather optimistic?
Hmm, yes the lack of information leading up to the shipping date is slightly concerning. I'm sure we'll get an update soon.
I'll be using it with my laptop and desktop, with a pair of old AKG K702s (with a lot of equalisation). At present, the non portable and partly DIY system that originally drove my headphones has been shifted to preamp duty for my (fully DIY!) speakers, so my headphones haven't been getting a lot of use.
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Mojo_lo, if you're considering the Nad IEMs, you might want to wait a little bit longer for the PSB M4U 4. It's their first IEM and since PSB is the parent company for NAD, they have many similarities. It hasn't released yet but should be soon and is said to have the RoomFeel technology their cans are known for and also has a flat frequency sound signature of only +/- 2db throughout the entire audible range!!

If it came out in June as planned, I might have jumped at it rather than the Dunu-DN2000j. Just my 0.02!
For IEMs while commuting, I'm still using my Miles Davis Tributes, purchased a few years back. Those PSBs do look interesting though (Room Feel tech in an IEM).

I'm planning to use the Dacport in the office (downgrading from the WA7) so I can listen on the patio as well as at my desk. I still have the Fostex TH600 too but will probably sell them b/c the Oppo PM-3 is more portable and has better isolation.