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CEntrance MasterClass 2504 Speakers

CEntrance MasterClass 2504 Speakers

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Desktop Speakers

After years of R&D and incorporating the latest innovations in home audio, CEntrance has arrived at a set of desktop speakers in a class all their own: the CEntrance MasterClass 2504 Speakers. The difference stems from the drivers, which utilize their unique Coplanar-Coaxial technology to place the woofer and tweeter on the same axis and plane for a balanced output across all ranges.

Note: Included is a set of CEntrance reference grade speaker cables (MSRP $199.95) with every order.

CEntrance MasterClass 2504 Speakers

Sound Quality

Placing more precision in the soundstage and adding extra clarity to the audio, the compact driver design also allows for the small speaker enclosures. While that size can cause concerns over low end quality, the bass reflex port increases speaker efficiency at low frequencies through acoustic amplification. Further cementing sound quality through both speakers, CEntrance developed a custom cross-over circuit that employs passive design to reduce phase shift, frequency non-linearity, and distortion into non-entities.

CEntrance MasterClass 2504 Speakers

Amplifier Required

As passive speakers don’t feature an internal power source, you’ll need to connect through an integrated amplifier, and the gold-plated binding posts lower electric impedance for increased performance and durability. Still not convinced? How about the fact that guitar god Eric Clapton, Slowhand himself, uses the MasterClass 2504 speakers at home.

CEntrance MasterClass 2504 Speakers

The Absolute Sound

Here's what the absolute sound had to say about these monitors: "By far their most impressive qualities are their tightly focused imaging and vivid 3-D soundstaging. Expect to hear wide, deep soundstages unfold far behind and beyond these tiny desktop speakers... These are the most sophisticated and satisfying desktop monitors."


  • CEntrance
  • Audio driver: 4 in, full range, dual-driver, coplanar coaxial type
  • High performance neodimium magnet
  • Passive cross-over featuring audiophile capacitors
  • Solid wood enclosure
  • Mirror-polished piano lacquer finish
  • Gold-plated binding posts for banana jacks or spade lugs
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 50 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 1 dB
  • Power handling: 25 W per channel
  • 8.15 x 5.71 x 9.06 in (207 x 145 x 230 mm) per speaker
  • 5.47 lb (2.48 kg) per speaker


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Estimated ship date is May 7, 2015 PT.

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