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After the drop ended, the Chane A1.4 speakers were delivered in about 10 days. My impressions of them:

Out of the box, I could tell they had potential for greatness: excellent bass extension/tightness, detailed (but non-fatiguing) treble, large sound-stage, and superb center imaging.

I first listened to the speakers in my game room, which has a wooden floor, concrete walls, and a pool table. After about 20 hours of music, I moved them to my theater room, which has thin-carpeted floors, curtains, and a large couch. In there, I felt that they sounded a bit thin in the bass and lower-mids, so I ran my Yamaha receiver's YPAO microphone set-up. With the 'Natural' setting , the sound was warm, with much more presence in the mids. Though, it did roll-off the highs a bit too much for my liking. This setting would be good for playing at high volume and/or bright-sounding music/movies.

My conclusion: The Chane A1.4 speakers contain class-leading components and are impressive for their price and physical size. Unfortunately, they require EQ to sound their best in some environments. This can be easily remedied with a home theater receiver's microphone automated set-up.

I will continue to play-around with my EQ adjustments and, later on, update my assessment of these excellent speakers.
Reviews of the speakers are glowing. I understand the offered price is only 9% off the regular price, but I'm curious... Why aren't more people joining?
Only ships to U.S. :(
Yes, international shipping for these would be as much as the speakers themselves. And I'm sure the recent JBL LSR30X drop caused more than a few potential customers to skip the Chanes.

I haven't heard these relatively new speakers from Chane, but their reviews are unanimously positive. I'd be willing to bet that they're among the best-performing speakers in the world for around $300/pair.

We only need one more pair purchased to make this drop a success. EDIT: Three pairs sold. Success!
I like chane stuff, but felt bad as they released this new model right after i got the a1-rxc and a-2rxc
Don't feel bad. Go ahead... buy these too!
Will do
How efficient are these? Can these be driven well with a 50wpc amp?
These can be driven well with a 50wpc amp. A high quality 50wpc amp should sound better than a low quality 50wpc amp.

The question is, how much SPL are you looking for in a certain size space? 50wpc will fill a smaller room properly with little distortion, but a bigger space may push the 50wpc amp to it's limits creating distortion (from the amp not the speakers).

Small space, less power is required. Big space, more power is required.

The Chane speakers do not need high amplification, but they do respond very well to high amplification. All of the Chane speakers can play much louder with less distortion compared to other speakers in it's price range.
Fantastic response, thanks!
Too bad the deal isn't better, these are certainly worth buying.
Can't seem to find any reviews of this speaker. Has anyone heard these, or can link me to a review?
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Do some searches for Chane. You'll find a lot of posts about their predecessors on Home Theater Shack and some other audiophile sites. Also, Chane itself has some informative forums. I don't own any of their speakers but Jon Lane (owner/designer) posts intriguing and informative messages. When I'm ready to build my next home theater I'll be seriously considering the Chane options.
That cnet review is for an earlier version of this speaker (A1rx-c). This newer version (A1.4) has minor but beneficial upgrades. Both speakers have the same great basic sound characteristics, so if you like one, you will like the other one, but the newer version has some improved aspects such as better imaging/sound stage.

Here is a long AVS forum that details the Chane speakers...

Here is a shorter AVS forum that has a shootout between several speakers (this includes the Chane A2.4 which is the bigger brother to the A1.4 (the sound between these two speakers is exactly the same, the difference is that the bigger A2.4 can play louder before noticeable distortion occurs))...
I can't seem to find s good deal on md. It's fun to talk about it though. I just dropped 10k on instruments and studio equipment, which is all covered. The one thing I liked as secondary monitors, were the jbl30x, but then I found out that the harman company are a bunch of douche bags.
I'm in but not for higher than retail, these were 289.99 before they were 299.99. Not worthy of Mass Drop yet but very glad to see them here. Will buy when the price is right.
The retail price for these is $329.00 if purchased directly from Chane's website.
I'm just curious to see if they'll change the price listing. Oh, and how long before someone at head office notices the error! (If error it be!)
MSRP is 289.99. The price listed is ....299.99. So .... it's more expensive on Massdrop?!
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The price on the description page here on MD was $299.99 with an MSRP of $289.99. So, in the original version of this listing, it was more expensive to buy it on MD than their listed MSRP.
Ok, got it. These speakers have never been offered for $289.99. This drop has them at their lowest-ever price.
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