Cherry Blossoms PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

Cherry Blossoms PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Cherry Blossoms PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

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Can anyone tell me what case that is in the pic? I'm having trouble trying to find an appropriate design for this keyboard. I originally wanted to go for a wooden case but sadly no one seems to have them. So I'm settling for the next best thing. Whatever that case is in the pic.
Dumb question but does anyone know if these keycaps would fit on a das 4 ultimate keyboard with cherry mx brown switches
they would fit
no ISO
Bought a set from this manufacturer, and I do wanna point out that most of my modifiers have inconsistent stems and the spacebar doesn't fit my stabilizer.
Agreed on the space bar. It’s very disappointing. It’s too bad the QC doesn’t Seem to be very strong, because overall these are gorgeous.
Anyone have some top print photos of these?
Can I use this set with the Glorious Modular Keyboard . I'm pretty new with this stuff.
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Sorry, I was incorrect. I was thinking of a different switch type than Gaterons. I have deleted my previous comment. I have seen sources on the internet claiming that the keycaps work but have some issues, so be wary.
yes you can
Just letting everyone know, the keycap set you get will not be the same as the pictures, and it will not all align perfectly like it does in pictures. I have this set and the keys are disjointed, the limbs for example do not line up well at all. That said, I still enjoy the keycaps a lot.

It may or may not be worth noting: I bought this from, not Massdrop.

Image of mine:

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These are the plum blossoms, not cherry blossoms, but it is strange that they don't keep a consistent design. I would've thought all the key sets would be identically printed considering the massdrop and pheilcia photos look the same... Bit misleading of them but they do look nice all the same.
Ah, that's what it is, huh. I did notice that the flowers and branches were different, but the fact that there were different trees completely eluded me.
Where would one find a keyboard like the one seen in the photo's? I am having a heck of a time tracking it down.
Try- WASD V2
Just as a heads up, is doing a Black Friday sale for the 24th meaning 30% off 90% of their key cap products (not certain if that includes this one) and free shipping, which may or may not mean a better deal for some depending on where you live.
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Auto-generated link, their website is here

It's $80 on their site though, Black Friday was a long time ago... :P
Didn’t notice the way Massdrop handles timestamps since this listing was posted today. Thanks for the link!
Nah those are totally plum blossoms because the petals don't have notches in them.
what is the difference between these cherry blossom keycaps and the ones in the drop that just ended
The other ones were plum blossom, not cherry blossom.

Also different overall pattern and font, and these ones have a green tint.