Chopard Limited-Edition Silver Coral Fountain Pensearch

Chopard Limited-Edition Silver Coral Fountain Pen

Chopard Limited-Edition Silver Coral Fountain Pen

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What converters would fit this pen? I have an Italix Churchman's Prescriptor, and that did not work (too big). Are we limited to standard cartridges on this one?
I found that the Oikos Grifos converter fits the nib unit.. However, the barrel is not long/wide enough. Looks like cartriges (or a shorter/slimmer converter) is the only option.
Had the same oxidation on mine, rub off with a silver cloth I have hanging around. Came off quite easily in my pen. The nib and feed needs a good flush and cleaning. I have flushed it three times and the flow is still less than optimal - it is working, but could be better. I am going to send mine to a nibmeiser for tuning. It's a shame that I need to do this, but I suppose that's what I had to paid to get an old stock at a good price. Other than that, this really is a beautiful pen. This is going to be a really nice pen when I finish. Sigh,
I have the same issues with flow.
I have flushed it 5 times and flow is still poor. If ilook closely on the "fins" or "ribs" on the feed (under the nib), they do not seem sharp. Some are rather blunt and deformed.

- Could this be causing the bad flow?

What material is the feed? Plastic? Would it take a lot of heat to deform them? I am suspecting heat damage..

- If so, can it be saved by a nibmeister, can i get a replacement feed or would I need a new complete nib unit?

Any input is welcome. :)
I ma not happy with the purchase. My pen arrived fast, however it was covered in stains. Brown stains all over, even on the part, where drawings are. Obviously I contacted massdrop in that matter, but no response so far.

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No, i got a normal number. ;) just above the middle. 001, 007, 099, 100 or 199 would be cool, but no such luck for me.
Toothpaste works wonder for me
How does this pen tell time?
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Can't believe the price on that pen. Insane value. Too bad I just bought an 823.
Chopard does not make pens in-house. They outsource their pen manufacturing to LNI group, a swiss company that produces luxury items for corporate clients, among other things.
Some of their other clients are Montblanc (Yes, they don't make all of their pens in-house either) and Caran d'Ache. So there's no question about the quality.
However, because they don't make their pens in-house and because the name is not associated with writing instruments, it's not on the radar of most fountain pen collectors, and we get to enjoy this impressive discount.
I wonder if we'll see some of their pens with broader appeal.
What is reproduced coral?
Probably the same as "precious resin"... plastic.
As a quick comment, pen arrived (UK) this morning and it is lovely. Beautifully presented (although corner of outer Chopard cardboard box was damaged despite plenty of packing) and the black presentation case is well made and hefty - perfect for sitting on a desk. The pen itself is divine - feels great and writes smoothly. For my handwriting, a Fine nib would probably have been better but that's a purely personal observation and nothing to criticize. Ink flow is good and line is perfect. I didn't get the mentioned international converter but I have plenty of those so no problem. Overall great value for a beautiful writing instrument.
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Yes. It was shipped from US so had to pay 20% VAT plus Royal Mail Handling. I think it came to about £75 but I can't remember exactly. I still think this was good value for the pen.
Thank you very much! So tempting!!
Is this a watch and if so how does it tell time?
You write on a calendar with it. :)
Alas, I bought in on the Pompeii plus rollerball... This one looks more of a ‘user’—a very elegant ‘user’! Only dust in the ol’ wallet now...