Clairefontaine 1951 Clothbound (5 or 10-Pack)search

Clairefontaine 1951 Clothbound (5 or 10-Pack)

Clairefontaine 1951 Clothbound (5 or 10-Pack)

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How thick is paper, comparable to what?
It's really good at 90gsm. Paper is the same as Rhodia, or to be precise since Clairefontain owns Rhodia, paper in Rhodia notebooks is exactly the same as in these notebooks. Only difference is that Rhodia has some texture while Clairefontaine is glass smooth.

These are my current daily drivers. Excellent value for money. Only thing that behaves better, that I found of, is Tomoe River, but since that paper is expensive and fairly thin, I prefer this for my daily use.
what about a4 size for rhodia or clairfontaine?
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thanks for the reply, though! I'll buy a single one to give it a test drive and if I like it I'll be set for if/when this drops again.
I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's really good paper and for the price it can hardly be beat. My current choice of supplier is CultPens.
USD$24.50 shipping & handling to Australia is completely ridiculous…
Got the same for Canada.
This blows the deal for me, this doubles the price. I am pretty sure I paid less for the shipping on a 70L backpack.
Available cheaper on Amazon.
$8.75 S&H, once again shaking my head in disgust over absurd rates....PASS
This drop sounded like a good deal before I saw the shipping & handling cost. I really wouldn't end up saving much over choosing my own assortment of singles at a store like Goulet. How disappointing.
So probably I should review these more extensively elsewhere, b/c MD isn't exactly the place to discuss product quality. But I wouldn't vote for this drop occurring again. I'm honestly befuddled why these are so well-thought-of in the fountain pen world: they're terribly bound (pages coming out after minimal usage), and the paper is mediocre at best. I get better ink performance on nice-ish Hammermill bond from the office store than I do on this stock.

Again, not a problem with MD, b/c we get what we ask for. But wtf has our community asked for these? They look nice and perform like crap.
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I like my one Rhodia notebook (Christmas present, not purchased through MD). But ya, given the problems with this drop, having to reship, etc., it seems like they were dumping a batch that didn't pass QC on us or something. I've been carrying three different of these regularly now, and the bindings in all three are starting to fail like $2 notebooks from the office store.
Clairefontaine owns Rhodia, so it's same paper with a bit different texture. However it's possible notebooks you got were poorly stored and that affected the quality. I had this happen on one notebook only, while I have many more of them behave perfectly fine. Am not convinced it's QA that messed up. All it takes to mess a notebook is to store it more humid environment and paper turns to shit. Personally I love these, they are by far my favorite (not at this price though), but I always buy them from one supplier which I know is good with handling stationary. Considering they are rather cheap I would advise giving them another shot but getting them from someone reputable (I get mine from CultPens).
I just wanted to update everyone affected by the shortage in this last drop:

I've just learned from our logistics team that we are sourcing the remaining units now. Those who have opted to wait will receive the rest of their order. Anyone who does not want to wait can reach out to our Community Support team for a refund.

Apologies again for this error, and thanks for your continued patience!
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Is there a timeframe yet
on when the rest of the order will be shipped?
I just got word that all replacements should be shipped now. If you have not already received an email update, you should very soon!
Someone please refresh my memory. What was the cost of a 5 book package?
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I ordered 10 and received a single book
I ordered the 10pack and only received one notebook. I was not informed of any shortage nor asked if I wanted to wait to get a refund.