Clairefontaine French Ruled A5 Notebook (4-Pack)search

Clairefontaine French Ruled A5 Notebook (4-Pack)

Clairefontaine French Ruled A5 Notebook (4-Pack)

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$21 shipping to Turkey is a deal breaker for me. I'd instabuy if shipping was cheaper.
Hi guys. Wondering whether or not ink will bleed though onto the sheets underneath? I see that Rhodia states that their brand does not bleed though. Thanks in advance.
It is pretty unlikely you'd see bleed through on clairefontaine paper. Its a little thinner than rhodia so it is possible to see some shadowing through the paper, but even with dark inks out of a broad nib (the way I generally write) you're able to easily use both sides of a page cleanly. I've been using clairefontaine notebooks for years and I've never had trouble with bleed through myself.

I should mention its possible to get bleeding on rhodia or clairfontaine if you really try. Its just very difficult
Thanks. That's very useful information.
Just want to confirm that the spiral-bound books definitely have 96 sheets. I've only ever seen them with 60 sheets at other vendors.
Can anyone tell if these have the perforations for page removal?
They don't. However the bounded ones are just bounded by glue so you can easily remove the sheet without ripping the paper but the spiral one you are SOL.
Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted to know.
$24 dollars usd to ship to Canada.... absolutely unreal.
Clairefontaine is my favorite paper. If you're a fountain pen user and you haven't yet tried this stuff--you should!
Missed again!! Does anyone know what this latest drop price was? And I also agree - can A4 be an option next go round? Thx.
How much is the shipping ? Why is it so difficult to find the shipping price on a lot of these drops it’s a factor to make a decision to buy it or not?
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Thanks that was a concern. eBay phobia.
Reasonable shipping for the four books but it makes the deal kind of unattractive overall for me.
If this was in A4, I'd buy a bunch!
French rule is awesome. I went through a few of the A4's that Goulet Pens were selling (at $5 a piece couldn't resist, even if it's a lower sheet count) and going back to regular college rule afterwards felt ... unrefined.

They actually have very strict rules on how you are supposed to utilize these, how far the letters should extend up and down, etc. etc.

I ignored all that and made up my own style, enjoying the giant margins and how easy it was to mix diagrams and regular writing with the help of this peculiar grid.

With that said : I don't like the forced mix. I think it would serve us better if we could order 4 of the same (although I suspect the vendor is trying to unload the clothbound books, hence this "feature" )
As a 'lefty' I agree. Give me spiral or give me loose leaf!
Lest I be found in error....
The $5.50 price Goulet charges is for 50 sheet notebooks. If I'm reading this drop correctly, Massdrop is offering 96 sheet notebooks. That's almost twice the paper for only a few dollars more.

The closest thing Goulet sells to what's being offered here are these, available for $9.50 and $9.00 respectively:

So, with this Massdrop offer you're basically getting one notebook for free when compared to Goulet's price.
I can get 4 of the same sizes of my choosing of covers for $22 and have them next week. Why would I join this drop and wait a month and pay more money?
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Yes, I've seen them there and elsewhere, but nothing close to the price point that Ezedyseldest claimed. I suspect that $22 number may have been due to bad typing -- or bad eyesight. From what I see, MD's price on these is reasonably competitive.
Starting to figure this out myself. At least it was only roughly $30.00,